One of the features you most certainly need is the unlock PDF function, to remove a PDF password that prevents you from moving forward. This tool allows you to free a protected PDF, totally online, without the need to download any type of software for it.

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Unlock PDF Online In Just One Click

You set a password to a PDF file and don't remember what it was? Don't worry about it! Here's the solution: use the unlock PDF app, which will allow you to decrypt your PDF in a matter of seconds.

Once you remove the PDF password, you will be able to use the other tools at your disposal on our website, which will allow you, among others, to rotate, sign, or repair PDFs.

You Can Unlock PDF Files 100% Online

With unlock PDF, you can utterly work in the cloud, with the advantages this entails. Among them, not having to download or install any type of software. Thus, it is more difficult for your computer to be attacked by viruses. You can even unlock a signed PDF.

The PDF Unlocker You Were Looking For

Unlock PDF is a tool designed for everyone. Learning how to use takes just a few seconds due to its simple and visual interface. The tool also known as ‘pdfunlock ' is designed for everyone to easily use it. You'll be able to use the tool of PDF password remover in seconds and without any trouble.

Unlocking A File Is Totally Safe

Unlocking PDFs on our website doesn't mean that files will be unprotected. Your files will remain totally safe. No one you don't want to will be able to access the resulting document since the web is protected against others' intrusions. If you need to print a protected PDF and you don't have a password, this tool to unprotect a PDF is, for sure, your best option.

Get A Clean Document, No Watermarks, No Advertising

We know it is annoying for users to get downloadables with watermarks or advertising. Hence, in the function of unsecure PDF, we have decided not to include any ads or watermarks that may bother you. This way, you will get a clean result, ready to use as you think most convenient.

Open A Protected PDF Wherever You Are!

The main benefit of having this sort of online tool is that you can use it anywhere and on any device. Imagine you have to access a protected PDF right away and you don't have the password to do so. It's urgent and, nevertheless, requires you to download and install an application. A whole lot of work! This is a problem of the past since unlock PDF lets you do it as long as you have Internet access.

You Can Remove Password Protection From PDF For Free!

When unlocking a PDF file on our website, you are able to see the result for free. Yes, as you heard, free of charge! Later, you can use our other tools to make the changes you need to update your PDF. This is a very useful set of features.

Step By Step: How To Use The PDF Password Remover

Unlocking PDF documents with this tool is very easy. If you are wondering how to unsecure a PDF, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Select PDF files" button above.
  2. Then, choose the .pdf file you want to unlock and click on the "Open" button.
  3. Once you view the document on our platform, click on the "Unlock" button and wait for the file to be unlocked. It will be ready for download in a few seconds.

Options To Unlock PDF Online

Surely you have had a locked PDF that you needed to unlock. If you have a Windows PC, you will have already noticed that there is no native tool to do so. But this problem can be easily solved. In Windows, we can use Adobe Acrobat, since it includes a tool to unlock PDFs. The procedure to follow to remove a PDFs password security is as follows:
  1. Open the PDF file you need to unlock in Acrobat.
  2. Now it's time to use the "Unlock" tool which can be found by clicking: “Tools” / "Protection" / "Encode" / " Remove
  3. In the event that the document has an access password, you will have to click "OK" to remove it from the file. If it is a license password, you must type it in the "Enter password" box, and then double-click "OK."
Mac users also have a very effective method to unlock PDFs. One of the main advantages of using this online app is that it is completely free. You just have to sign up through a Google email account.The steps to follow are:
  1. Open your Google Drive page and drag the protected PDF file. This way you will upload it to the platform.
  2. With the PDF file uploaded, click the file 2 times, then select the print icon (Cmd+P)
  3. Go to the "Destination" menu and then click "Change" / "View More...".
  4. Within the options available after following the steps above, you must choose "Save as PDF".
  5. That's it! Now, you have an unlocked PDF file on your Mac.
To unlock a PDF on Android you have to download an app to do so from its official app store, Google Play Store. To do this, search for the words "Unlock PDF". Of all the ones shown on your screen, choose the one you like the most. Nevertheless, we always recommend that you first look at the ratings, and choose the ones with the highest scores.Once you have downloaded and installed your preferred app, follow the steps below to remove a PDF file's protection:
  1. First, open the selected PDF unlocker.
  2. Upload the PDF you want to unlock to the tool.
  3. Press the tool's run button. Usually, it is called "Unblock PDF".
iPhone and iPad users can also download several apps to unlock protected PDFs from the Apple store or the App Store. It is important to first make sure that you have permission from the PDF's author to unlock it since if a PDF document is protected, it is because it is sensitive material. The mechanics of these apps are usually the same:
  1. First, open the chosen application and upload the PDF file to unlock it.
  2. Once this is done, run the tool's unlock process. There is usually a very visible button that says "Unlock PDF".
  3. Download and save the resulting document to the desired folder.

After This, Users Also Need:

Once you unlock a PDF, you may find out that the sheet is in the wrong direction, which makes it very difficult to read. The solution for this is very simple. Just click on the following button:

Frequently Asked Questions About Unlocking Multiple PDFs

Yes, of course. The very moment you use unlock PDF program, you will get a .pdf document, which you will be able to use with the other tools and make the necessary changes so that the PDF meets your requirement.
As long as they are password-protected files, yes. The problem is when a PDF is heavily encrypted. In such cases, you will have no choice but to get the correct password to unlock it. As a general rule, you will be able to unlock most existing PDFs.
The answer is yes. When it comes to unlocking PDFs, it doesn't matter whether the file includes text, images, or both at the same time, the result is the same. The same happens with the result's quality for both, images and texts.
Unlocking PDFs is most commonly done when you have lost or forgotten the password to open it. However, other times, it is done because the file is going to be used just by you and, to work faster, you prefer to remove the password. It is always faster to use this tool than to find, within the menu, the way to deactivate the password.
PDF unlock times will depend on the level of encryption and the password's difficulty. As a general rule, the process takes a few seconds, so it won't take much time to start the process of decrypting .pdf files.
No! With our online tools, you will get the same unlock result as with specific software installed on your computer. In addition, you have the benefit of not consuming computer resources or memory, which is an important advantage.
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