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Remove watermark from PDF to delete any trace, or sign in the document. Few things annoy more than a PDF watermark, especially if you need to send the document without such image, logo, or text.

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Delete Any Watermark From PDF In Just One Click

Have you finished editing a PDF and finally want to remove the watermark from the PDF document? Stop looking for how to remove that file ID. You can do it online, without programs, in a matter of seconds.

In case you want to modify the PDF file after removing the watermark, remember that you can also edit it, compress it so that it occupies less space, or sign it so that it has legal validity.

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Easily Remove Watermarks From PDFs

Removing a watermark from a PDF file may give you more than a headache since it forces users to find ways to eliminate the mark that shows the document’s origin. In this case, you can remove watermarks from PDFs for free, without programs. It’s just what you were looking for!

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No Watermark On Any PDF

It doesn’t matter what PDF you want to delete a watermark from if the file has a .pdf extension, you have what you need to carry out the action completely online. After all, it’s about getting a watermark-free PDF, just the way you need it.

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Suitable For Deleting Watermarks From PDFs

Imagine you downloaded a document and you find that it comes with a logo on the upper right corner of each page. Our PDF watermark remover is here to help you, for example, print out the PDF without the watermark. Goodbye, intrusive mark!

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Remove Watermarks From Scanned PDF

If you have scanned a PDF and the original file’s watermark appears in the document, you can remove such watermark, so that the .pdf file is completely free from any logos, names or signs, that you do not want to see. It’s as easy as deleting the watermark!

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This Is The Solution To Remove Watermarks From Protected PDFs

If you have a protected PDF, removing its watermark is a totally valid option for you. Although protected files are locked to prevent them from being modified, there is a way to get the watermark removed from each sheet or page just as you need it, no matter where the document comes from.

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Compatible With Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone And More

The tool you’re looking for to remove a PDF’s watermark works with any operating system. You can access it from Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, or any other platform and, in all cases, the procedure will be just as simple.

Step By Step: How To Remove Watermarks From PDFs

This tool is under construction! Come back soon to see how it works. We’re just finishing up some details. To remove watermarks from PDFs online, follow these steps:

  1. Click the "Select PDF file" button at the top of this page.
  2. Locate the document you want to remove the watermark from. Select it and upload it to our tool.
  3. Finally, click the "Remove watermark" button and in a matter of seconds, you’ll have a clean PDF, without the watermark.

More Options To Remove A Watermark From PDF

Option 1: Adobe Acrobat Reader (Acrobat Pro)

Adobe Acrobat Reader has several options when looking to delete a watermark from a PDF. However, as you already know, to use this program you will need to have an active paid license. This is an option for Windows that, when the time comes, may interest you if you are looking for another way to perform this action. Acrobat Reader DC provides different ways to remove a watermark from a PDF. Here’s the standard procedure:
  1. Open your .pdf file with the Adobe program.
  2. Now you will have to try the different options to find out which one gives you the best result: "Edit PDF" and "Censor" are the two features that, through their drawing tools, should let you delete any trace of the watermark you want to remove.
  3. Remove watermark from PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro
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Option 2: Microsoft Word

Another option to remove watermarks from PDFs on Windows is to use Microsoft Word text editor. If you have it installed and have an active license, the procedure is as easy as following these steps:
  1. Open your watermarked PDF with Word.
  2. You will see a pop-up window telling you that "Word will convert PDF to editable Word document". Accept the message as to remove watermarks with Word you will need the PDF to be converted to a Word document first. The program will do this as soon as you accept the message.
  3. Accept any other message shown to you during the following seconds and, once you have your PDF opened in the Microsoft program, go to the "Design" menu, click on the "Watermark" option and, in the drop-down list, select "Remove watermark".
Quitar marca de agua de PDF en Microsoft Word

Option 1: Preview

Acrobat Reader DC provides different ways to remove a watermark from a PDF. Here’s the standard procedure: If a few PDF sheets have a watermark that you want to delete, an option to remove the watermark on Mac is to use Preview for doing so. Apples default PDF viewer has a tool that can help you manually delete the watermark from each page of the document:
  1. Open your PDF file with Preview.
  2. Go to the markup toolbar (if you do not see it, activate it from the Display menu) and look for the selection tool. Once you have located it, click on it and select the "Smart Lasso" option.
  3. Acrobat Reader DC provides different ways to remove a watermark from a PDF. Here’s the standard procedure:
  4. Select the watermark you want to remove from the PDF, and once its selected, just delete it.
If you need more specific instructions for your macOS version, check out the Apple user guide. In any case, for Mac, the easiest way to remove a watermark from a PDF is to use an online tool.

If you search for Android options to remove watermarks, you’ll notice that the existing applications to remove them -see Remove & Add Watermark (available here) or Remove and Add Watermark on Photo & Video (available at this link)-, are aimed at deleting watermarks from images or videos. Therefore, the PDF format is not processed. Regardless of whether you are a mobile or tablet user, the easiest and fastest procedure for any Android user who wants to remove a watermark from a PDF is through an online tool. It is the most comfortable way to perform this action in just a few seconds.

On both iPhone and iPad, the fastest method to delete a watermark from a PDF document is to use an online tool that provides you with this functionality.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Removing A Watermark From A PDF

A PDF watermark is a sign on the document to, normally, identify its owner. It can be an image (a company’s logo, for example), a text ("Created by [...] ") or a "fly", which appears in the corner of each file page.

An online tool is all you need to remove watermarks from PDFs, without any programs. It is very annoying to have a file with each page marked, but luckily, there are online solutions that allow you to remove that mark.

There are times when a PDF document is printed with a watermark, without you even realizing it had one. In those cases, it is best to remove it before reprinting, to ensure that it does not appear after printing.

Nothing at all. The file creator won’t know that you’ve decided to remove the watermark from the PDF, as you will be the only person who’ll have access to the copy of the document (unless you re-upload it to the cloud to share it with the same person).

Of course! If you just need to remove one single watermark from a PDF, you can do it, and leave the others in place. You do not need to delete all the images in the document, you can delete only the watermark you don’t want there.

You are responsible for the legal implications of deleting a watermark from your document. Check with the owner to find out what permissions he/she gives to third parties.

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