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Protecting a PDF secures you from prying eyes from users who intend to copy or edit your document. You can password-protect a .pdf file so no one can open it.

  • Protect your PDF online
  • Add a password to protect your .pdf document
  • Your PDF will be protected against unwanted openings.
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Password Protect PDF Files From Changes

If you are going to submit a job, a resume, or a document you don’t want changes to be made on, lock or protect PDF will let you protect the file with a password in a secure way. Thus, the original file cannot be edited.

Of course, there will always be some way to duplicate the file to be able to modify it, through something as common as unlocking the PDF. After all, there may be times when you mandatorily need to edit the document.

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Your PDF Is Secure’s protect PDF tool adds a password with an 128-bit RC4 encoding level. Thus, the document’s opening password prevents it from being read, edited of copied. Write down (or remember) your PDF’s password, as you will need it to open the file.

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A 100% Online Process

The process of locking PDFs doesn’t necessarily have to be done through programs. An online tool can guide you step by step to get the protection you are looking for for your file and it can all be done 100% online. The result will be a protected document, as secure as any other.

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The Protection You Want For Your File

If you’re looking for a solution to password-protect your PDF against copying it, or to encrypt it so it can only be opened in read-only mode, here’s the tool you need to protect your document. It is a safety feature of the .pdf extension quite used by people worldwide.

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Strong Password To Protect Your PDFs

Choose a strong password when protecting PDFs. The access key you choose will protect your files against edits or copies. Hence, it is important for it to be a strong combination of characters. A heads-up: Don’t forget to write down the password somewhere safe, so you don’t lose it!

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A Completely Secure Protection Process

Don’t be afraid of protecting sensitive documents with an online tool. The process is completely safe since it is done in the cloud. Thus, no one but you will have access to the source file (i.e. the PDF you upload to protect) and the resulting file (i.e. the protected PDF.) In addition, the documents will be deleted from the servers after a while.

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Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone ... It Doesn’t Matter!

The online PDF protector is compatible with all operating systems, and any device, from mobiles to computers, including tablets. The advantage of an online encryption system it that the document protecting process is done in the cloud, so you can download your already protected file.

Step By Step: How To Protect PDFs

The process of protecting a PDF requires you to enter a password to lock the file. This process is performed in a matter of a few seconds by doing the following if you want to know how to password protect a PDF:

  1. Click on the red square "Select PDF file" button you will find at the top of this page. This button is used to upload the PDF document that you want to password-protect. You can also drag the PDF into the "Or drag and drop the PDF here" space.
  2. Once you upload the file, you will immediately access the tool. In addition to seeing a thumbnail of the document on the right, you will find two windows, one to enter the password you want to protect the document with, and the other to reenter the password to ensure that you have typed it correctly.
  3. Once all the above is done, click on the red "Set password" button. This is when the tool starts working.
  4. Now you just have to click on "Download PDF" to have your protected document available.

After This, Users May Also Need:

Just as there are times when you need to protect PDFs, you may also need to unlock them. The latter, mainly, when you forget the password. If this happens, you can use this other tool:

Frequently Asked Questions About Protecting A PDF

When you decide to protect your PDF, you generate a password-protected document that is secured by a 128-bit encryption. This means that it it is an encrypted file that will be very difficult for anyone to break that password, especially if you have chosen one that is difficult to guess.

Protecting your PDF ensures that the document can only be viewed in read-only mode, which means it will be protected from edits, copies and even printing of the document. The only way to unlock it, to edit it, is to enter the key or password.

By protecting your PDF, you are creating a read-only mode protection, which means that, in principle, the document can only be opened with a PDF reader to view its contents. Most programs don’t allow printing unless the unlock key is available.

As with any aspect of internet security, the most important thing when protecting a PDF is that you choose a strong password (preferably a combination of letters and numbers) and, above all, that you only share it with those people you want to be able to edit the document.

Of course. If you want, you can protect only one or several pages of your PDF. In this way, the rest of the document will remain editable and your most sensitive page (s) will be blocked from any modification.

There are tools that deal with unlocking PDFs, as long as the encryption is not very complex. However, it is recommended to have a password copy in a safe place, so that you can consult it when you need it.

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