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🛠️ Tools | 📜 Press Releases | 🎨 Media Kit was born in January 2021 to solve all the problems of the PDF format. We are a small start-up from Madrid (Spain) that has decided to create the Swiss Army Knife of the PDF format.


Who We Are is an online PDF converter and editor that was born in 2021 in the city of Madrid (Spain), and conceived by a startup team made up of technology experts who have years of experience in the sector behind them.

FormatPDF (written together) allows you to perform all kinds of actions on PDF documents online, without the need to install any program (all our tools work 100% online). The user only needs to choose the tool he or she is looking for.FormatPDF

With our website, the user can compress their PDF, split it into multiple files, edit it or convert from PDF to Word, among many other actions. All our functionalities, which already add up to more than 30 online PDF tools, are accessible from our main page.


If you want to get to know better the online PDF tools that you can use on, below you will see a list of all the functionalities available on our website. You will see that the tools that we already have fully operational have the ✅ icon, while those that we are still working on come with the ⌛ icon in the list. We'll have these ready as soon as possible.

List Of Tools

First, these are the tools related to making changes to a PDF document:

Next, here are the tools to convert a format to or from PDF:

✅ Works | ⌛ In development
(Tool list last updated: 7/26/2022)

Press Releases

At FormatPDF we like to communicate. We try to publicize the most relevant news about our tool through press releases that, as professionals, you can feel free to distribute, modify and complete to publicize our project.

Our Latest Press Releases Published

Below you will see our latest press releases in chronological order (from most to least recent):

When you go to write about one of our press releases, do not hesitate to ask us for screenshots of the tools to illustrate your content


FormatPDF's communication team is at your disposal at all times through their email addresses:

  • Jakub
  • César
  • Sergi
  • Peter
  • Ina

Our Logos In High Resolution

Download below our logos in high resolution:

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