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Convert PDF To HTML Online

Although it isn’t that common, you may need to convert PDF to HTML. What’s most usual is wanting to save a web page as PDF, for which you have a specific tool for converting HTML to PDF. However, that does not mean that at some point you won’t need to carry out the reverse procedure.

Converting PDFs to HTML lets you create a web format document (with its images attached) so that you can publish it in your project. The PDF format has many advantages as it can be used on various devices. Nevertheless, it is not the most recommended type of file to be uploaded to the internet if you want to display interactive content on a web page.

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Convert PDF To HTML Online

No programs, free and totally online. Online PDF to HTML conversion takes place in the cloud. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the process of converting from one format to another. Just upload the PDF file, and wait a few seconds for it to convert to HTML.

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The PDF To HTML Converter You Were Looking For

Not all online PDF converters can convert this sort of file to HTML. Hence, finding a good converter that allows you to move from one format to another is key to carrying out this task.

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Of Course, It’s Totally Free

In case there is any doubt about it, this tool to convert PDF to HTML online is totally free. If you are converting a single file, and even if you have a few that you want to convert, you will see that you do not need to make any payment to carry out such conversion.

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Your PDF Is In Good Hands

Your PDF to HTML conversion will be completely private, so no other user will have access to any of the files you use during the process. It is a 100% secure conversion.

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Although there are other alternate procedures, the truth is that using an online PDF to HTML converter, is one of the best ways to ensure an efficient, fast and clean result, during the process of converting one file format to another.

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Works On Any Device

Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS... there is no incompatible operating system for our PDF to HTML converter. You just need a compatible web browser to carry out the conversion process.

Step By Step: How To Convert PDF To HTML

This tool is under construction! Come back soon to see how it works. We’re just finishing up some details. At this point, to convert PDF to HTML without using programs and totally online, follow these steps:

  1. At the top of this page, you will see an "Upload PDF file" button. Click on it and upload the PDF document you want to convert to HTML.
  2. Follow the on-screen instruction and once everything is ready, find the "Convert" button. Click on it.
  3. In a matter of seconds, you should have the resulting HTML file ready for download. If the file doesn’t download automatically, click on the "Download" button displayed in the browser.

Alternatives For Converting PDF To HTML

Windows has an alternative to convert a PDF file to HTML. Go through the options of your text editor (see Microsoft Word or Google Docs, for example) to see if, within the "File" menu, there is an option to save or download the PDF document in HTML format.

For Mac users, the best solution to convert PDF to HTML is an online converter. Preview, macOS’s default PDF viewer, doesn’t have an HTML saving tool powerful enough to perform this conversion with the assurance that it will respect all text formatting.

If you are looking for an alternative that lets you convert PDF to HTML on Android, you may want to take a look at the apps in the Google Play Store. There you can find two or three solutions that allow you to perform this conversion process.

As in the case of Android, iPhone and iPad users can search the App Store for apps to facilitate the conversion of a PDF document into HTML. Unlike an online converter, these specific applications require to be installed on your device.

After This, Users May Also Need:

In case you have reached this page looking for the reverse action for PDF to HTML, that of converting any web page or an HTML file to PDF format, you can access the tool that allows you to carry out this conversion:

Frequently Asked Questions About Converting PDF To HTML

The advantage of the HTML format over PDF, in terms of website programming, is that it allows you to capture, as source code, all the ideas you have been working on for your project.

A PDF to HTML converter, turns a .pdf file into a .zip folder containing the source code that gives life to said document, along with the attachments inserted as images, graphs or tables within the file.

Yes, it is recommended that, after converting PDF to HTML, you make sure that the source code has correctly interpreted all the features of your original file.

Converting an image to HTML is something other than transforming a PDF into a .html file. If you are interested in this process, look for the online conversion tool that allows you to convert JPG into HTML.

The process of converting a PDF into an HTML file does not require advanced computer science knowledge, since it is as simple as uploading the document and waiting for the format change to be made. Nevertheless, programming knowledge is necessary to review the resulting .html file and check if the code is ok.

Of course, you will be able to freely edit the HTML file to make the changes you want after converting it from PDF.
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