Converting PDF to Excel is an easy way to be able to edit your files without downloading any type of program on your computer, since everything is done in the cloud. Just use this corresponding tool to convert PDF to Excel, and follow the stated process.

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Convert PDF To Excel In One Click

Transform PDF to Excel thanks to our online converter, which lets you change the format quickly and easily. Forget about having to download and install programs on your computer, with the risks that this entails.

Once you finish converting PDF to Excel, and downloading the new file, you will be able to make the necessary changes and edits. Remember that you can always easily convert this document back into a PDF.

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Converting PDF To Excel Is Totally Safe And Private

Indeed, converting PDF to Excel is totally safe. For us, privacy is a priority and once the document is downloaded, all your files will be deleted. By changing a PDF into Excel online, without having to download programs, you avoid the risk of getting viruses on your computer.

Avoid Advertising And Watermarks

By using the tool to convert PDF to Excel, you can be sure that you will not have the hassle of watermarks appearing on downloaded documents. Also, forget about the invasive advertising of other applications which offer the same service. You won't accidentally get inside an ad anymore. The resulting files are clean.

Transforming PDF to Excel, the easiest task in the world

We start from the fact that the PDF to Excel converter is totally online. This simplifies things a lot. The procedure is as simple as visiting FormatPDF.com, choosing the tool to convert PDF to Excel, and following the steps indicated. Finally, you will only have to download your resulting file.

All operating systems in your hand!

No matter if you prefer Windows, Mac or Linux, you can convert PDF to Excel without any problem, since the file resulting from the conversion is compatible with all operating systems. Likewise, the app to change PDF to Excel is online, which prevents all kinds of incompatibilities with your computer as it accepts all kinds of browsers.

100% Online Conversion

One of the main advantages of this PDF to Excel converter is that the full transformation process is done in the cloud, thanks to our servers. In this way, you will avoid downloading and installing programs, which take up space and slow your computer down. The only thing you will save on your computer is the resulting document, although you can also save it in the cloud.

Seamless Transformation

Converting PDF to Excel can sometimes provoke errors in the resulting file. With FormatPDF.com you can keep calm at all times, since the final file will have all the information that the original document included and, in turn, it will be fully editable. Try it with no obligation, and you will see the excellent results you'll get.

Step By Step: How To Convert PDF To Excel

Here's how you can convert PDF to Excel files with our tool:

  1. Click on the "Select PDF file" button.
  2. In the pop-up window, select the .pdf file you want to convert to Excel to upload it to the conversion tool.
  3. Once uploaded, click on "Convert to Excel" and wait a few seconds to download the resulting file.

Alternatives For Converting PDF To Excel

Windows PCs have several external tools to convert PDF to XLS. In this sense, you don't have to think much for selecting one of them, since Adobe Acrobat Reader itself has a built-in converter.Through Acrobat, the procedure that lets you save a PDF file as Excel is as follows:
  1. First, open your .pdf document with Acrobat Reader. It will most likely be your default program for opening PDFs.
  2. On the right of your screen you'll see a series of tools and, among them, one that reads "Export PDF file".
  3. Now you just have to go to the "Convert to" section and select Microsoft Excel. Then, click on the "Convert" button, and you will get the expected result.
Alternatively, there is also the option to save a PDF as Excel via Google Drive. To do this, add the PDF to your Drive account and follow these steps:
  1. Once you've uploaded the PDF to Google Drive, open it with the Google viewer.
  2. Then, click on the menu "File" / "Download" / "Microsoft Excel".
If want to convert PDF to Excel on a Mac, the most recommended and fast way is to use the Google Drive spreadsheet, that is, Google Sheets. The procedure is very simple, just follow these steps:
  1. First, upload your .pdf document to a Google Drive folder.
  2. Then, open the document with the Google viewer, in "Google Documents".
  3. Once inside the document look for the "File" menu. By clicking on it you will see a dropdown menu where you will find the "Download" option which is the one we are interested in. Now, just select "Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)".
If you need to save a PDF as Excel on Android you can search the Google Play Store for a tool that allows you to do so. The moment you look for "pdf to Excel converter" inside the American giant's official store, you will see several options. Choose the best rated by users.After choosing the application, there is usually a common procedure to follow in types of tools:
  1. First, select the document you want to convert from PDF to Excel.
  2. Then, select the type of Excel extension you want for that document (among them .xls or .xlsx which are the most used.) After this, you just have to perform the conversion.
  3. When it comes to finding the new Excel document, we recommend that you look in the "Downloads" folder, which is the place where the XLS file is usually found.
Transforming a PDF into Excel from an iPhone or iPad is also possible. To do this, search the App Store for a tool that allows you to do so and to download the resulting file. The most common thing is for your "PDF to Excel converter" search to show you free tools.The conversion procedure these sort of apps execute is always the same, the difference is a lot of advertising may be included in the resulting file:
  1. First, open the document viewer of your iPhone or iPad (Files) and hold down the file to convert.
  2. At that moment, you will see how at the bottom of your device a menu appears. There you have to look for the icon of an arrow pointing upwards.
  3. You'll see a list of apps, including the conversion app you downloaded from the App Store.
  4. Click on it and execute the conversion procedure, to get your Excel document from a PDF.

After This, Users May Also Need:

Once you have finished converting a document from PDF to Excel to easily edit it, you may want to convert it back to a PDF. If that's the case, you will need an online tool to provide you with a new document .pdf file:

Frequently Asked Questions About Converting PDF To Excel

The answer is simple: although the PDF format is very versatile, when it comes to editing, it is not as complete as the .xls format. Whether to handle tables, or edit texts, in spreadsheet formats, the .xlsx extension is much better to work on.
A PDF or .pdf, is the starting format you will have before making the conversion. Later, once the PDF to Excel transformation app is used, the resulting file will have a .xls or .xlsx extension, which is the native calculation program. Note that, if the file format is based on XML, Excel's macros need to be enabled, in which case the final format will be .xlsm.
You shouldn't have problems in this regard, since FormatPDF.com, allows you to convert PDF to Excel, even if the PDF is protected. In spite of this, it is recommended to unlock said file before using our tool, so that no information is lost during the conversion.
It usually takes a few seconds, although it will depend on the size of the file, its complexity, and the Internet speed. These three factors will set the time needed for the application to execute its algorithm and make the relevant changes. Likewise, you will have to take into account the amount of PDF documents you need to convert to Excel at the same time.
No, there are downloadable programs online that will let you edit a .pdf file. The main drawback of this action is that they will never offer the capacity and editing options that an Excel file allows. In addition, they may present incompatibility problems with certain operating systems.
Yes, there are PDF editors that will let you make small changes to the document. Among other modifications, you can add text and add lines to the .pdf file.
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