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Convert PDFs to EPUBs Without Downloading Software

Converting file formats is a great way to read a book, comic, or any other document with an e-book reader, also known as an eReader. With our tool, you can complete this action in a single click, without the need to register an account or pay any fees.

Of course, if need be, you can also reverse this process, and convert EPUB to PDF. You might need to do this if you have EPUBs that you want to read on your desktop computer or laptop, in which case PDF is a more convenient format to do so.

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Convert PDFs To EPUBs In A Flash

Here you can convert file formats completely online, without downloading or installing any third-party software. This is because our service works 100% in the cloud. As such, you need only upload your PDF, hit the “Convert” button, and download the resulting file. Easy!

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Convert PDFs With One, Two, Or More Columns

With our tool, you can carry out this task regardless of whether your PDF has one, two, or more columns. Our tool ensures that your file will retain its formatting and remain equally readable once it’s in EPUB format. This way, you can straightforwardly read your file on any compatible device.

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Converting PDFs Has Never Been Easier

Converting files is a simple task with our online converter. It allows you to perform the full conversion in the cloud, so you need only upload your document, start the conversion and, once the process is finished, download the resulting file.

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Converter Compatible With Any Operating System

Since this converter works in the cloud, the only thing you need is a device with an internet connection. You’re in luck whether you use Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, or any other device or operating system. All computers and smartphones are compatible with our free online tool.

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Convert To EPUB, Compatible With All eReaders

The advantage of converting your PDFs to EPUBs is that EPUB is compatible with all eReaders, including the Amazon Kindle. As such, regardless of what e-book you own, with EPUB, your file is virtually guaranteed to work well on your device. EPUBs are also significantly lighter than PDFs, thereby saving you space.

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EPUB Better Than PDF For Reading eBooks

If you’re going to read a book on an eReader, you should know that the EPUB is the king of eReader formats. For example, compared to PDFs, EPUBs have the advantage of allowing you to modify the text size, plus they respect the line breaks of your device’s screen.

Step By Step: How To Convert PDFs To EPUBs

The process to convert files is very easy with our online tool. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Click the "Select PDF file" button at the top of this page.
  2. Next, select the PDF you want to convert.
  3. Finally, click "Convert", and your EPUB file will be ready to download in a few seconds.

Alternatives To Convert PDF To EPUB

As alternatives to convert PDFs to EPUBs on Windows, there are programs such as Xilisoft PDF to EPUB Converter or 4Media PDF to EPUB Converter. These are two simple-but-effective tools to convert PDFs into ebook files.

One of the best solutions for macOS users to convert PDFs to EPUBs is The Ebook Converter 4+ app. You can download this for free from the Apple App Store.

If you’re looking for alternative PDF to EPUB converters on Android, it’s best to look at the free apps in the Google Play Store. Try searching "pdf to epub", and you’ll see the options at your disposal. Ebook Converter, SmoothPDF or ePUBator are just a few examples of the apps you can find to convert PDFs to EPUBs on Android. Choose the one you deem most reliable, and don’t forget to check the app’s reviews.

In the case of iPhone and iPad users, one PDF to EPUB converter you can find is called The Ebook Converter, in the Apple App Store. This is a fast, easy-to-use converter with a wide range of compatible formats, including PDFs and EPUBs.

After This, You May Also Need:

In case you need to convert your current EPUBs into PDFs, for example, to read it on your PC or Mac, here’s a tool designed precisely for this purpose:

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving From PDF To EPUB

Yes, this is recommended. This is because, while some eReaders may open PDF files, they may appear strange and the formatting options will be limited. As such, by converting the file to EPUB, you can enjoy your book in a much more legible format, with more screen options.

PDF is a document designed to be printed, first and foremost. It’s also frequently read on desktop computers, such as Windows PCs and Macs. On the other hand, EPUBs are designed to be read on eReaders, such as the Amazon Kindle. So ideally, you should use these formats where they’ve been designed for.

Yes, you can! As of mid-2022, Amazon has made EPUB a compatible format with its Kindle devices. So you can convert PDFs to EPUBs to read on your Kindle.

PDFs weigh more than EPUBs. To give you an idea, converting a 376 kB PDF results in an EPUB that weighs only 149 kB. Thus, the file size drops by more than half!

It’s a matter of seconds. Once you upload your document to our tool, you’ll be able to download the resulting file almost immediately.

Yes. While computers feature PDF readers by default, this isn’t the case for EPUBs. If you want to read EPUBs on your Windows or Mac device, you’ll likely have to download and install a program specifically to do so.

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