MERGE PDF lets you merge PDF files without installing any programs. Just select and upload your PDF files, follow the on-screen instructions and then download the resulting file, which will already have all the pages merged into one single document.

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Combine PDF In Just One Click

Do you have multiple PDFs in different files? Would you like them to be in a single .pdf file? Then you've come to the right place. This online tool lets you combine and merge all your PDF files to download and save them in a single file on your computer or mobile.

Once you download the file, remember that FormatPDF also lets you compress, sort, and even edit it without the need for programs.

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100% Online: You Can Merge PDFs Without Programs

The advantage of this software to merge PDFs online is that you don't need to install any program, so you can use it both from your computer —through the web browser, either Chrome, Firefox, or any other— and from your mobile or tablet.

Totally Secure And Private

Your PDF files will not be publicly uploaded anywhere. Thus, no one will be able to see or find the documents you intend to upload and join. You0ll be the only one able to download the resulting file, and no one else will have access to it. Your privacy is very important to us. See our policy on this.

No Advertising, No Watermarks, When Merging PDF Documents

Surely you have found online tools that promise to join PDF but, once you have downloaded them, it turns out that after joining the files, the resulting file has a watermark on every page. Nevertheless, rest assured as this software is developed to merge files without leaving a watermark.

Compatible With All Devices Without Installation

One of the advantages of the PDF format (Portable Document Format) is that it is compatible with all devices and operating systems: from Windows to Android, going through Mac, Linux, iOS, and any other platform.

Cloud-Based End-To-End Process

The advantage of merging PDFs online with this tool is that the whole joining process takes place in the cloud. Thus, you don't need to spend resources on your device while creating the resulting merged file. Just remember to download it once it's ready.

Joining PDFs Has Never Been Easier

Forget about the complex processes to merge or combine PDFs from any program. As this is a 100% online tool, you will not need to do anything outside the browser. All the merging processes are carried out in just a few seconds and result in a single document containing all the files you've uploaded.

Step By Step: How To Merge PDF

Here are the steps to merge your PDF files into one single document through our tool:

  1. To upload the PDF documents you want to merge, select all of them (ctrl + click on Windows; cmd + click on Mac) and drag them to the action space above. If you prefer, you can also click on the "Select PDF files" button and upload the documents from the file explorer.
  2. Organize the files in the order you prefer and click on the "Merge PDF" button.
  3. After waiting for a few moments, your browser will automatically download the resulting file. If not, you can download it manually by clicking on the "Download PDF" button on your screen.

Options For Merging PDF

In the event that you need to perform this action from a Windows PC, you should know that you have a wide range of alternatives to perform PDF actions such as merging several documents into one.Windows do not have any default-specific programs for this action, but there are many installable solutions that offer you the option to join several documents. The procedure, whatever program you decide to use, is as follows:
  1. Open your favorite program to work with PDFs and load the first of the .pdf files you want to join.
  2. Now look for an option called "Merge", "Join" or "Group" (the name changes slightly depending on the program), click on it and select the other file you want to join your file with.
  3. Do this and, in a matter of seconds, your file will be ready.
Mac users have the advantage that macOS, Apple's desktop operating system, has a native option to merge several different PDFs into one file. This is done through Preview, Apple's default PDF viewer.The steps to follow are:
  1. Open your PDF file with Preview.
  2. Tap on "View" and then click on the "Thumbnails" option.
  3. Select the thumbnail of any page, then go to "File", tap "Edit", click on "Insert", and then select "Page". If this last option is turned off, it means that the document is protected against editing.
  4. Select the PDF file you want to add and, finally, go to "File" and click on "Export as PDF" to save the already merged file.
Although Android doesn't have any native option to merge PDFs on a mobile or tablet, there are applications available in the Google Play Store that offer the function of combining files into a single file. There are paid apps, such as the famous Adobe Acrobat Reader app, and there are also free options.To find a free application to join your files, the best thing is to go to the Google Play Store and look for apps by the name of "merge pdf". You will see several free results that will let you combine your files from your phone.If you decide to use the Adobe Acrobat Reader application with a paid license, the procedure for joining multiple PDFs is as follows:
  1. Open Acrobat Reader on your Android phone or tablet.
  2. Click on the "+" icon at the bottom right of your screen.
  3. Tap on the "Combine files" option and follow the on-screen instructions.
The steps to follow to merge PDFs from iPhone may seem somewhat complex at first, as they slightly differ from the procedures of other operating systems. But roughly, this action can be executed in a few minutes as follows:
  1. First, go to the App Store and download any of the available applications to merge PDFs. You can try searching the text "merge pdf", to see the most popular options from around the world.
  2. Once you've installed the app, navigate to the Files app (the default app for viewing files on your iPhone), select the PDF files you want to merge, tap on the "Share" icon (with an arrow pointing up) you'll see at the bottom of your screen, and then choose the merge PDF app you previously installed.
  3. Now, follow the on-screen instructions.

After This, You May Also Need:

Once you finish joining your PDF document, you may find aout that some platforms to attach files have a weight limit to upload files. When you join several different PDFs, the weight of the file goes up noticeably. That is why you may also need a tool to help you reduce the space your PDF occupies:

Frequently Asked Questions About Joining Multiple PDFs

There are many reasons why you may have come across two or more PDFs instead of just one. You may have exported each page to different .pdf files, or you might have edited one of the sheets and when doing so, you generated several files separately. Luckily, you can merge PDFs into one document.
No, there is no limit to merge files. A PDF is a document that can have as many pages as you want. Thus, you can upload as many PDFs as you want to join them in one single file. Once you have joined them, each PDF will be shown in a different page (or several pages if the file had more than one).
The more pages the PDF has, the more space the document will occupy. If you want, you can compress the resulting PDF after joining so that it weighs less. In any case, the file should not take up twice as much space because the files you are joining share a lot of information in the .pdf extension that doesn't need to be duplicated.
Yes, you can combine PDF files that, in turn, will join a JPG within the same document. You can create your PDF document by mixing existing files with photos that you want to add to the pages.
No, the document's extension when joining several different PDFs will not change. You can join, combine, and group PDFs without changing their file extension. The resulting file that you can download will remain a .pdf file.
No! You do not need to install any program, with our online tool you'll get the same result as with any paid program. In addition, it has several advantages as it is free, doesn't require installation and operates from any device.
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