Convert HTML to PDF lets you change an HTML file into a PDF document online without the need to install any program. Transform any web page, or your file, in a matter of seconds.

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Convert HTML To PDF Without Programs

HTML is a file format that can hardly be presented in a way that guarantees it to be read on any device, which is something that the PDF format actually does. Therefore, converting HTML to PDF will let you transform the website’s URL you want, or your file, into a document that can be read from all operating systems.

A website, for example, can be downloaded in HTML format to contain all its construction in the same document. But then, if you want to convert that HTML into a PDF, you can use an online converter, which facilitates the task without the need for programs. You can do it both through the website’s URL and through the previously downloaded .html file.

Of course, you can always reverse the action of converting a PDF to HTML by performing the same steps the other way around.

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Convert HTML To PDF Online

HTML to PDF online, free and without using any program. Converting an HTML file to PDF lets you transform the complex document format of a web page into a file that is much more presentable, universal and 100% compatible with any document reader.

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Looks Like PDF, But It Is HTML

The good thing about converting HTML to PDF is that although the file will be a .pdf document, all its elements will respect the .html document set up, in such a way that you can continue clicking on the different menus that the original file’s configuration included.

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You Can Go From HTML To PDF Without Programs

Since the conversion from HTML to PDF is done online, you won’t need to install any software to convert a file from one format to another. Just follow the instructions in our online tool.

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Works On Windows, Mac, And Even Mobile Devices

Dado que la conversión para pasar de HTML a PDF se realiza online, no necesitarás instalar ningún programa para convertir un archivo de un formato a otro. Tan solo sigue las instrucciones de la herramienta online.

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Converting HTML To PDF Has Never Been Easier

The usual procedures, to download a web page in PDF format, are not always as easy as they should be. Thus, an online converter, which facilitates this HTML to PDF conversion, is the most practical solution you can find.

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A Web Page Or HTML Document Converted To PDF

It doesn’t matter if you need to convert a web page from HTML to PDF, or if you have a .html file that you need to transform into a PDF. In both cases, the online converter lets you do what you need, regardless of how the source file is provided.

Step By Step: How To Convert HTML To PDF

This tool is under construction! Come back soon to see how it works. We’re just finishing up some details. HTML to PDF, or how to convert a web page into a document that can be easily read on any type of device. The steps to carry out this conversion can be found below:

  1. At the top of this page, you’ll see the "Upload file or enter URL" button. Click on it.
  2. Upload your HTML file or, if you prefer, paste the website’s URL of the page you want to convert to PDF.
  3. Then click on "Convert" and, in a few seconds, you will have your file converted to PDF and ready to download.

Alternatives To Convert HTML To PDF

If you are a Windows user and you also use the Google Chrome browser, an alternative to the HTML to PDF converter could be any of the extensions to save a web page as PDF, which can be found in the official Chrome store. Try searching "Web to PDF" or "Save as PDF", and you’ll see the alternatives you have for it.The same applies to other browsers, such as Mozilla’s Firefox or Microsoft’s Edge, which also have add-ons for converting HTML web pages to PDF.

Mac users, with any of the latest macOS versions, have a very easy way to save any HTML website as a PDF document. By using the Safari browser, tap on the "File" menu, to navigate to the "Export to PDF" option. This lets you transform the content of the on-screen website in the browser from HTML to PDF.

It is easy to save an HTML web page as PDF. Just use the Google Chrome browser, which has a simple procedure to download any website you visit as a PDF file:
  1. Once you have before you the web page you want to download as PDF to your mobile or computer, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of your browser.
  2. Then, click on the "Print..." option.
  3. Instead of selecting a printer, check the "Save as PDF" option, which will allow you to download the web page as a .pdf file.

If you are using an iPhone or iPad, follow the steps below to save the web page (HTML) you are currently viewing as a PDF document.
  1. Open the web page you want to download as a PDF from the Safari browser.
  2. Then, click on the share button (you will see it in the center of the browser’s bottom.)
  3. Click on the small "Options" text that you will see under the URL you want to download. Select the "PDF" option. Finally, choose how you want to download the file converted from HTML to PDF (you can, for example, send it to yourself via email.)

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Frequently Asked Questions About Converting HTML To PDF

Few file readers are able to correctly process the HTML format. In addition, less advanced users reject it when finding this extension when receiving, for example, an email. On the other hand, PDF files are known (and read) by everyone.

Of course! One of the reasons why an HTML to PDF converter is used is to be able to share a web page’s look and/or content without providing access to it through a link.

It is not necessary to use an online HTML to PDF converter if you are looking for a quick way to download a web page as a .pdf file. See the alternative method instructions above for further information.

Yes, the PDF format keeps the HTML format of the HTML file you want to convert. This way, the PDF document will contain all the images, links, and menus of your source HTML or web page.

Downloading a web page as a PDF does not imply that you can have all its content available when not having an internet connection since you will only download the HTML content of a specific URL. If you want to navigate offline, take a look at your browser’s offline mode.

Yes, you can convert PDF to HTML online.
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