DJVU to PDF is a conversion tool which allows you to transform scanned images into documents .PDF files. Changing from one format to another makes it easy to attach any document in a file extension that can be opened on any device.

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Convert DJVU To PDF Without Programs

The DJVU format corresponds to .DjVu or .DJV files, which are usually scanned documents that you are interested in converting to PDF. After all, it is much more likely for someone you’ll be sharing the file with to have a PDF-compatible reader.

In case you have not yet scanned the document, remember that, a simple photograph with your mobile’s camera will let you convert JPG to PDF; thus, your scanned document will be ready to be sent. In this case, we are offering you a free tool to convert DJVU to PDF.

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Convert DJVU To PDF In High Quality

You might know that one of DJVU’s features is keeping great quality in scanned documents. Our tool to convert DJVU to PDF keeps your files resolution, so that the resulting file has the very best quality and you don’t give up anything when converting from one to another.

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Keep Your DJVU’s OCR Information

In case you want to convert DJVU to PDF with a document that includes OCR information -something very common in .djvu files-, this converter will keep your file’s searchable text information so that you can find any information, once you have downloaded the new file.

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You Can Convert DJVU To PDF Online Without Programs

The advantage of an online converter to convert DJVU to PDF is that it doesn’t require programs since all the format changes take place in the cloud. This way, you will not need to install any program to do this from any device you are using, no matter what its operating system is.

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Works On Windows, Mac And Even Mobile Devices

Since the DJVU to PDF conversion is online, and is carried out in the cloud, you can do it from any device with an internet connection and a compatible web browser. Therefore, you don’t need to be connected from a powerful computer for this task: your mobile or tablet will work fine with this.

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A Secure Converter That Respects Your Privacy

Your file will only be visible to you. No one but you will be able to access the documents you upload to perform the conversion. In addition, both the original JDVU file you upload and the resulting PDF file, will be deleted from the servers after a while. Learn more by consulting our privacy policy.

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Easy, Fast And Done In Just A Few Steps

The process of transforming DJVU to PDF doesn’t have to be difficult, even though it’s a format that hasn’t been updated for many years. The advantage of an online converter is that it makes the task easier with just a few clicks. You don’t have to worry about anything but uploading the file.

Step By Step: How To Convert DJVU To PDF

The DJVU format can be converted to PDF. In fact, it is highly recommended to do so before presenting a file to someone who does not know if he/she has a specific software, to open it. PDF files don’t usually have compatibility issues, which will save you a lot of headaches. Here are the steps to follow for the conversion:

  1. First of all, you have to enter the conversion tool’s web page
  2. Now, select the DJVU file you want to convert to PDF. To do this, click the "Select DJVU file" button. You also have the option to drag the DJVU file directly to the "Or drag and drop the DJVU here" box.
  3. The following step is very simple. Just click the red "Convert to PDF" button on the right side of your screen.
  4. Don’t forget to "Download PDF" and then find it in the downloads folder.

After This, Users Also Need:

On the other hand, after converting your DJVU file to PDF, if what you have on your computer or mobile device is a document in standard eBook format, you may be interested in knowing about our other tool for this purpose:

Frequently Asked Questions About Converting A DJVU To PDF

DJVU is a file format mainly used in scanned images. It was created back in 1996, by AT & T Labs, as an alternative to PDF, being a strong competitor of this extension thanks to its advanced options and its great capability of keeping high quality in documents.

There are eBooks that are distributed online in .DJVU o .DJV format, which, in the vast majority of eReaders, implies having to convert it to another format before being able to open it. One option is precisely converting the book to PDF.

Yes, the DJVU format is currently obsolete and has been replaced by modern file extensions that are much more used today.

Its great capacity to compress and store high quality images without sacrificing their resolution, nor the file’s weight, are still the key to see .djvu o .djv files so often online.

There are DJVU readers, such as DjVuLibre DjView, MacDjView Desktop Viewer or WinDjView, that allow opening files with the .djvu o .djv extension on the PC. However, you have to know that this is a file format that has not been updated since 2006.

Yes, if your DJVU file has an OCR layer, you can do a PDF text search, to locate exact words or phrases within your document, with the help of any compatible reader.

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