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How To Zip A PDF For Email

Do you need help with large PDFs that take forever to email or transfer? Luckily, there's a solution - zipping the PDF. Zipping is one of the most common and effective ways to compress PDFs, reducing their size and making them easier to store and transport. Whether you need to save space on your device or email PDFs to friends or colleagues, zipping a file is the way to go.

It can be frustrating when you must attach multiple files, but the platform rejects them. But worry not, as there is a simple solution to this problem - compressing your PDFs into a zip file. Doing so allows you to easily group your documents into a lightweight folder that takes up minimal space and can be attached to an email hassle-free. Keep reading to find out how to zip your PDFs!

Convert PDFs to a zip file in just a few steps, making them more compact and shareable. Moreover, we'll also give you essential tips for doing so. Follow our guide to optimize your files today!

How To Zip A PDF For Email Step-By-Step

Luckily, it's possible to zip PDFs without installing or downloading programs on your device. However, the process for zipping a file may differ slightly depending on your operating system. So, here are the general steps for zipping a document on a computer OS (Windows and Mac) as well as mobile operating systems (Android and iOS):


If you are a Windows user, zipping a document is one of the most straightforward tasks. You need to right-click on the file that you want to compress, place your cursor on "Send to," and click on the "Compressed (zipped) folder" option. After that, enter a new name for your zipped file and press the "Enter" key. Then, to send the file, simply open your email program as usual, and attach the zipped file to send it!


On the other hand, Mac users need to right-click on the file to be zipped and tap on the "Compress (Name of the document)" option. That's it; the new zipped file will be saved on the Mac, for you to attach it to an email and send as usual.


If youโ€™re an Android user, using your file manager is the best way to zip a PDF. That's because it has a function to make a compressed document from files. Then, once you've got the zipped version of your document, you can simply attach it to an email like you would any other attachment, and email it to the recipient.


On iPhone and iPad, long press on the file and click on the "Compress" option. This will create a smaller version of the document, similar to a ZIP file. Afterwards, simply attach this new smaller file as an attachment in your email software, and then send it.

What You Need To Know About Zipping A PDF For Email

When zipping a file, you must take into consideration a few aspects. These are as follows:

  • The conversion of a PDF to a zip allows you to have a compressed file. The best thing about this conversion is that youโ€™ll have a โ€œlossless compression of data portionsโ€. This means that the quality of your content will stay the same, even though the file is smaller.
  • You will need a program like WinZip or WinRar to read and decompress files to see a compressed document.
  • The document that results from converting a PDF to a compressed one will retain its original format and design. However, having your document in .pdf is preferable when editing.
  • When you convert a PDF to ZIP, you will sometimes witness a weight drop. This is normal; the objective of zipping documents is to make them smaller to send, and then the user can unzip them once they get them.
  • You can change your files using various online tools, such as those enabling you to divide PDFs or even remove pages. Moreover, there are different other apps as well that you can use.

Which Programs Allow You To Zip A PDF For Email

You can zip a PDF using a variety of apps. So, if you want to know how to do it using programs that aren't online, this section is for you. Here we will discuss how to use different applications to carry out this work on all operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Zip A PDF For Email On A PC

Whether a computer has a Windows, Linux, or Mac operating system, it is undoubtedly the most-used kind of device for doing all PDF tasks. So, knowing how to carry out the task on a computer is essential. That way, you'll face no problem to compress a PDF and email it.

Windows 10 And Prior Versions Of Windows

One of the most popular operating systems for computers is still Windows. In this regard, WinZip is the most suggested program for shrinking files, thus taking up less space. You can get it for free, but remember that your computer already has a built-in zip converter, so you don't need to install anything.


Converting a PDF to ZIP on a Mac is a relatively simple process. Click on the relevant file while holding down the Control key and then choose "Compress" from the shortcut menu to obtain your compressed file. The output file will be in .zip format. So, you don't have to download anything on your Mac.


To zip a PDF on Linux, navigate to the file's directory and run the command "zip filename.zip filename.pdf." This creates a new zip archive with the file added to it. The process completes in the terminal, and the newly created zip archive appears in the same directory as the original PDF.

Zip A PDF For Email On A Smartphone Or Tablet

Computers are just one device that can compress a PDF. You can also carry out the task from your smartphone or tablet. However, it would be best to be careful while choosing an appropriate tool for the job.


You can get a good selection of compressors to convert PDFs to ZIPs on Android mobile devices. That's because Android phones have the Google Play Store, the official application store. It's that simple; pick the one you like best. Some apps include AZip Master, WinZip, and 7Zipper.

iPhone (iOS) Or iPad

By using the "Files" app on your iPhone or iPad, you can compress a PDF for email. Choose the files you want to compress after selecting the location. When you do this, a circle with three dots will show as an icon, and when you click on it, many options will be displayed, including "Compressโ€.

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