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How To Translate A PDF

How To Translate A PDF

When dealing with files with a .pdf extension, translating the same has become one of the most critical needs. Translate a PDF, or convert a PDF document from one language into another, such as from English to French or vice versa. Having a good program that can convert text across languages saves a lot of time. However, the reader may still require some editing to look correct. But, before moving ahead with the programs, let's see the reason why you might need a PDF translator.

The Internet is rife with Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, and other language user manuals for electronic equipment, as well as notes and other information that you may need to translate online at any time. This kind of content, which is typically in PDF format, will be more difficult for someone who only speaks English and doesn't speak any other language exceptionally well. Thus, it's crucial to understand how to translate a PDF file without sacrificing formatting.

The most popular tool for translating PDF files, as well as other formats, is demonstrated here. We'll also present you with additional choices that are equally viable and easily accessible. All of this is done to allow you to translate a PDF from a different language into your own.

How To Translate A PDF

The Google translator, also known as Google Translate in its country of origin, is one of the best online resources available for translating PDF files. You can translate PDF files using this online tool, which also offers a free service.

The steps you must take are as follows:

  1. Go to translate.google.com.
  2. Select the second of the two options under "Text" and "Documents" at the top.
  3. Decide which languages you'll be using. The PDF you want to translate must then be selected by clicking the "Browse computer" option.
  4. When you have finished, click the "Translate" button. You'll notice that it's blue and that the language of the PDF has changed as a result.

Google Translate

Now that you know how to translate a PDF document, it's essential to understand how to arrange its pages. That's because after translating a file using a PDF translator, the file tends to get unorganized, which results in making your document haphazard.

However, don't worry; there are various tools available that you can use to organize the pages of your PDF file. And the best of all is the Organize PDF,ย an online tool that allows you to do the aforementioned without downloading any program.

What Do You Need To Know About Translate A PDF

You must take into account a number of factors when utilizing the online PDF translation tool, all of which are crucial to understanding to get the desired outcomes. Here is some advice for you:

  • Although Google Translate is a free tool, it has a 10 MB limit on the size of PDF files it can translate. To translate a huge PDF file, you can reduce its size or weight by using an online PDF compressor. The size of the PDF can also be decreased by removing the pages that are of no interest to you.
  • Keep in mind that the final translation is not flawless, so studying the entire PDF document is advised to ensure that phrases are used correctly, and their meanings are precise. Especially if the document is a PDF that you intend to share with someone, change all the vulgar expressions that appear using an online PDF editor.

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  • When translating a PDF, you must make sure that the text is contained in editable text boxes; otherwise, the translation won't be accurate.
  • Of course, make sure to check for grammatical errors. That's because many times when you translate a PDF file, it may contain grammatical mistakes.

Which Programs Allow You To Translate A PDF

Although online tools are undoubtedly the best solution for translating PDF files, a list of alternatives is available. The following section will present you with a number of PDF translators that are alternatives to Google Translate. These are reliable tools that provide translations of high quality.

Translate A PDF From The PC

Are you looking for methods to translate a PDF file from your computer without using any web tools? No need to worry; we're aware of several quick ways you can complete this task. This is how you can fast and easily translate PDF files.

Windows 10 And Prior Versions Of Windows

We may translate a PDF in Windows 10 (including earlier versions) by using one of the operating system's most well-liked applications, the Word text editor. However, you must first convert the PDF to Word before using Word's "Review" - "Language" - "Translate document" functions.


We'll use Google Docs from Drive, an intriguing option, for translating PDF files on Mac. To accomplish this, open "Google Documents" and choose it by clicking on the three vertical lines in the upper left corner (options menu). The PDF file that has to be translated is then uploaded. The format is changed to text. The "Translate document" option can then be found by searching the "Tools" menu.


Having a Linux operating system and wanting to translate a PDF file isn't anything new. In fact, it's so feasible to translate a PDF into any language on Linux, owing to Ubuntu and the Notitrans "script," that even beginners can carry out this activity at ease. To use it, install libnotify-bin -notifications-, wget translation from Google, and xsel -read highlighted text.

Translate A PDF From The Smartphone Or Tablet

Smartphones and tablets have become necessities in the modern world. With this type of gadget, you can use Google Translate to translate a PDF file, but we also provide you with additional options.


When it comes to translating a PDF on Android, Microsoft Translator is a fantastic solution that makes the process quick and simple while maintaining high quality. This software is available for free download from the Google Play Store. However, you can download any other applications on your mobile device if you want. All you need is to search for the keyword "PDF translator."

iPhone (iOS) Or iPad

When it comes to Apple devices, the PDF translator X: OCR PDF Scanner application is specifically created and tailored for your iPad or iPhone. This tool helps to translate a PDF file to Spanish (or any other language). The App Store offers a free installation option. You can also download any other program from the Apple App Store.

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