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How To Split Big PDF Files

How To Split Big PDF Files

You aren't the only one who has struggled to figure out how to split big PDF files into different files or how to split one very big PDF file into parts. This is one thing that makes us want to rip out our hair! Well, there's excellent news for you, so don't worry. With a bit of understanding of how it works, you can divide big PDF files into parts using the online tool to split PDF.

You may not need to split big PDF files into parts, but it can happen when you least expect it. For instance, you would need to send two separate papers if your PDF file was too large to distribute by email. And compressing the PDF is not always the only answer. Additionally, if you're at a location where you need to upload your files, but they're too large, you must split them in that case.

No matter what platform you use—Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, or even Linux—we've covered you with straightforward methods for splitting a big PDF file into pieces. There are various additional options, even though online tools are, without a doubt, the ideal instrument for carrying out this task.

How To Split Big PDF Files

The simplest option is to use online tools like "Split PDF" to split big PDF files into various documents. You may complete this process without having to download and install any third-party programs on your device because it's entirely online, thanks to the well-known and extensively used FormatPDF.

You only need to adhere to the following guidelines to split big PDF files into parts:

  1. Go to formatpdf.com/en/split-pdf/.
  2. To upload the file that needs to be split, click the red "Select PDF file" button. After clicking that button, you can choose the PDF file that needs to be divided into parts. Alternatively, you can just drag the file into the "Or drag and drop PDF here" box.
  3. The software will begin the process of uploading the PDF file to the tool as soon as you select it. Typically, the procedure only needs a few seconds.
  4. A split menu will appear on the screen, allowing you to choose how your PDF file should be divided.
  5. Finally, select "Split" from the menu.

Split Big PDF

Apart from that, you can also use the merge PDF tool to join different documents into only one, in case you need to do so.

What Do You Need To Know About Split Big PDF Files

Given that we currently know how to split big PDF files into various documents using an online tool, we should now look at some considerations that we must make while carrying out this task. Here are a few things to consider:

  • The pages of the resulting PDFs from dividing a PDF file can occasionally vary. As a result, checking the size of pages before saving them is crucial. This is especially important if you plan to publish or utilize these PDF files for marketing materials because the print size can vary.
  • It's essential to save the original PDF file before dividing it into different parts. This is due to the possibility that you might want to combine additional files from the original. The primary file should, therefore, always be saved first.
  • It's important to employ various techniques depending on your device to split PDF files into different documents. For instance, the procedure for performing this activity on a Mac differs from that on Windows.
  • Depending on your requirements, you might need to split PDF files into various documents using a different technique each time.
  • Once you finish merging your big PDF files, you can also take your time to number each one of the pages of the PDF document.

Which Programs Allow You To Split Big PDF Files

Time will be saved by splitting big PDF files into different PDF documents using online tools like "Split PDF." There are, however, a number of alternative techniques that can be used to complete this task. The finest apps for splitting files into parts will be the main topic of this section.

Split Big PDF Files From The PC

Knowing how to split PDF files into various pieces on a computer (Mac, Linux, or Windows) is crucial, especially if you need to extract specific information from a sizable file. We'll discuss the most exemplary method for dividing a file into parts on various computer operating systems in this particular area.

Windows 10 And Prior Versions Of Windows

Adobe Acrobat Reader is unquestionably one of the most acceptable options if you wish to divide a PDF file into parts and are using Windows 10 or one of the older operating systems (including Windows 8, Windows XP, and others).

This installable tool is actually used the majority of the time by Windows users to split big PDF files into various PDF documents.


It's not unusual for Mac users to look for various methods of splitting a PDF file into multiple documents. And we've good news if you're looking for the same thing. You can divide a file into parts using Preview, a native software included with Mac devices. This Apple product is a comprehensive PDF viewer program that also allows for editing.


If, for some reason, utilising an online tool to split big PDF files into various Linux documents wasn't enough to persuade you, don't fret; there are a number of different options that you may explore. On your device, you can install PDFShuffler. It's a practical Python-GTK application that makes it simple and quick to split a PDF document into smaller files.

Split Big PDF Files From The Smartphone Or Tablet

It can be pretty simple and easy to divide big PDF files into various documents if you've an iOS, Android, or iPad-compatible smartphone or tablet. Here's how to complete the assignment:


Sadly, Android devices don't come with a built-in application that allows you to split big PDF files into various parts from your tablet or smartphone. But don't panic; the Google Play Store is available to assist you in this circumstance. You can set up Adobe Acrobat Reader (the best app for carrying out this task) on your device. The only drawback is that it's a subscription-based one.


Installing a third-party tool on your iPhone (iOS) or iPad called the "Split & Merge" application is one of the finest solutions for any iPhone (iOS) or iPad user to split big PDF files into different parts. You can use it to split and combine PDF files, making the work much easier for you to complete. Simply conduct a search for this app on the App Store.

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