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How To Split Big PDF Files

You're not alone in facing the challenge of splitting large PDFs into multiple files or breaking down a single, massive PDF file into smaller parts. It can be incredibly frustrating, but fret not! I have some great news for you. By familiarizing yourself with the process, you can easily divide large PDFs into parts using an online PDF splitting tool.

While you may not always find the need to split large PDFs, there may be situations where it catches you off guard. For example, if your PDF file is too large to send via email, you would need to separate it into two distinct papers. And simply compressing the PDF may not always be the best solution. Furthermore, if you find yourself in a location where you must upload your files but they exceed the size limit, splitting them becomes essential.

Regardless of the platform you're usingโ€”Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, or even Linuxโ€”rest assured that we've got you covered with straightforward methods for splitting large PDFs into smaller pieces. While there are other options available, online tools undoubtedly serve as the most convenient tool for accomplishing this task.

How To Split Big PDFs Step-By-Step

A convenient approach is to utilize online tools like "Split PDF" provided by FormatPDF to divide large PDFs into multiple documents. This method eliminates the need to download or install any third-party software on your device since the entire process takes place online.

To split large PDFs into parts, simply follow these guidelines:

  1. Visit formatpdf.com/en/split-pdf/
  2. Click the red "Select PDF file" button to upload the file you wish to split. You can either choose the PDF file directly or drag and drop it into the "Or drag and drop PDF here" box.
  3. Once you select the file, the software will initiate the upload process, which typically takes just a few seconds.
  4. A split menu will appear on your screen, providing options for how you want the PDF file to be divided.
  5. Finally, choose "Split" from the menu to initiate the splitting process.

Additionally, if you ever need to merge different documents into a single PDF file, you can also utilize the merge PDF tool provided by the same platform.

Split Big PDF

What You Need To Know About Splitting Big PDFs

Now that we have learned how to split large PDFs into multiple documents using an online tool, let's explore some important considerations to keep in mind while performing this task. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Variations in Page Sizes: When dividing a PDF file, it is possible for the resulting PDFs to have varying page sizes. It is crucial to check the size of each page before saving them, especially if you plan to use these PDFs for marketing materials or publication purposes, where consistent print size is important.
  • Save the Original File: Before splitting the PDF into different parts, it is essential to save the original file separately. This ensures that you have a backup in case you need to combine additional files from the original PDF later. Always prioritize saving the primary file before making any modifications.
  • Device-Specific Techniques: Different devices may require different techniques to split PDFs into separate documents. For example, the process may vary between a Mac and a Windows computer. Familiarize yourself with the specific instructions relevant to your device to ensure a smooth splitting process.
  • Tailor Techniques to Requirements: Depending on your specific requirements, you may need to employ different techniques for splitting PDFs into multiple documents each time. Adapt your approach based on the desired outcome and the nature of the PDF file you are working with.
  • Numbering Pages: After merging your large PDFs, consider taking the time to number each page of the resulting PDF document. This will facilitate easy navigation and referencing within the file.

Alternative Programs for Splitting Large PDFs

When it comes to splitting big PDFs into separate documents, online tools like "Split PDF" can save you time. However, there are several alternative methods available to accomplish this task. In this section, we will focus on the best programs for splitting files into parts.

Splitting PDFs on a Computer

Knowing how to split PDFs into multiple parts on various computer operating systems (Mac, Linux, or Windows) is essential, especially when you need to extract specific information from a large file. Let's explore the most effective methods for dividing files on different operating systems.

Windows 10 and Earlier Versions

For Windows users, Adobe Acrobat Reader is an excellent choice to split PDFs into parts. This installable tool is widely used by Windows 10 and older operating system users for splitting big PDFs into multiple documents, including Windows 8, Windows XP, and others.


Mac users often seek different ways to split a PDF file into multiple documents. If you're in the same situation, here's good news for you. Mac devices come with Preview, a native software that allows you to divide a file into parts. Preview serves as a comprehensive PDF viewer program and also supports editing capabilities.


If using an online tool to split big files into separate documents on Linux doesn't meet your needs, there are several alternative options to consider. One such option is PDFShuffler, an easy-to-use and efficient Python-GTK application that simplifies the process of splitting a PDF document into smaller files on your Linux device.

Splitting PDFs on a Smartphone or Tablet

Splitting big documents into multiple documents becomes relatively simple and straightforward if you have a smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android. Here's how you can accomplish this task:


Unfortunately, Android devices do not have a built-in application for splitting big files into multiple parts. However, you can turn to the Google Play Store for assistance. Install Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is the best app for this task, on your Android device. Keep in mind that it is a subscription-based app.


For iPhone (iOS) or iPad users, installing a third-party tool called the "Split & Merge" application is an excellent solution. This app allows you to split and merge files, making your work much easier. Simply search for this app on the App Store to install it.

By utilizing these programs, you can effectively split big PDFs into separate documents on your preferred device or operating system!

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