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How To Separate Pages In A PDF

When you work with PDF files, there may come a time when you need to extract a single page. If that's the case, don't worry! You can easily separate pages in a PDF file, and guess what? The process is more straightforward than it seems. So next time you find yourself in this situation, remember that you can quickly split a page from your file using online tools or offline methods without any hassle.

There are various situations where you might need to separate a page from a PDF file. For example, suppose you have got a useless blank page or you want to remove an unwanted page from a PDF. Well, you can easily split a page from a file within seconds.

When it comes to separating a page from a PDF, we highly recommend doing it online. It's not only the fastest but also the safest way to get it done. That's why we'll guide you through the step-by-step process of achieving this with ease. Moreover, we'll also mention some other offline ways to carry out the task.

How To Separate Pages In A PDF Step-By-Step

Of course, if you want to split a page from a PDF, it's always better to use an online tool. And one of the best online tools for carrying out such an activity is "Split PDF" by FormatPDF. And in this section, we will see how to complete the task with the tool.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to carry out the task easily:

  1. Go to https://www.formatpdf.com/en/split-pdf/
  2. Click on the "Select PDF file" button and select the file that you want to divide.
  3. Once your file is uploaded, you will have a lot of options. Tap on "Split by Ranges" and specify the range in which you want to separate your file.
  4. Then, click on the "Split" option.
  5. Your separated file will automatically get downloaded to your device. If not, tap the "Download file" button to manually download it.

What You Need To Know About Separating Pages In A PDF

When you are looking to separate a page from a PDF file, there are some essential aspects to consider. These factors are directly related to this action, so it's crucial not to overlook them:

  • The procedure above lets you separate a page from a file without changing the rest of the file. It's a hassle-free way to extract a specific page without any issues. You can focus on separating the desired page while keeping the rest of the document intact, just as it was before.
  • Of course, you can reattach the separated files at any time. Just make sure to have a copy of the specific page. The resulting file allows you to rearrange or delete pages as needed, giving you complete control over the content and organization of your document.
  • When you split a PDF page, the text style stays the same as the original document. The formatting and style are preserved, ensuring a consistent appearance.
  • You can easily remove a blank page from a document, ensuring a clean and customized final document.

Which Programs Allow You To Separate Pages In A PDF

As you can see, we have discussed the best way to separate PDF pages in a file without downloading or installing any programs. But if you want, you can use downloadable software too. Just remember, some of these programs might need a license payment, so double-check before proceeding. We want to offer you choices that suit your needs best.

Separate Pages In PDF On A PC

One of the popular devices to split pages in a PDF is a computer. Whether you are using a Windows computer, a Mac PC, or a Linux computer, there are plenty of programs available to make this task easy for all users. You will find a wide range of options to choose from, catering to different operating systems and user preferences.


On Windows, you have the option to install Acrobat Reader, a popular paid application designed for such tasks. With this program, you can easily split pages in a PDF document on your PC. Acrobat Reader is well-known for its ability to handle PDFs, making it a reliable choice for managing your files.


You can use the "Preview" app on your Mac computer to separate pages in a PDF. Open the file on the built-in Preview app. Then, click on "View" and choose "Thumbnails" or "Contact sheet." Next, select the pages you want to separate, and hit the "Delete" key on your keyboard. Those pages will be gone, leaving you with your desired layout.


If you are using Ubuntu and want to separate pages in a PDF using the command window, it's simple! Just download packages like PDFtk. Once installed, you can use its commands to split pages in a file just like you want. However, if you aren't good with commands, we suggest going for our online tool since it's simple and easy to use.

Separate Pages In PDF On A Smartphone Or Tablet

Tablets and smartphones are always close by, making them excellent tools for separating pages from PDFs. You can easily install apps from application stores to accomplish this. So, if you need to split a page, just grab your tablet or smartphone.


If you are someone who wants to separate pages in a file on Android, you are in luck. That's because it has Google Play Store, where you can find tons of excellent programs designed for such a task. All you need is to search for the tool, and you will find a list of suitable options to try.

iPhone (iOS) Or iPad

Although separating pages in a file on iPad and iPhone may sound hard, in reality, however, it's pretty easy. You just need to open the file that you want to separate, click the β€œShare" button, and choose "Print." Then, select the desired pages in the "Options" menu and hit the "Share" option. Finally, save your file.

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