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How To See The Size Of A PDF

How To See The Size Of A PDF

Everyone's preferred document format for file sharing has always been PDF. That's because it keeps all of its internal formatting and images. Additionally, it can be accessed by the end user with just a free PDF reading program. But everything has a drawback, and PDF files are no different. One of the most significant drawbacks of a PDF file is that you can't easily see the size of it like you can with other file formats.

Let's suppose that you need to send multiple PDF documents to one person via email. And Gmail is one of the most popular forms of free email service. However, it can send PDF files as long as the total attachment size is under 25MB. So, it's highly vital to know how to see the size of a PDF file. But sadly, the procedure isn't very straightforward.

No matter what, understanding how to view a PDF file's size is crucial. Therefore, this article. In this article, we'll discuss a few reliable and simple methods for determining the precise size of a PDF in MB, so you can decide if you really need to compress your PDF files. Let's get going!

How To See The Size Of A PDF

How to see the size of a PDF file is undoubtedly one of the most searched questions on the web today. And the solution is like taking candy from a baby (easy, of course). In fact, you can do it without having to download or install any software on your device.

  1. Find the PDF file on your Windows, Mac, or Linux device.
  2. Use the right click of the mouse to select it, and then click on "Properties".
  3. You should be seeing all the info related to the PDF file, including the size (in KB, or MB, it depends on the size of the document).

See size of a PDF

There is also an alternative, called "Adobe Acrobat Reader". If you want to use its software to see the size of a PDF, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the "Adobe Acrobat Reader".
  2. Click on the "Properties" option under the "File" section. A list will appear on the screen in the "Document Properties Description tab." You'll see the size of your PDF file in this section.

If you find the size of your PDF file to be too large, make sure to compress it using another excellent online tool called "Compress PDF". It's a fantastic tool that allows you to reduce a PDF file's size without losing its original quality. That way, you'll have a high-quality PDF with lesser size. So, you should definitely give this tool a shot.

What Do You Need To Know About See The Size Of A PDF

Now that we know how to see the size of a PDF file, it's time to understand a few aspects regarding the same. These are some of the things to consider while seeing the size of your PDF file:

  • The tool we've mentioned for seeing the size of a PDF file is free to use. Moreover, it won't leave any watermark behind, which makes the tool even more impressive.
  • The time the device takes to see the size of a PDF entirely depends on how large a PDF file is. For instance, if a PDF file includes more pages or has more pictures, it'll be extensive, and the tool will take more time to complete this task.
  • Of course, if the size of your PDF file is too big to be sent through email, you can always choose to compress it using any online tool. Or maybe you prefer to merge a few PDF files into one, so you can send them all together.
  • Always remember to note down the size of your PDF file for the future. That way, you'll be able to know how much size to compress (if needed).

Which Programs Allow You To See The Size Of A PDF

The ideal alternative if you want to discover how to see the size of a PDF is unquestionably an online tool. However, you could occasionally be hesitant to use any internet tools since they might not be sufficiently secure. In this situation, you can choose from different applications for various operating systems.

See The Size Of A PDF From The PC

Although seeing the size of a large PDF file on a computer could seem a little daunting, it's actually not. In fact, using a computer to complete this activity makes it much more straightforward (with Linux, Mac, or Windows). Let's examine the various computer operating systems' methods for viewing the size of PDF files.

Windows 10 And Prior Versions Of Windows

Do you currently pay a subscription fee for Adobe Acrobat Reader? If yes, we've got a piece of good news. You can use the Adobe software to see the size of a PDF file in Windows 10 and other prior versions of Windows. Moreover, you can also use this program to compress your file if it's a large PDF file.


Viewing the size of a PDF file on a Mac device is way simpler than carrying out this task on Windows. That's because Mac comes with an in-build program called "Preview," which is a PDF viewer embedded by Apple years ago. This tool lets you see the size of a large PDF file and compress it.


If you're using a Linux device, knowing the size of your PDF file can be very hard, especially if you aren't well-acquired with Linux commands. However, you can always use an online tool to carry out this task on Linux. So, we highly recommend using online tools to see the size of a PDF file.

See The Size Of A PDF From The Smartphone Or Tablet

You've come to the correct place if you're seeking information on how to see the size of a PDF file on a smartphone or tablet. We'll discuss the most effective method to do so in this part.


Sadly, unlike the Mac operating system, Android devices don't include any in-build app to see the size of a PDF file. However, you can always resort to third-party apps such as Adobe Acrobat Reader to carry out this task. Although it comes at a fee, it even includes options to compress PDF files. So it's worth your money.

iPhone (iOS) Or iPad

Users of the iPhone and iPad can also choose to see the size of PDF files. Unlike computers and laptops, Apple's mobile devices don't include any native app to carry out this task. You'll need to visit the Apple App Store and select and install an app that allows you to see the size of a PDF file.

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