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How To Save One Page Of A PDF

How To Save One Page Of A PDF

If you've ever worked with PDF documents, you already know how gigantic they can get. And at times, you might have a large and endless PDF file and need only one page from the file. It doesn't make sense to have all those other pages in such a situation, right? Moreover, you can get rid of these by simply asking one question about how to save one page of a PDF file using the tool to split a PDF.

The need for wanting to know how to save one page of a PDF file can be for different reasons. Suppose you've got a large PDF file, but you don't really need all those pages; you just need one or two pages; in such a case having the whole file will be of no use, even if you compress the PDF online, and hence you can go for splitting the file and save a single page of a PDF.

This article will talk about different ways to save only a single page of a PDF file. Moreover, we'll offer you complete instructions on how to keep one page of a PDF document. So, without further ado, let's get started!

How To Save One Page Of A PDF?

You can use online software such as "Split PDF" to save one page of a PDF. All thanks to FormatPDF, you can now easily split PDF without installing any third-party program as the procedure is hundred percent online.

If you want to know the procedure to save a single page of a PDF, you just need to follow these easy instructions:

  1. Go to formatpdf.com/en/split-pdf/.
  2. Tap on the big red button which says "Select PDF file" to upload the PDF file you want to split. By clicking on the button, you'll be able to upload the file that you need to separate. Another alternative is to drag the required PDF document directly into the space that reads "Or drag and drop PDF here".
  3. Once you've selected the required PDF file, you'll see that it automatically started the upload of your file to the tool. It generally doesn't take more than a couple of seconds.
  4. After the upload procedure is over, you'll see a split menu where you can determine precisely how you want to divide the PDF.
  5. To finish, simply click on the "Split" button, and you're done.

Save Only One Page From PDF

Now your PDF will be already split. If you need to paste it to another document in PDF format, you can use the merge PDF online tool. And in case you need to make some changes to the document, try our online PDF editor.

What Do You Need To Know About Save One Page Of A PDF?

There is a list of things you need to keep in mind while saving and extracting one page from a PDF. And these are as follows:

  • There are different methods through which you can carry out this action, so it's imperative to choose the one that fits your needs the best.
  • Once you're done saving and extracting one page from PDF, it's advisable to give the PDF file a different name so that you can easily differentiate it from the original PDF file. That's because it ensures that you select the file you need easily and quickly, without having to review the contents.

Check Also The Reverse Steps: How To Merge 2 PDF Files Into 1

  • Of course, you first need to remove any restrictions (if any) that may prevent the file from saving if you want to keep one page of a PDF. This is also known as unlocking a PDF. For instance, if you've set the PDF file to read-only, you won't be able to split it into individual pages. So, try to disable the read-only setting on your file to ensure you can carry out the task at ease.
  • It's always better to have a backup file of your original PDF file before you save one page of a PDF.

Which Programs Allow You To Save One Page Of A PDF?

While using an online tool like "Split PDF" to carry out this particular action, there are multiple methods for doing the same. However, we'll only focus on the available options so that you can do the activity with minimal hassle, no matter what device you're using.

Save One Page Of A PDF From The PC

Learning how to save one page of a PDF file on a PC (Windows, Mac, or Linux) can be beneficial, especially when you want specific data from a large document. We'll now discuss the best ways to carry out the action file on various PC operating systems.

Windows 10 And Prior Versions Of Windows

In case you use Windows 10 or other earlier versions of Windows (namely, Windows XP, Windows 8, and more), Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the best alternatives for you. In fact, most individuals turn to this installable alternative when it comes to saving and extracting one page from a PDF file.


Mac users looking for ways to save one page of a PDF document isn't something new. If you're one of them, we've got a piece of good news for you. Mac computers have a program that allows their users to split PDF documents. It's the Preview program that Apple offers for its computers which is a complete PDF viewer program.


If, for any specific reason, using an online tool like "Split PDF" didn't convince you, don't worry; there are other alternatives as well for you to try out. And one of these is PDFShuffler; it's a handy python-the app that allows you to do it quite easily and quickly.

Save One Page Of A PDF From The Smartphone Or Tablet

If you're using a smartphone or tablet (Android, iOS, or iPad), you can easily and quickly save one page of a PDF. Here's how you can do that:


Unlike Mac, Android doesn't come with the native app to split a PDF from the smartphone or tablet; fret not, you've many apps on the Google Play Store that specialize in saving and extracting one page from a PDF file. However, among all the available options, Adobe Acrobat Reader is the most popular one. It's a paid application that offers this specific function.

iPhone (iOS) Or iPad

If you're an iPhone (iOS) Or iPad user, the easiest way to save one page of a file is to use a third-party application known as the "Split & Merge" app. It's basically split and joined PDF files, giving users the opportunity to carry out this task at ease. You can go to the App Store and search for the app.

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