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Repair Your PDF Online With Our New Tool

There are few things more annoying than opening a PDF file and finding an error that prevents you from reading it. That now has a solution, or at least we want to give you an alternative: at FormatPDF we have just launched our new PDF repair tool, a feature that allows you to recover damaged PDFs online. With 1 click and without having to install anything on your computer.

Repair PDF online

Magic? Not so much. This is a web application that runs a code that allows the recovery of broken PDF documents. What we have done is to connect this code to our tool, so that you can repair your damaged PDF documents without any difficulty. It is as easy as uploading your broken PDF and waiting for the result to open:

If you want to see how it works and you don't have any broken PDFs handy, there is a website called corrupt-a-file.net that allows you to corrupt .pdf files online. Try breaking one of your PDF documents, and then use our file repair tool to see if we can fix it.

Of course, there will be situations where we will not be able to recover your file. In case your document is password protected, we recommend that you make use of our online PDF unlocker, which we launched a year and a half ago.

We partner with ConvertAPI to continue offering the best PDF tools online

This new functionality is possible thanks to the agreement reached with ConvertAPI, a technology company based in Vilnius, Lithuania, which allows us to access their online PDF repair API to continue offering the best online PDF solutions on the market.

Together with our partnership with Apryse (PDFTron), FormatPDF continues to position itself as the most complete online PDF editor on the market. We have the solutions that our users are looking for, and if we detect aspects of online PDF editing and/or conversion that we are not yet offering, we do our best to bring the solution as soon as possible to our portfolio.

Our users will be able to find the user manuals for this new tool in the online PDF repairer guides section.

Jakub has worked in the main technology media sites in Spain (TuExperto, El Androide Libre and ComputerHoy), accumulating more than six years of experience in the tech sector. He has written hundreds of articles, tutorials and news about programs, applications, office automation and working with documents.
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