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How To Reduce PDF File Size Without Losing Quality

Whether you're an employee sending crucial documents via email or a student uploading projects to online platforms, PDFs are the go-to choice for everyone. However, at times, PDFs can become too large, at which point sharing these files can be challenging. Fortunately, though, by following this guide to compress your PDF, you can make it smaller and easier to manage while retaining the same quality.

If you've created a file and need to send it to someone, you might find that the file size is too large to be transmitted. In such a situation, the only solution is to reduce its size. However, the main drawback of reducing the size of a PDF file is the reduction in quality it brings with it. So, how can you compress a file without losing quality?

In this article, we'll explain how you can easily reduce the size of a PDF file without losing its quality. Whether your file is standard or encrypted, there are apps available that can help. So, let's dive right into the topic!

Step By Step: How To Reduce A PDF File Size Without Losing Quality

Are you in search of a trustworthy method to reduce the size of a file without compromising its quality? If so, "Compress PDF" is the perfect solution for you. Developed by FormatPDF.com, this tool is designed to compress PDFs without affecting their quality.

Here are the easy steps to follow in order to compress your document using this tool:

  1. Visit formatpdf.com/en/compress-pdf/.
  2. Click on the "Select PDF file" option to upload the document you want to compress, or drag and drop the file directly into the "Or drag and drop the PDF here" section.
  3. After uploading the file, you'll be presented with three compression options:
    1. Low compression
    2. Recommended compression
    3. Extreme compression
  4. It's important to note that the overall quality of the document will depend on how much you compress it.
  5. Once you've selected one of the compression options (indicated by a green signal), click on the "Compress PDF" red button.
  6. Lastly, click on "Download PDF" to obtain a new and much lighter document.

Compress PDF Without Losing Quality

Use Our Tool Now: Compress PDF Files Online

What You Need To Know About Reducing A PDF’s File Size Without Losing Quality

When using our Compress PDF tool, it's important to consider some essential points:

  • Large PDFs that contain many images or pictures will shrink in size when compressed. To further reduce the file size, consider using a PDF splitter to create smaller files.
  • PDFs can contain repeated text and spaces that add unnecessary bytes and bits to the file size. The compress tool detects and removes these redundancies, using unique patterns that take up less memory.
  • The final file size can be reduced as much as desired, and the compression process is completed within seconds.
  • Compressing a PDF can result in a reduction in document quality. However, selecting the low compression option when using the Compress PDF tool can minimize that impact on quality.
  • The compressed document will generally have a faster open and upload time than the original file.

By keeping these points in mind, you can effectively and efficiently compress your PDFs.

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Which Programs Allow You To Reduce A PDF’s File Size Without Losing Quality

Looking for programs that allow you to reduce a file’s size without losing quality? There are several options available depending on your operating system. While online compressing tools are often the most convenient option, these programs provide alternative solutions.

Windows 10 And Prior Versions Of Windows

For Windows 10 and prior versions of Windows, one reliable method is to use Adobe Acrobat Reader, which requires a license. This software is an excellent choice for reducing a document’s size without compromising quality on Windows computers.


If you're a Mac user, the solution is even simpler. The default PDF viewer, Preview, which is integrated into all Mac devices, can be used to reduce a document’s size. No additional third-party apps are required.


Although the best possible way to compress a PDF without losing quality is to use an online tool such as Compress PDF, there are other alternatives. In fact, if you run Linux (Ubuntu or Debian), you can use the Ghostscript command-line tool.

Reduce A PDF’s File Size Without Losing Quality On A Smartphone Or Tablet

In today's fast-paced world, mobile devices have become an essential tool for getting work done on the go, including compressing PDFs. Here are some tools that can help you reduce a PDF's size without losing quality on your smartphone or tablet.


For Android users, the best way to compress PDFs without compromising quality is to use online tools or an app. Unlike Macs, Android devices do not have a built-in PDF compressor. Therefore, it's necessary to use external applications like the Adobe Acrobat Reader app, which offers a specific function to reduce a PDF’s size without losing quality via a subscription-based model.

iPhone (iOS) Or iPad

iPad and iPhone users also have options to compress multiple PDFs without compromising quality. However, unlike its desktop version, Apple does not offer a native solution for its mobile devices. Therefore, users need to resort to the App Store to choose from a list of available apps designed for this purpose. A simple search for "Compress PDF" will provide various app options to try.

FAQs About Reducing A PDF's File Size Without Losing Quality

Reducing the size of your PDF files can be beneficial for various reasons. Large PDF files can be cumbersome to share or upload, especially over email or on websites. Additionally, smaller file sizes can save storage space on your device and make it easier to manage your documents. By optimizing PDF file size, you can ensure quicker downloads, smoother sharing, and improved overall efficiency.
To reduce PDF file size without losing quality, you can follow these steps:
  1. Use the built-in compression settings of PDF creation tools like Adobe Acrobat or online PDF converters. Adjust the compression quality to strike a balance between size reduction and quality preservation.
  2. If your PDF contains custom fonts, consider embedding only the necessary characters rather than the entire font set. This can significantly reduce the file size.
  3. Remove any unnecessary text, graphics, or objects from the PDF document. Unneeded elements can bloat the file size without adding value to the content.
When you optimize a PDF file for size, there is potential for some degradation in quality, especially when using aggressive compression settings. However, if you carefully select compression settings and follow best practices, the impact on print or display quality can be minimized. Always create a backup of the original PDF before attempting to reduce its size, so you can revert back if needed. It's recommended to test the optimized PDF by printing or viewing it on different devices to ensure the quality meets your expectations.
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