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How To Print A Password Protected PDF

How To Print A Password Protected PDF

Sometimes the author of a PDF file adds various limits to the PDF file to protect the document. In fact, they secure a PDF file with a password; therefore, recipients need to enter the same password to open the PDF file. Also, those PDF files that contain sensitive information are generally secured with a strong password. This said, it can be pretty hard to print secure PDF files because of their restrictions.

And that's precisely why you should know how to print a password-protected PDF file. If you're someone who's looking for different ways to print a protected PDF file, you might've gone through a situation where you had to unlock a PDF for printing it. Maybe you've forgotten the password of the PDF file that you need to print. No matter the reason, it's essential to know how to print a locked PDF.

If you want to print a protected PDF file but sadly don't have its printing password, any standard printing method for carrying out this activity won't work. Therefore, in this article, we'll learn some of the effective ways of printing secure PDF files. Keep reading this post to know more.

How To Print A Password Protected PDF

Although you can find different methods and options for printing a password-protected PDF file, only online tools allow you to carry out this activity faster. And the best thing is you can access an online tool from any device.

However, to print a protected PDF, you'll need to first unlock it. Here's how you can unlock a protected PDF file using "Unlock PDF":

  1. Go to formatpdf.com/en/unlock-pdf/.
  2. Click the "Select PDF files" button and select the PDF file you want to unlock. Or you can drag your file onto "Or drag and drop the PDF here."
  3. After you've uploaded your PDF file, a new screen will appear on your device. Click on the "Unlock" button and wait for a few seconds.

Unlock PDF to print

Once your password-protected PDF file is unlocked, it's time to print it. To do this, you can use an online tool called "Print PDF." The steps are as follows:

  1. Go to formatpdf.com/en/print-pdf/.
  2. Click on the "Select PDF file" option at the top of its homepage or drag the unlocked PDF directly to the box that says "Or drag and drop the JPG here."
  3. Click on the "Print" button.
  4. Download the final PDF file.

What Do You Need To Know About Print A Password Protected PDF

These are a few things that you need to take into account while printing a password-protected PDF file:

  • Although your files are at risk when you use any online tool for printing a protected PDF file, that isn't the case with the FormatPDF.com platform. In fact, all the files that you upload on the platform remain private, and no third party will be able to access them.
  • Both the tools mentioned above are free to use. And the best part is your final PDF file won't have any watermark.

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  • Some PDF files are highly encrypted and can't be unlocked easily. In such a case, you'll need the correct password to open and print it.
  • You can print a password-protected PDF of all styles, whether it has text, image, or both.
  • The time taken by the tool to unlock a PDF file depends on the type of encryption and the difficulty level. For instance, if a file is highly encrypted and includes a complex password, it'll take more time to unlock it.
  • Before printing a locked PDF file, make sure your PDF contains everything that you want to print or not. If it doesn't, remember to add the things you want in your printed PDF file.

Which Programs Allow You To Print A Password Protected PDF

Using an online tool for printing a locked PDF file is always a good option. However, sometimes you might fall into a situation where you've to use other programs to carry out this action. In this section, we'll talk about different programs that are device specific and see how to print a password-protected PDF file on multiple operating systems.

A Password Protected PDF From The PC

While online tools are best for printing password-protected PDFs as they're accessible on all computer operating systems, there is another alternative way of doing it. This is an easy guide on how to print a password-protected PDF file on different operating systems (Mac, Windows, and Linux).

Windows 10 And Prior Versions Of Windows

If you're using a Windows computer for printing a password-protected PDF file, the best option is to use the Adobe Acrobat program (as long as you're ready to pay a subscription fee). You can use this program to unlock your protected PDF file. And then, you can print it by simply opening it with any file viewer and clicking on the printer icon (or navigate to "File" and tap on "Print").


Apart from Adobe Acrobat, there is another good alternative for the Mac operating system. Google Drive, where you can store your files in the cloud and create documents and share them with others. It can be used to unlock a password-protected file. And after opening it, you can use the "Preview" program (Mac's native application) to print that PDF file.


For users who use Linux distributions such as Ubuntu for printing a locked PDF file, the best and the easiest method is to use an online tool. After all, online tools guarantee that it'll work for you, as the only thing you'll need for carrying out this activity is an internet connection and a web browser, and you're good to go.

A Password Protected PDF From The Smartphone Or Tablet

Sometimes, people might send you a password-protected PDF on your smartphone or tablet. In such a situation, don't worry; you can easily carry out this action on your mobile devices.


To print a password-protected PDF file on your Android phone, you'll first need to unlock it. You can do so by using the Android version of Adobe Acrobat that you can install from the Google Play Store.

Once you've unlocked your file, it's time to print the same. If you've got a printer connected to your phone, you can print the document by opening it, taping the options icon, and clicking on "Print."

iPhone (iOS) Or iPad

Like Android, Adobe Acrobat and Google Drive are available for iPhone (iOS) or iPad. You can install any of them to carry out the action of unlocking protected PDF files. Once done, open your file, click on the share icon, and from the available options, click on "Print."

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