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PDF Audio Reader: How To Read A PDF Aloud

PDF Audio Reader How To Read PDF Aloud

PDF format, one of the most popular file formats out there, is used by many individuals to share documents. In fact, nowadays, many book publishers and magazines publish free online versions of their products as PDF files. In such a situation, there's a huge possibility that you might scroll through hundreds of pages in a day. You can use a tool to read your PDF file aloud to reduce your work.

But before moving ahead with the software that can read out the PDF file to you, let's look at a few other situations where you need an assistant to do the work for you. Maybe the text of a PDF file is too small, or you've downloaded a file that you want to listen to while working. No matter what having a tool to read your PDF out loud always come in handy.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to make a PDF file read out loud. In this article, we'll discuss with you some of the best alternatives you can choose if you want to carry out this activity quickly. So, without delay, let's quickly jump into it.

How To Read PDF Aloud

If you want to read PDF aloud, using an online tool is the best way to do so. That way, you don't have to download and install any third-party app and yet carry out the task efficiently. Coming to the online tool, "TTSREADER" (TEXT TO SPEECH READER) is one of the best tools that reads PDFs aloud. That's not all; it even reads websites, eBooks, and text out loud.

Here's how you can use this tool to read your PDF file aloud:

  1.  Go to the TTSREADER on ttsreader.com.
  2. The top of its homepage is a "File" icon. Click on the same and select the PDF file that you want the tool to read out loud.
  3. Once your file is uploaded, all the text of your PDF file will appear in a text box. Then, click on the "Play" button (next to the "File" icon), and the tool will start reading your PDF file out loud.


Now that you know how to read PDF aloud, you should know that you can edit your file if you want to using another online tool called Edit PDF online. It allows you to enter text, draw elements, and highlight a part of your file.

What You Need To Know About Read PDF Aloud

Knowing how to read PDF aloud using online tools is essential. But what's more important is understanding a few aspects of the same. So, here are some of the critical considerations that you need to keep in mind while carrying out this operation:

  • The tool can read your PDF file in a different language. So, make sure to select the language of your choice. For instance, if you've got a PDF in the Spanish language that you don't understand, you can use this tool to listen to the file in a language of your choice, like English.
  • Of course, this online tool allows you to choose the voice. Therefore, you can select whether you want to listen to your PDF file in a male or female voice. Moreover, if you're using the tool during professional meetings, it's advisable to use the default voice.
  • Always make sure to cross-check your PDF file before uploading it to the tool. That way, you don't need to worry if your work contains any errors or not. And if it does, you can just quickly rectify it.
  • Remember that the tool will read everything your PDF includes. So, make sure to remove all the unnecessary text, such as page numbers. Even you can use an online tool to remove pages from your PDF before uploading it to the reader.

Which Programs Allow You To Read PDF Aloud

Undoubtedly, online tools are the best alternative to reading PDFs aloud, but that's definitely not the only solution. In fact, there are different methods of carrying out this activity on other operating systems. So, in this section, we'll discuss some of the best alternatives that you can use to read your PDF file aloud.

Read PDF Aloud From The PC

There are various programs that allow you to read PDF aloud in a more or less handy way, depending on the type of your device and its operating system. In this section, we'll discuss how to read your PDF out loud on different computer operating systems, such as Mac, Windows, and Linux. So, let's jump into it!

Windows 10 And Prior Versions Of Windows

Reading PDFs out loud is relatively easy for anyone with a device with Windows (10 or any other prior versions). All you need is to open the required PDF in Microsoft Edge from your Windows computer and tap on the button that says "Read aloud." You'll find the button in the toolbar at the top.


You're in luck if you want a tool to read your PDF file aloud on your Mac device. That's because you don't have to install any program or use an online tool to carry out this activity. Rather, Mac devices have an in-built function that can read PDFs aloud. You need to click on "Start Speaking" under "Speech."


Apart from online tools, Adobe Acrobat Reader is the next best alternative if you want a solution to read your PDF aloud on Linux. The tool offers support for reading PDF files aloud. Although Adobe Acrobat Reader isn't free, it's worth the money. Moreover, if it isn't already installed on your device, you can download and install its package.

Read PDF Aloud From The Smartphone Or Tablet

Now that we know how to read PDFs aloud on computer devices, it's time to shift our focus to smartphones and tablets. Here's how to read PDFs out loud on mobile devices such as iOS, Android, and iPad.


Luckily, Android has an official app store called Google Play that includes a series of installable applications that are capable of reading PDF files aloud. You can download any one of them. However, we advise you to go for "Acrobat Reader" as it's the best program for carrying out this activity.

iPhone (iOS) Or iPad

Just like Android, iPhone (iOS) Or iPad devices have Apple App Store. You can find a series of programs that are capable of reading your PDF files aloud. All you need is to choose a reliable app with good ratings and install it on your device. Although it's a paid application, our recommendation would be "Acrobat Reader."

FAQs About How To Read A PDF Aloud With A PDF Audio Reader

A PDF audio reader is a software application designed to read aloud the content of PDF documents. It utilizes text-to-speech (TTS) technology to convert the written text in a PDF into spoken words. When you use a PDF audio reader, it scans the text in the PDF and then uses a synthesized voice to read the content aloud. This can be particularly useful for people with visual impairments, those who prefer auditory learning, or anyone looking to consume content hands-free.
To read a PDF aloud using a PDF audio reader:
  • Select a PDF Audio Reader: Choose a suitable PDF audio reader software or application. Popular options include Adobe Acrobat Reader, NaturalReader, and Read Aloud in Microsoft Edge.
  • Open the PDF: Open the PDF document you want to read aloud within the chosen PDF audio reader.
  • Activate Text-to-Speech: Look for the text-to-speech or read-aloud feature in the software. This option is typically found in the "View" or "Accessibility" menu. Activate the feature.
  • Adjust Settings: Configure the voice settings, such as the preferred voice, speed, and volume, according to your preferences.
  • Start Reading Aloud: Click the appropriate button to start the text-to-speech function. The PDF audio reader will begin reading the content aloud, highlighting the text as it progresses.
Yes, most PDF audio readers offer customization options to enhance the reading experience:
  • Voice Selection: Depending on the software, you can usually choose from a variety of synthesized voices, including different accents and languages.
  • Reading Speed: Adjust the reading speed to a pace that's comfortable for you. Some readers allow for both faster and slower speeds.
  • Highlighting: Some PDF audio readers highlight the text as it's being read aloud, making it easier to follow along visually.
  • Voice Settings: Modify aspects like pitch, tone, and volume to create a personalized listening experience.
  • Pause and Playback: Pause the reading at any point and resume playback from where you left off.
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