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Hallo; Bonjour; Ciao; Olá: FormatPDF In 4 New Languages

Visiting us from Germany? Sagen Sie Hallo zu FormatPDF; Are you using our tool in FranceDites bonjour à FormatPDF; Are you visiting us from ItalyDite ciao a FormatPDF; Do you speak PortugueseDiga olá ao FormatPDF. In other words: we have just launched our online PDF tools in four new languages.

FormatPDF en 4 nuevos idiomas

With the aim of continuing to bring editing and converting PDF files to everyone, regardless of where the user is who comes to us with the need to make any changes to their document, at FormatPDF we have opened access to our tools translated into German, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Our language selection drop-down menu, located at the time of writing in the lower right corner of the web page, now displays a total of six languages:

FormatPDF Opens To 493 Million New Users

With this internationalization, FormatPDF is now within reach of more than 493 million native speakers of German (130 million native speakers), French (77 million native speakers), Italian (64 million native speakers) and Portuguese (222 million native speakers).

This is only the beginning.

Jakub has worked in the main technology media sites in Spain (TuExperto, El Androide Libre and ComputerHoy), accumulating more than six years of experience in the tech sector. He has written hundreds of articles, tutorials and news about programs, applications, office automation and working with documents.
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