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How To Merge Several PDF Files Into One

By utilizing a merge PDFs tool, you can combine several PDFs into a single document and send them together, thereby saving time. This approach simplifies the process of sending and receiving emails since you only need to include one attachment instead of multiple ones. Furthermore, the procedure itself is relatively straightforward if you are familiar with the precise method.

There are various situations that may require merging multiple PDFs into a single document. For instance, you might need to combine several reports and send them to a colleague. Alternatively, you may have to merge invoices and bundle them together for sending. Another scenario could be the need to print multiple web pages and combine them into one document. Regardless of the reason, having a reliable PDF merging tool can greatly simplify the process.

In this guide, we will explore different methods for merging multiple PDFs into a single document. Additionally, we will provide information about some of the top tools available for various operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. Let's delve into the details!

How To Merge Several PDF Files Into One Step-By-Step

For those seeking a method to merge multiple PDFs into a single document, the optimal solution is to utilize an online tool. Although there are several online tools available, "Merge PDF" stands out as the finest option. It enables you to merge PDF files without the need to install any additional software.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use this software to merge your PDFs:

  1. Visit https://www.formatpdf.com/en/merge-pdf/
  2. Choose all the necessary files by using the command key + click on Mac or control key + click on Windows. Drag and drop these files into the designated rectangle box labeled "or drag and drop PDFs here". Alternatively, you can click the "Select PDF files" button and upload the PDFs from your file browser.
  3. Arrange the selected PDFs in the desired order for the resulting file.
  4. Click the "Merge PDF" button.
  5. Wait momentarily as the website automatically generates the merged file. If the file doesn't download automatically for any reason, you can manually initiate the download by clicking the "Download PDF" button displayed on your screen. Thatโ€™s it, job done!

Merge Several PDF Into One

After completing the merging process, if your final file exceeds a size of 5 MB (as an example), you have the option to compress it. This compression will reduce the file size without compromising any of its content. Additionally, if you need to make modifications to the text within the document, you can convert the PDF to Word format for easier editing.

What You Need To Know About Merging Several PDFs Into One

Now that you have learned how to merge multiple files into a single document, it's important to consider a few key points while performing this action. Here are some factors you should keep in mind:

  • If you intend to merge multiple PDFs into a single document, it is advisable to save your files in a dedicated folder. Doing so will facilitate easy access and ensure that the parts of the resulting document are arranged in the desired order.
  • Additionally, remember to assign a distinct name to your final file. By providing a specific name, such as "final PDF," you can readily identify and locate the merged file without confusion.
  • It is crucial to maintain the original order of the PDF files to avoid the need for rearrangement afterward. This will ensure that the resulting document reflects the intended sequence of information.
  • Keep in mind that the resulting file will contain all the files you have merged. For instance, if you combine three PDFs, the final document will incorporate the information from all three files.

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Alternative Programs To Merge Several PDF Files Into One

There are multiple methods available for merging PDF files, as it offers a solution to various issues, such as consolidating multiple PDFs into a single document. In this guide, we will explore how to merge PDF files on different devices, including computers and smartphones.

Merge Several PDFs Into One On A PC

Although you have the option to utilize an online tool for merging PDFs on any computer operating system (such as Windows, Mac, or Linux), you may have concerns about sharing your metadata with an unfamiliar website (with the exception of "Merge PDF"). However, there are alternative solutions available. Let's discuss each of them individually.

Windows 10 And Prior Versions Of Windows

If you need to merge files on a Windows PC (including Windows 10 and earlier versions), you have numerous options at your disposal. Windows provides various installable solutions that can be found in the Google Play Store. These tools are specifically designed to assist you in seamlessly combining multiple PDFs into a single document.


In contrast to Windows, Mac operating systems offer robust and built-in PDF tools. Notably, the Preview application stands out as an excellent and convenient option for merging multiple PDF files into a single document. Furthermore, starting from Catalina and onwards, Mac versions introduce the Finder app, which enables you to create or merge PDFs directly from its Gallery view menu. Mac users can take advantage of these native features to efficiently manage their PDFs.


Linux users have a range of options available for merging multiple PDFs, including free, open-source applications that offer both command-line and GUI interfaces. Command-line merging is particularly valuable for system administrators, especially when working on a server without a graphical user interface. Some popular tools for PDF merging on Linux include Ghostscript, PDFtk, pdfunite, and Convert ImageMagick Tool. Among them, PDFtk is considered the top choice in terms of performance and functionality.

Merge Several PDFs Into One On A Smartphone Or Tablet

While there are numerous web browser applications available for free online PDF merging, having alternative options on your mobile devices (both for Android and iOS) is highly beneficial.


While the Android operating system itself does not offer a built-in feature to merge multiple PDFs into one, there are several apps available in the Google Play Store that provide this functionality. You can choose from both paid options, such as the renowned Adobe Acrobat Reader, or free alternatives. However, using paid apps generally offers a better experience and more advanced features.

iPhone (iOS) Or iPad

The process of merging PDFs into one on an iPad or iPhone (iOS) may initially seem complex, as it differs from the steps on other operating systems. However, the procedure is not as difficult as it may appear. Simply download and install a PDF merging app from the App Store to accomplish the task.

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