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How To Merge Photos In A PDF: 2 Images In 1 PDF

Surely this situation sounds familiar to you: you have several photos in JPG and you need to merge them into a PDF document. That’s why you are reading this article! Well, there is a quick solution to this problem through our online tool that allows you to convert from JPG to PDF in which you can join your photos in a PDF.

Cómo unir fotos en PDF

In this article, we are going to show you a very effective and easy method to merge photos into a PDF. To do this you just have to have a browser and an internet connection.

How To Join Photos In A PDF Step By Step

The procedure to join photos in PDF is as follows:

  1. Go to https://www.formatpdf.com/en/jpg-to-pdf/
  2. To upload the photos you want to incorporate into a single PDF document, click on the red button “Select JPG file”, or you can also drag the images to the text: “Or drag and drop the JPG here”.
  3. Once the above is completed, you can verify that you have all the thumbnails of the images that you want to merge in a PDF. IMPORTANT: Make sure the checkbox that says "Merge all images into a single PDF" is checked.
  4. Click "Convert to PDF".
  5. To finish, you only need to download the file created with your images. Simply click on the red button that says "Download PDF".

Fortunately, as this is a tool that works entirely in the cloud, it isn’t necessary to download or install any program on your computer.

What You Should Know About Joining Photos In A PDF

Joining photos in a PDF is an action that consists of joining two or more images and making them part of a PDF. It is a way to join images in a file with a .pdf extension, which is very useful when, for example, you need to join several photos so that they appear in a single PDF.

All those people who have a series of photos and need to join them in a PDF, either for a presentation, to share them or for whatever reason, can do it in a few seconds. A clear reality is that the .pdf file format is the ideal one, and therefore the most widely used, to be shared. This is because the PDF format can be read from any computer, mobile phone or tablet, without losing its style and format. The .jpg, on the other hand, is not as professional when it comes to sending a dossier, an invoice or a proposal.

Well, this article has been created with the intention of explaining to you, step by step, what is the easiest procedure to have your photos organized and united in a PDF. In addition to showing you this procedure, we also offer you some tips and considerations that may help you, and we offer you some alternatives that will allow you to obtain the result you are looking for.

By now you will know how to merge JPG images into a PDF, but it is also important that you take into account a series of considerations that can be useful throughout the process. These tips can be of great help when it comes to achieving the result you expect:

  • In the event that you want to convert the images from PDF to JPG again, you should know that there is a tool that allows this opposite process and you can access it from this link.
  • Just as JPG is a compressed image format, a PDF can also be compressed so that it occupies less size and you can share it by email with complete peace of mind.
  • Keep in mind that, during the transformation, the photos may lose some quality, since the PDF is not a format dedicated exclusively to images, as is the case of the JPG. Even so, this decrease in quality will be minimal, so you will be able to perfectly enjoy all the photos you want to share.
  • You should also take into account that, from several files, in this case photographs, you will obtain a single document, in which you can see all the images in the same set. If you want to divide multiple PDFs into separate files, you'll need to use a PDF splitter tool.
  • As a security measure, try not to share compromised images by email, since they can be intercepted by a hacker.

Which Programs Allow Joining Photos In A PDF

It’s time to offer you alternatives when it comes to joining photos in a PDF, which will also offer you good results. This section is mainly for all those of you who prefer to have a program installed on your computer, mobile phone or tablet. These are applications that we have tested and that we like due to their simplicity and effectiveness.

Merge Photos Into A PDF On Your Computer

A good device for working with JPG images is certainly a computer. This is so, mainly, because its screen is usually quite large and allows you to operate more easily. Keep in mind that there are three main or most widely used operating systems today, namely Windows, Mac and Linux. For each, there are good options.


In Windows you can't forget about Photoshop, the professional image editor par excellence. Within its saving options it will allow you, in addition to making a composition of images, to save these merged photos in a PDF. As we have mentioned, it is professional software, so the quality of the results is guaranteed.


For all those users who have a Mac, we are also going to recommend Photoshop, which is also compatible with this operating system. The reason is that we consider that it is the best option, since it is a professional retouching program. The procedure is the same as with a PC.


Within Linux, you have tools, or rather packages, such as imagemagick and gscan2pdf that are going to meet the mark when it comes to joining photos in a PDF. You will also be able to use the online tools through a browser and with an internet connection.

Join Photos In A PDF On Your Mobile Or Tablet

Today most people have changed the traditional cameras for those that include a mobile or tablet. Hence, it is important to also find a good solution to join images in a PDF. The main types of electronic devices of this type are currently Android, iPhone and iPad.


In Android systems, you can find in its store, Google Play, a good number of applications that will allow you to convert photos to PDF and with similar results, so any of them will work for you. Remember that if you have little memory on your mobile or tablet, you can always resort to an online tool like the one we have shown you.

iPhone (iOS) or iPad

On an iPhone or an Apple iPad, in the App Store, you will also find a good number of tools that will fulfill the purpose of joining photos in a PDF in a satisfactory way. We always recommend that you read user reviews when making a decision about this.

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