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How To Make A PDF Smaller On Mac

How To Reduce File Size Of A PDF On Mac

You want to email a large PDF or save it to an external drive, but you cannot do so because of the weight limit. Sounds familiar, right? We offer a solution to reduce PDF file size using macOS, which also benefits you if you wish to conserve space. We suggest reading this post about PDF compression in its entirety if you want to learn how to make a PDF smaller on Mac.

But why do you need a PDF compressor for Mac in the first place? The use of PDF in all fields—including education, business, government, and administration—is standard procedure. Since many of those PDF files are enormous, we'll show you various useful tools for compressing large PDF files using macOS. One of its many advantages is that no program needs to be downloaded or installed. You only need an internet connection, and that's it.

Remember that since it's an internet program, you may access it from gadgets like a mobile phone, giving you flexibility of use and excellent mobility. You won't have trouble compressing a sizable PDF from Mac. However, we'll also talk about other alternatives along with online tools.

How To Make PDF File Smaller On Mac

We'll now walk you through the procedures to make your PDF smaller on Mac. You'll be able to see that getting the light PDF you so desperately need is a rapid and easy process. All you need is an excellent online tool to carry out the task.

You can quickly reduce your PDF size from your Mac with macOS by doing the following:

  1. Go to formatpdf.com/en/compress-pdf/.
  2. The huge PDF file you want to compress can now be uploaded. Click where it says "Select PDF file," or simply drag the file into the red window with the text to accomplish this.
  3. After completing the steps mentioned above, you'll see how the vast PDF compression tool's interface currently looks. You've three compression settings on the right side of your screen: Extreme, Recommended, and Low. Select the option that best suits you, then clicks the "Compress PDF" button immediately below these choices. Check the box next to each PDF that you've uploaded.
  4. To distribute or save the generated compressed PDF wherever you like, you'll need to download it. You can do so by clicking the "Download" button.

Make PDF Smaller On Android

Now you have got a smaller PDF ready to share from your Mac.

What Do You Need To Know About Making A PDF Smaller On Mac

We're now going to provide you with some beneficial advice related to making a PDF smaller on macOS. To ensure that you don't run into any issues, we advise that you pay attention to what follows.

Following are some of the critical factors that you need to consider while reducing the size of a PDF file on Mac using this online tool:

  • If the PDF is locked, we advise you to unlock it before compressing it. If you can't remember the password, you've "Unlock PDF" cloud-based software.
  • Since mistakes might happen when something is sent by email, you should always try to preserve a copy of the original file.
  • Always go over the generated PDF to avoid any sort of mistakes. For instance, your final PDF file may contain grammatical errors, which are not good if you're willing to send it to someone.
  • If you'd instead not compress a document, you can email it in pieces using a PDF splitting tool.

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  • Unlike WinZip and WinRAR, which require specialized software to be used to decompress, the generated PDF does not.
  • This program's method ensures that quality is barely diminished, so the final document will look just like the original PDF file.

Which Programs Allow You To Reduce the File Size Of A PDF

When dealing with PDF files, you can use Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS on a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet. This makes having a sizable PDF compressor that operates in all of these options convenient. For this reason, we'll explain to you what performance the application delivers in each scenario.

Reduce File Size Of A PDF From The PC

Windows, Mac, or Linux-based PCs are the most popular among all the computer-based operating systems. Since we've already demonstrated the excellent PDF compression tool, you won't need to worry about finding a suitable compressor because it's compatible with all these operating systems. However, as mentioned earlier, it's time to see other alternatives for carrying out the task.

Windows 10 And Prior Versions Of Windows

If you use Windows computers (Windows 10 or other prior versions of Windows), you may reduce the size of your PDF files using Chrome, a well-liked browser from Google. You can also utilize other programs compatible with those mentioned above and advised utilities, such as Firefox or Opera.


However, if you use a Mac device, you have Safari, the most significant browser for your operating system, and it works flawlessly with the application to compress a huge PDF. Moreover, there are other alternative programs available that you can use, but as these aren't as good as the ones mentioned, we don't recommend using them.


Linux users can utilize Chrome and Firefox, two previously mentioned browsers that perform exceptionally well with the compression tool we've shown you, particularly the first one. Moreover, Linux devices have applications that you can download to carry out the task of reducing the size of a PDF file. However, these are hard to use, so it's better to use online tools in this respect.

Reduce File Size Of A PDF From The Smartphone Or tablet

Now let's talk about smartphones and tablets, which enable you the mobility to compress huge PDF files wherever you are. On the one hand, the "Compress PDF" tool may be operated flawlessly. So, let's get started!


Android from Google is a popular mobile and tablet operating system. Therefore, you should get Chrome as per our advice. You won't experience any issues using the mentioned online tool with this browser. However, you can even download other third-party apps from the Google Play Store, Android's official app store. We suggest using a high-rated program for the same.

iPhone (iOS) Or iPad

To use the online tool we've emphasized throughout this post to reduce the size of a PDF file on your iPhone and iPad, you may also download Chrome from the Apple App Store, as mentioned earlier. You won't have trouble using it with Apple products because it's an online app—a brand typically quite envious of its own software and accessories.

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