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How To Make A PDF File Weigh Less

The best way to make a PDF weigh less is to use the tool we are going to talk about in this article. It’s as easy as uploading your document, choosing how much you want to reduce its weight by, and downloading the smaller PDF. Don't worry, you’re not the only one who comes here looking for a way to make their file lighter.

There is nothing more annoying than trying to attach a PDF file and, despite many attempts, finding that there is no way to upload the attachment. Usually, the reason for this problem is that the server has a weight limit and therefore forces you to make the PDF smaller.

Now, is there any way to make a PDF weigh less without compressing it? The answer is yes, there is a way to make a PDF weigh less, and we show it to you in this article. If you still want to use a compressor, you can make use of an online one.

Cómo hacer que un PDF pese menos

The answer, as we have already said, is that yes, it is possible to make a PDF weigh less without compressing it. There may be many reasons why you do not want to reduce the size of your document by compressing it. To avoid going through that process, there are tricks to reduce the size of an uncompressed PDF.

Reducing the size of an uncompressed PDF involves applying certain tricks that, following the instructions you will see below, help the file to lose those tenths of megabytes of weight that you are missing (or, rather, you have too much of in the file). Let’s go!

How To Reduce The Weight Of An PDF Online

To make a PDF weigh less, the steps you must follow are as simple as performing the following action:

  1. Go to https://www.formatpdf.com/en/compress-pdf/
  2. Upload the PDF document whose weight you want to reduce.
  3. Choose the compression type and wait a few seconds to download your same document, but lighter!

How To Reduce The Weight Of An Uncompressed PDF In 7 Steps

How to reduce the weight of an uncompressed PDF? It’s easy, fast and within anyone's reach. First of all, you would be surprised to know how much space a simple image takes up in a .pdf document. A good way to make a PDF lighter is to get rid of those elements that are not essential in the document.

Here is the complete list of tricks, starting with the simplest method, to reduce the number of megabytes of a PDF, without compression.

1. Removing A Single Image From A PDF Helps To Reduce Its Size

Something as simple as opening the PDF with an editor, selecting any expendable image (e.g., a photo that you can attach separately, rather than having it inside the document) and removing it, will help you optimize the PDF to take up less space.

Here's an example: we tried to remove an inserted image from a 113 KB PDF, obtaining a weight reduction of 60%, reducing the space it occupies to only 46 KB:

  • PDF with inserted image of 1.3 MB - 113 KB
  • The same PDF without the inserted image - 46 KB

To remove an image from your PDF, the best thing to do is to go into the PDF editing tool to delete the picture, and re-save the document in the same format. You will see how the weight has dropped.

If you have your PDF still open, deleting an image is as easy as right-clicking on it and clicking on the "Delete" option. If you’re not shown that option, it means that you are viewing the document in read mode and need to open it with an editor to make the changes.

2. It's Not Just The Number: The Quality Of The Images Is Also Important

Of course, just as important as reducing the number of images is making sure that the inserted images are light. If you find that your document takes up more space than you would like, try replacing all the images with smaller, lower-quality versions. This will make a PDF weigh less.

In fact, you can even try deleting those images that are not essential to the understanding of the document and attach them in separate .jpg files. This is another way to make the PDF weigh less without compressing.

3. Use Only One Font In The Text

A little-known aspect of the PDF format is that fonts are heavy. Literally, the fact of using one or another font can make the document weigh more or less. Therefore, when you need to know how to make a PDF weigh less, one solution is to unify all the typography of the text.

This means that if, for example, you have a PDF in which there are paragraphs of text in Arial font, others in Georgia and some in Impact, the document will weigh more, simply because it has to store the information of each of these fonts in its meta information.

The solution is simple: select all the text, change the font of the whole document to a single font (choose the one you like the most) and save the file again. You should see that it has dropped in weight.

4. Split The File Into Two Or More Parts To Remove What You Don't Need

Imagine you have a PDF file, of which you are only interested in sharing one of its two pages. In that case, the quickest thing to do is to split it into two parts, so that you can send only the page that really matters. Simple!

5. Save The Document With The Size Reduction Option

Some programs allow you to export documents in PDF format, with an option called "Reduce file size" (or similar). Although in this case, you will lose some quality, it is another method to consider.

In the case of Photoshop, for example, there is a way to save a PDF document with a reduced quality as follows:

  1. Click on "File".
  2. Then click on "Save as...".
  3. In the drop-down list of formats, select PDF (it will say "Photoshop PDF").
  4. Just before saving, lower the quality of the document to an intermediate setting to reduce its weight.

6. Can't Get The PDF To Weigh Less? Then Upload It To The Cloud

The last alternative, in case none of the above has helped you to make a PDF less heavy, is to upload the document to a cloud storage service that has no weight limit and then share the download link with the person/s you want.

Through services such as Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive, to give three examples, you can upload your file in .pdf format for free, to share it without a weight limit, with whomever you want through a simple link.

7. The Most Obvious Answer To How To Make A PDF File Lighter Without Compression

Unifying text fonts, removing images from the document or splitting the file into several parts are very effective solutions for reducing a PDF’s weight. But, of course, there’s no more effective solution to reduce the weight of an uncompressed PDF than, as you may have guessed, reducing the length of its text.

PDFs are heavier or lighter depending on the amount of text they contain. So if you can leave out a few paragraphs or trim the longer ones, that will help your document lose a few kilobytes of weight. Good luck!

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