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How To Add Image To PDF

Many people ask us how to insert an image into a PDF using our online tool. It is a reasonable question, since there are many cases in which you may need to add a photo to a PDF document, and you don’t know how to do it.

For example, it may be the case that you simply want to include an image in a specific PDF file, without the need to convert it to another format first. To do this, you can simply use an online PDF editing tool. Whatever you are looking to achieve by adding an image to a PDF, we make it easy for you.

On this page, you will see how in a few seconds how to insert an image in a PDF and make the document in question gain value and be more attractive to the reader. In addition, we will guide you through all the steps you must follow, so that you will be fine during the whole process. Let’s go!

Insertar imagen en PDF

How To Insert An Image Into A PDF Step-By-Step

Here we are going to show you the steps to follow to insert an image into a PDF:

  1. Go to https://www.formatpdf.com/en/edit-pdf/
  2. Once there, click on the "Select PDF file" button to choose the document in which you want to insert the image. You can also drag it directly to where you can read "Or drag and drop the PDF here".
  3. Inside the tool, make sure you are looking at the "Edit" menu (you have it at the top of the screen). There, click on the photo icon (with the text "New Image").
  4. Upload the image you want to paste into the document, and place it wherever you want.
  5. Finally, just download the modified PDF document!

Insert image to PDF with FormatPDF

What You Should Know About Including Images Within A PDF

We are now going to provide you with a series of tips and considerations that you should take into account when inserting an image in PDF:

  • You should be aware that, if you do not use the image corner markers when editing the image, it is possible that the image will be deformed, which may go against the layout of the document.
  • Keep in mind that by inserting images into a PDF, this type of file will become heavier, which can make it more difficult to share. A good solution is to use a PDF compressor to reduce the file size.
  • Our usual advice, make sure you always have a copy of the original, in case you ever need to recover the old file. It never hurts to do that, unless you have little space on your computer, for which we recommend using a free cloud storage service.
  • Inserting an image in a PDF will not change the position, formatting and style of the text, which means that you have to put the image in the blank spaces of the document, or in a part of the text that you want to disappear with the image.
  • Always proofread the document before sending it, to avoid covering up information that you didn’t want to disappear. Once you’ve done a small check, you are free to send the PDF with the image inserted.

Which Programs Allow You To Add Images To A PDF

Having seen the main way we recommend inserting an image in a PDF, we also want to offer you some alternative programs that will allow you to perform the action we are discussing. We are going to make a differentiation by type of device and operating system, so that you can find the tool that best suits your needs.

If you wish, you can use our online tool for drawing on a PDF file, which has an "Insert image" option. You only have to upload the PDF file in which you want to insert an image.

Insert An Image Into A PDF On Your Computer

All users of Windows PCs, Macs with macOS and Linux have a number of tools available to insert an image into a PDF file. The following selection should meet your expectations perfectly.


With Windows, it is necessary to mention Photoshop, since it is the tool par excellence for retouching images. Although it is a paid program, it is worth having.


Mac users can also make use of Photoshop. However, you have the advantage that you can perform this task using the operating system’s software itself. You do this by means of the “Print” option with which you can save a photo in PDF format.


On Linux, you have software packages that allow you to convert images to PDF such as gscan2pdf. The good thing about Linux is that it offers a wide variety of free open-source software that you can use.

Insert Images In A PDF On Your Mobile Or Tablet

Nor should we forget that, thanks to devices such as mobile and tablet, the barriers of portability have been broken. That's why it's good to know some alternatives you can use for these particular devices, which people tend to have at hand.


By accessing the Android store called Google Play, you will see a significant collection of applications that allow you to insert images into a PDF. To recommend one, you have CamScanner. Also, if you have time, try the best-rated ones so that you can decide which ones you like the most.

iPhone (iOS) or iPad

On iPhones and iPads you also have access to an online store, in this case the App Store, where you can also find CamScanner. Give this a try or other recommended apps to keep the one you think offers the best results.


  • 12/29/2023: We modified the step-by-step tutorial to explain how to perform this procedure in the latest version of our tool.
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