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FormatPDF Signs Agreement With Apryse (PDFTron)

"If you want to go fast walk alone, if you want to go far go with others", says the African proverb you've probably read on more than one occasion. Said and done: we have just closed a (huge) deal with Apryse, formerly known as PDFTron, to take our online PDF tools to the next level.

FormatPDF Apryse

And who, or what, is Apryse? They're one of the leaders in online PDF editing tools. To give you an idea, our competitors such as Adobe, iLovePDF, or SmallPDF make use of Apryse tools (they recently changed their name, they used to be called PDFTron) to give life to many of the features they offer on their websites. And we were not going to do less.

Building a good online PDF editor is difficult as πŸ₯šπŸ₯š, and sorry for the reference. It seems that PDFs are just files with text and images, and that allowing you to edit a PDF file online should be as easy as loading in the user's browser a simple Paint and giving it a brush and a field to add text.

But it isn't. It's much harder than that. So now our PDF document editor is based on technology from Apryse, a Canadian-basedΒ company with over 350 employees spread across 9 different countries. They give us the technology that is hidden underneath the editor, and we take care of the rest.

In this way, FormatPDF joins the prestigious list of Apryse's partners, a list that includes names such as Boeing, Autodesk, or Bentley, among many others.

About FormatPDF

FormatPDF.com is a PDF converter and editor born in 2021 in the city of Madrid (Spain), within a startup team formed by technology experts with years of experience in the industry behind them. We want to offer the best PDF tools, and we aspire to be the reference for editing and converting documents.

About Apryse

Apryse focuses on delivering better products, leveraging new ideas and new thinking that gives its customers an edge, keeping them one step ahead. Smarter, easier, faster. Better. That's Apryse.

πŸ“§ To request any additional information you can email me at jakub@formatpdf.com.

Jakub has worked in the main technology media sites in Spain (TuExperto, El Androide Libre and ComputerHoy), accumulating more than six years of experience in the tech sector. He has written hundreds of articles, tutorials and news about programs, applications, office automation and working with documents.
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