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FormatPDF Launches Its Extension For Google Chrome

Extensión FormatPDF Chrome

If you use FormatPDF.com's online PDF tools on a daily basis, you'll be interested to know that you can now install the official FormatPDF Chrome extension on your browser. The FormatPDF extension for Google Chrome allows you to access PDF editing tools with one click, wherever you are.

You will only need to install the FormatPDF extension for free from the official Google Chrome Store at this link. Once installed, you can access our online editing tools at any time: from compress PDF to edit PDF, also including convert JPG to PDF, Word to PDF or Excel to PDF, among many others.

Let's take an in-depth look at FormatPDF's new Google Chrome browser extension.

FormatPDF Extension For Google Chrome

FormatPDF Extension Google Chrome

We know how hard it can sometimes be to work with documents in PDF format. That is why back in 2021 we decided to create FormatPDF, the Swiss army knife of the PDF format that allows all kinds of modifications to be made to documents with the .pdf extension.

With the FormatPDF Chrome extension, you can access your favorite online PDF tools without the need to go Googling or messing around in your favorite web page folders. Just click on the tool you need and that's it, you can directly carry out the action you were looking for.

About Us

FormatPDF.com is an online PDF converter born in the city of Madrid (Spain) in 2021. We are a small startup that seeks to offer the Swiss army knife of online PDF, a tool created to solve people's real problems. If you want to know more about us, click here.

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