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How To Edit A Scanned PDF Document

How To Edit A Scanned PDF Document

Scanned PDF files are one of the most challenging files to work with. Whenever you scan a file and save it as a PDF, all diagrams, images, text, and graphics are merged into an image file that can't be edited. However you want to edit your scanned PDF file, you'll need to break down the large file into more minor elements in a document, and that is something you can do using our online PDF editing tool.

You must've been through a situation where you wanted to edit a scanned PDF document. Well, it's always tiring and tedious to re-type every word written in the scanned document. Indeed, when the file is long and has many pages. Don't worry, we've got a time-saving solution for this problem. You can use an online scanned PDF editor which, with the help of the PDF to Word online converter, will allow you to transform scanned PDF into Word and save it on your device within minutes.

This article will talk about ways to convert a scanned PDF file into an editable document. Today, we'll show you how you can edit a scanned PDF document in all possible ways. You just need to follow our simple and easy steps to get your desired results. So, let's jump in.

How To Edit A Scanned PDF?

If you want to edit a scanned PDF easily and quickly, you surely need to try "Edit PDF". The best online PDF editor allows you to edit your PDF for free. You can directly add images and text or draw circles, arrows, and boxes on your PDF documents. Moreover, this tool allows you to highlight text or add a watermark to the document.

Here are the simple you need to follow:

  1. Go to formatpdf.com/en/edit-pdf/ .
  2. Click on "Select PDF File" or drag the document into the "Or drag and drop PDF here" option.
  3. Once you're done selecting the required PDF, you'll have access to all the editing tools. You can verify the various options available to you, like inserting a figure, adding text, drawing, inserting an image, or inserting an icon. In case there is something more you need to change, and you are not able to do it on the PDF file, try the PDF to Word converter.
  4. Click on the "Download" button, which is located at the bottom right corner of your screen. The download process of that tool will get started.
  5. Once you're done making all the changes, click on "Save" and again on the "Save" button to get your edited PDF.

Edit scanned PDF

If your scanned PDF is not enough editable for you (let's say it's because you want to edit the text itself, rather than just add text or draw over the document), then you should use a PDF to Word converter with OCR technology. Discover all our tools related to online PDF editing to find the one you are looking for.

What Do You Need To Know About Edit A Scanned PDF?

Now that you know how you can edit your scanned PDF, it's time to talk about the things you need to keep in mind while you edit a scanned PDF:

  • The edited scanned PDF document you get will have all the elements you've inserted while editing. For instance, if you've added a graph to your PDF file, the resulting document will include the graph. In addition, if you highlight a specific passage, you'll get a file with the highlighted passage.
  • The style of the final PDF file will also depend on how you've edited your document. If you've changed the font of your file, the resulting file will have a new font; otherwise, it'll have the same font as earlier.

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Which Programs Allow You To Edit A Scanned PDF?

Even though using an online tool for carrying out an action like converting a scanned PDF file to Excel is always a better choice, you might need a solution that is suitable for different operating systems such as Mac, Android, Windows, Linux, and iOS. We'll learn about these in detail.

Edit A Scanned PDF From The PC

While it might sound scary to convert scanned PDF to word, it's pretty easy to use a powerful program like Edit PDF to edit your scanned PDF on a computer, no matter whether you're using a Mac, a PC with Windows, or a laptop with Linux. Let's have a deeper drive into the same.

Windows 10 And Prior Versions Of Windows

No doubt, editing a PDF is one of the most requested actions by Windows users. And if you're also looking for a good alternative that allows you to edit a scanned PDF to word in Windows 10 and other previous versions, a paid program known as Acrobat Reader is the best solution for you.


If you want to rework a scanned PDF on Mac without changing the images or text it already has inside, you'll find a text editing instrument within Preview. Apple has a default PDF viewer for PDF documents with different editing functionalities. You need to open your PDF with Preview and operate between the options in the toolbar.


Unfortunately, unlike Mac, Linux doesn't have an in-built PDF viewer or editors, so you'll need to install a third-party program on your computer to revise a scanned PDF on Linux. There are plenty of free tools available in the market that can get your work done. However, you can try paid alternatives like LibreOffice for it.

Edit A Scanned PDF From The Smartphone Or Tablet

There are many reasons why users might want to edit a scanned PDF on their smartphone or tablet, especially while they're away from home or the office. If you're one of them, we've got your back.


Are you looking for an alternative solution to edit scanned PDF files because an online editor isn't enough for you? No worries, you can use Adobe. It's subscription-based editing software that offers all the features one needs to edit PDF documents. In fact, it's so easy to use that even a beginner can edit PDF files within seconds.

iPhone (iOS) Or iPad

One of the most asked questions regarding PDF editing is, "is it possible to edit any scanned PDF on iPhone or iPad." And we're glad to say that the answer to your question is a big yes. Many applications, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader and iAnnotate PDF, can get your work done.

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