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How To Edit A Locked PDF

How To Edit A Locked PDF

When you have a PDF file, it may be locked or protected against opening and the possibility to be edited, among other possibilities (that is, it has a lock). Using various features, like adding a new page or modifying any text, won't be feasible under the latter scenario. To do that, the PDF's lock must first be removed, which is the same as saying you must unlock your PDF.

It's possible that the individual who generated the PDF that was locked made the decision to safeguard it so that nothing could be changed in it, perhaps to protect their intellectual property. Or they consider the paper essential and don't want the material to be changed by anyone.

Whatever the cause for the PDF's protection, it can be unlocked and released using several techniques. After all, a protected PDF can have its lock removed and edit it. Let's see how to do it.

How To Edit Locked PDF

The first thing you need to understand is that if you don't remove the PDF's protection, you won't be able to edit it. The good news is that you have access to a variety of tools to assist you in this process. You need two online tools to carry out this task.

It would be best if you took the following actions in order to unlock your file:

  1. Go to formatpdf.com/en/unlock-pdf/.
  2. Navigate to the area where the "Select PDF files" option is located.
  3. A box will open, asking you to select the PDF file that needs to have its lock removed. Select "Open" from the menu. Another option is to drag the document right up to the dashed line's location.
  4. You need to click "Unlock" after uploading the document to the platform.
  5. A new screen with a "Download" button will show up in a short while. You can utilize the new, unlocked PDF document by clicking it to download it.

Unlock PDF To Edit

Now that you've unlocked it, you can edit it using another online tool. The steps are as follows:

  1. Go to formatpdf.com/en/edit-pdf/.
  2. Either drag the document you wish to edit into the "Or drag and drop the PDF here" box or click the "Select PDF file" button. You can change your unlocked PDF in this manner.
  3. Following this, you'll have access to the editing tool. It has several options available, including drawing, adding a picture, entering an icon, adding text, and adding an image.
  4. After making the necessary adjustments, select "Download" from the menu in the lower right corner of your screen.
  5. After you're done, save the modifications.

Editing Previously Locked PDF

What You Need To Know About Edit Locked PDF

There are various factors to take into mind before editing a locked PDF, just like with any other online activity, in order to achieve the intended result:

  • The page alignment of the PDF could occasionally be incorrect after it has been unlocked. Using the rotate pages tool will make it extremely simple to correct if it occurs to you. You can use any online tool to fix it.
  • The goal of unlocking the PDF to be able to edit it is to make it more customizable and open to additional capabilities in the future.
  • Please be aware that some PDFs may not be able to be opened because of their highly effective encryption. In some circumstances, you'll need to use the PDF's password to unlock it. But in general, the tool can open practically any PDF file.
  • The resultant PDF will be an exact replica of the protected one. The PDF will be the same whether it contains text or a picture.
  • The complexity of the encryption will affect how long it takes to decrypt the PDF. Some can be completed in a matter of minutes, while others require a bit more time.

Which Programs Allow You To Edit Locked PDF

Other options are available besides using the web platform FormatPDF.com. Your operating system and whatever you feel most at ease using will determine your choice.

Edit Locked PDF From The PC

Performing this kind of task from a computer is always considerably simpler. There will be a way or numerous ways to edit protected and locked PDF files whether you use Windows, Mac, or Linux. So, let's talk about each of them in a little more detail.

Windows 10 And Prior Versions Of Windows

If you've needed to unlock a locked PDF at some point, you may have already observed that there isn't a native tool for doing this if you use a Windows computer. However, this issue is readily fixable. Since Adobe Acrobat for Windows comes with a tool to unlock PDFs, we can use it. Moreover, you can even use it to edit your file after opening it.


There is a highly efficient approach for Mac users to unlock PDFs as well. One of its key benefits is that this internet app is free. Create an account using your Google email address and sign up for the above-mentioned tool. Moreover, Mac's "Preview" contains a text editing tool. This feature is one of many provided by Apple's default PDF viewer.


Installing either the Linux version of Adobe Acrobat or another proprietary tool called "pdftk" are your two options. Install the program, then add the required command to the command line to unlock the PDF. Once your file is opened, you can edit it using Adobe Acrobat software. Moreover, this program allows you to do other tasks as well.

Edit Locked PDF From Your Smartphone Or Tablet

Usually, we get PDF files on our smartphones or tablets. So it's essential to know how to edit a locked PDF file on mobile devices. So, let's look at these genuine quicks.


You can download the Adobe Acrobat for Android app. However, if you wish to attempt a different approach, go to Google Play Store and enter the phrases "unlock PDF" and "edit PDF." You'll then be able to see the many applications that are shown and do these functions. Try the ones with good ratings to carry out the action.

iPhone (iOS) Or iPad

If you're a user of an iPhone or iPad, you can also download a number of apps from the Apple Store or the App Store to unlock and edit protected PDF files. A PDF document is usually secured because it contains sensitive information; therefore, before opening and editing it, you must confirm that the author has given you permission.

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