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How To Delete A Page In Word

How To Delete A Page In Word

The blank pages in a Microsoft Word file can make you appear a little unprofessional or probably give you a headache while you print your document. That's not it; blank spaces in a .doc or .docx document can cause issues with the formatting of your Word document in case you need to convert the same into other file formats. And a piece of bad news is most of us actually need to regularly delete a page in Word and don't know how to di it.

For example, you may have encountered some blank space in your Word file. And the odd thing is, these aren't entirely blank at all. In fact, they include hidden formatting in the background, which makes it harder for you to delete the same.

Without the proper knowledge, you can't get rid of unwanted/blank pages from the Word file (either from the middle or at the end of the Word document). Sometimes it's not as easy as deleting pages from a PDF file, for example.

Therefore, knowing how to delete a blank page in Words is necessary. Luckily, we've several methods that you can use to fix the whitespace problems. But, not all of them are useful. That's why we've made this article so you can carry out this task efficiently and effectively.

How To Delete A Page In Word

If you want to take out, remove, or delete a page in Word, the best and most straightforward solution is to use the official Microsoft Word software. If you are using Microsoft Word in any of its last versions, these are the steps to follow in order to delete a page from your document:

  1. Open your DOC or DOCX file in Microsoft Word.
  2. Click the "View" tab.
  3. Now, activate the "Navigation pane" option.
  4. You will see a new menu on the left. There, click on "Pages".
  5. Now you will be seeing all the pages of your Word document. Select the one(s) you want to delete, and pulse the Delete tab in your keyboard. And that is all!

Delete pages from Word via the navigation pane

But there is an alternative. The entire process can be also done online. Therefore, you don't have to install any app on your device. One of the best online tools to carry out this task is Aspose. It allows you to delete pages in Word that you don't want in your Word document.

Follow these simple procedures to delete a page in Word without installing any program on your device:

  1. Go to Aspose on products.aspose.app/words/removepages.
  2. Click on the "Choose Word Files" and upload the Word file from which you want to delete a page.
  3. Once you've uploaded the required file, you need to specify all the parameters and click on the "REMOVE PAGES" button.
  4. Then, download the final Word document without unwanted pages. You can view it or send it an email.

Moreover, if you want to know different ways to delete pages in a PDF file, you can use another tool called Delete Pages From PDF.

What Do You Need To Know About Delete A Page In Word

Before moving ahead with different programs that allow you to delete a page in Word on another operating system, let us see a few things you need to keep in mind while carrying out this particular activity.

Here's what you need to know about deleting a page in Word:

  • Make sure to delete only those pages of the Word file that you want to remove from the file. For instance, if you want to delete pages 4 and 6, remember to remove those pages only, not the other ones.
  • Always remember to save the original Word document before deleting any page from it. That way, you don't have to worry about losing your actual content even if you remove it by mistake. For example, if you accidentally delete a page in your document that includes content that you want, you can still have the content if you've saved the original file.
  • Once you've deleted the required pages from the document, run through the final Word file.
  • Of course, you can undo the action of deleting pages. So, if, by mistake, you delete a page that you need, you can easily undo it. As also happens with PDF files, you can change the order of the pages.

Which Programs Allow You To Delete A Page In Word

Although online tools are best if you want to delete a page in Word, there are various easier and quicker ways to carry out this activity. That way, you can avoid the risk of your data getting compromised. In this section, we'll talk about multiple ways that you can use to delete page in Word.

Delete A Page In Word From The PC

There is zero doubt about using an online tool for deleting a page in Word on your PC (Linux, Mac, and Linux). However, that isn't the only way to perform this activity. You can use different applications and programs on your computer devices to help you delete a page in Word.

Windows 10 And Prior Versions Of Windows

How to delete a PDF in Word on a Windows computer is undoubtedly one of the most-searched questions on the web. And luckily, carrying out this activity is pretty simple. You just need to open your file, right-click on the page you want to remove, and tap the Ctrl + G keys on your keyboard.


If you want to delete a page in Word on the Mac operating system, you'll need to open that document on your device. Then, go to the page you want to remove and click the Option +⌘ + G keys. Next, type in \page, click Enter, and tap on Close. Lastly, click Delete or Backspace on your keyboard.


Sadly, Linux devices don't come with any native program to delete a page in Word. However, it isn't impossible to carry out this task on the Linux operating system. You can download and install various apps on your device that allow you to delete pages in Word. With third-party apps, performing this kind of activity is simple and easy.

Delete A Page In Word From The Smartphone Or Tablet

Today, smartphones and tablets are one of the most convenient devices for carrying out different activities, and deleting a page in Word isn't an exception. So, let's have a look at these now.


If you're on an Android smartphone or tablet and need to delete a page in Word, you can use the app version of Microsoft Word. Although it won't have full-fledged features like the desktop version, you can still use it to carry out your required task easily and quickly. Moreover, you can also use other programs for the same.

iPhone (iOS) Or iPad

There are various applications available on the Apple App Store that allow you to delete pages in Word. All you need is to search for the keyword "delete pages in Word" on its search bar. Once done, you'll see several programs; you can install any good-rated app on your device from the list.

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