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How To Convert Your Resume (CV) To PDF Format

Working with a PDF file is significantly more accessible and convenient than working with an original Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx). In fact, from government bodies to normal individuals, PDF is a popular file format among everyone. Therefore, you might find it helpful to convert your Word document resume into a PDF file. While it might sound tricky, converting a resume from Word to PDF is a lot easier.

For instance, if you're an individual who is looking for jobs, you might have made a resume (CV) for yourself. However, you may want to convert your resume to PDF to easily send it to the required places. Moreover, if you're in a legal profession, you don't want anyone to alter confidential digital documents, right? That's why it's essential to convert your resume from Word to a PDF file.

This article will talk about different ways to convert resumes to PDF files. We have every solution for you, no matter which operating system you use or which type of tool you're looking for (online or offline tool). So, without further ado, let's get started.

How To Convert Your Resume (CV) To PDF Format?

Using "Word to PDF" (developed by FormatPDF.com) is an effective way of creating a CV format PDF. This online tool is pretty helpful as it helps convert resumes to PDF files, which is really important to prevent anyone from making any changes to your resume (CV).

Here are some simple steps that you need to follow to convert your resume to PDF using the "Word to PDF" tool:

  1. Go to formatpdf.com/en/word-to-pdf/ .
  2. Tap on the "Select Word file" button that appears on the top of the page and select the required document or drag your file into the "Or drag and drop the Word here" option.
  3. After that, a window will pop up on the screen (no matter whether you've entered via mobile device or browsed from your computer) in which you need to select a Word file in .docx, .doc, or other formats.
  4. Once you're done uploading the Word file to the platform, you just need to tap on the "Convert to PDF" button, and the tool will automatically carry out the conversion. Remember to wait for a couple of minutes to complete the conversion process.

Convert Resume To PDF

Use Our Tool Now: Convert .DOC & .DOCX To PDF

In case you need to make some last changes to your resume before starting to send it out, remember you can also use our PDF editor to add text, insert images, or draw over the document, totally online. Also, if your resume is in JPG format, use this other tool to convert the document to PDF format.

What Do You Need To Know About Convert Your Resume (CV) To PDF Format?

As we've already talked about ways to transform resume to PDF using an online resume (CV) converter, it's time to learn some of its aspects with the following points:

  • Once you convert your resume to PDF, the resulting document will be in PDF format; that is, anyone can't directly alter the things written inside the file.
  • You don't need any programming knowledge when using an online resume converter to convert a resume to PDF. You can easily convert your resume (CV) to PDF format without using complex programs.
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  • PDF is a universal extension that makes sure that the other person will view your document exactly the way you've designed it. That's the best way of presenting a study, a final file, or a job.
  • The font of the final resume PDF will be precisely the same as the font of the Word files. When you convert a resume to PDF, the whole file gets fully converted into PDF without any changes.

Which Programs Allow You To Convert Your Resume (CV) To PDF Format?

Although many online tools such as Word to PDF are available in the market, you might want to use an offline tool to transform your resume into PDF. Whether you need to convert your CV to PDF on a mobile device or computer, we have suitable solutions for you.

Convert Your Resume (CV) To PDF Format From The PC

PDFs come in handy for distributing documents that all parties can see in the same way. If you want to change your resume to PDF on your PC, be it Windows PC, Mac, or computer with Linux operating system, there are different ways via which you can easily do so.

Windows 10 And Prior Versions Of Windows

If you've got a computer with a Windows operating system and have created the file you want to convert with Microsoft Word, the conversion procedure is more straightforward. In fact, Microsoft Word allows you to save the document in PDF format, though you can also use external apps.


Computers with Mac operating systems come with a valuable tool for creating CV format PDF called Pages. It's a great application, exclusive to Apple computers, capable of opening a file with a .docx (Word) or .doc extension and saving the same file in different formats, including a .pdf extension. Moreover, you also don't need to worry about its quality.


Unfortunately, the Linux system doesn't come with an in-built and dedicated resume converter by default. However, you can always use the LibreOffice products to make PDF files in Ubuntu. You can also use the Terminal and the Ubuntu command line to convert documents with .docx and .doc to their PDF versions. If you aren't familiar with coding, you'll find the procedure a bit confusing.

Convert Your Resume (CV) To PDF Format From The Smartphone Or Tablet

There are many reasons why you might want to convert your resume to PDF on your smartphone or tablet. Moreover, we've lots of ways that allow us to get the procedure done.


Thanks to Android's official app store, the Google Play Store, converting Word documents to PDF files on Android devices is relatively easy. It has many apps that let its users convert resumes to PDFs. Moreover, the best thing about these applications is that they're all free to download and use. Just choose one, and you're ready.

iPhone (iOS) Or iPad

Luckily, if you're an iPad or iPhone (iOS) user, you can download and install the Pages app (which can be used to convert resume to PDF) from the App Store. In fact, the app is specially designed to convert a document into a PDF file. That's because it lets its users access documents belonging to Microsoft Word.

Frequently Asked Questions About Converting Your Resume (CV) To PDF Format

Converting your resume (CV) to PDF format offers several advantages:
  • Universally compatible: PDF is a widely accepted file format that can be opened and viewed on various devices and operating systems without losing formatting or layout. It ensures that your resume appears the same to the recipient, regardless of the software or device they use.
  • Preserves formatting: When you convert your resume to PDF, it retains the original formatting, fonts, and layout. This ensures that your document looks professional and maintains its intended structure, avoiding any potential issues that may arise when sharing in other formats.
  • Security and protection: PDF files can be password-protected, restricting unauthorized access and preventing others from editing or altering the content of your resume. This feature helps to maintain the integrity of your CV during the application process.
  • Easy to send and print: PDF files are generally smaller in size compared to other formats, making them easier to attach to emails or upload to job portals. Additionally, PDFs can be printed without any compatibility issues, ensuring that your resume looks the same when in physical form.
While converting your resume to PDF format is relatively straightforward, it's essential to consider a few guidelines to ensure the best outcome:
  • File size: Keep the file size of your PDF reasonable, as excessively large files may be challenging to upload or share. Compress images and avoid unnecessary formatting elements to reduce the file size while maintaining the quality and readability of your resume.
  • Font compatibility: When choosing fonts for your resume, opt for commonly available fonts that are likely to be installed on most devices. This ensures that your resume's appearance remains consistent when viewed by different recipients, even if they don't have the exact fonts you used.
  • Check for accuracy: Before converting your resume to PDF format, thoroughly review the document to ensure there are no typos, formatting errors, or missing information. Once converted, it can be challenging to make changes without going back to the original document.
  • Test the PDF: After conversion, open the PDF file and review it to verify that the formatting, layout, and content remain intact. Check for any issues such as overlapping text, misplaced images, or distorted formatting. Make necessary adjustments and reconvert if needed.
If your resume includes images or graphics that may not convert well to PDF format, there are a few options you can consider:
  • Remove or replace the problematic elements: If the images or graphics are not essential to your resume and you can convey the information without them, consider removing or replacing them with text. This will ensure a smoother conversion process and maintain the integrity of your resume in PDF format.
  • Convert images to a compatible format: If you want to keep the images or graphics in your resume, make sure they are in a compatible format before converting to PDF. Use common image formats such as JPEG or PNG, and avoid formats that may cause issues during conversion, such as TIFF or BMP. Convert the images to the desired format using image editing software before adding them to your resume.
  • Use PDF conversion tools: If you encounter difficulties with the conversion process, consider using specialized PDF conversion tools or online converters. These tools can often handle complex document formatting, including images and graphics, while ensuring a smooth transition to PDF format.
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