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How To Convert A PDF Table To Excel

Do you have a PDF table that needs to be turned into an Excel spreadsheet? If so, you may have attempted to copy and paste the table, only to end up with confusing and disorganized results. Transferring information between PDFs and spreadsheets is not a straightforward or efficient process, as the two files don’t utilize the same format. Therefore, it’s useful to learn how to overcome this issue.


There are numerous reasons why you might need to transfer data from a PDF table to a spreadsheet. For example, it may be necessary to avoid manually inputting data from the PDF file into each cell. Additionally, Excel offers several tools for sorting and calculating data, making it advantageous to use this software.

To help you, we’ve compiled some of the best methods, both online and offline, to convert PDFs to spreadsheets, allowing for seamless editing. Let’s take a look!

Step-by-Step Guide To Converting PDF Tables To Excel

Converting PDFs to spreadsheets can be a simple process, particularly when utilizing an online tool. One of the most effective online tools for this task is PDF to Excel.

This enables users to do this without needing to download any programs onto their devices, whether phones or computers. This is because all necessary resources are provided via the cloud.

Follow these steps to convert a PDF table into a spreadsheet using this tool:

  1. Navigate to https://www.formatpdf.com/en/pdf-to-excel/
  2. Click on the red "Select PDF file" button, which will open a new pop-up window.
  3. Select all the necessary PDFs to be converted to Excel.
  4. Once all files are uploaded, click "Convert to Excel" and wait a few seconds. The resulting file will appear on your device screen, and you can even manually download it.

If necessary, you can always convert the Excel to PDF again by reversing the above process.

Convert PDF Table To Excel


Things to Consider When Converting A PDF Table To Excel

It’s important to keep the following tips and considerations in mind:

  • Check the final content: Sometimes, during the conversion process, the content of the table can be altered due to differing formats. For instance, if there were 500 items in the original file and only 498 items appear in the final result, it’s necessary to identify the issue and make any necessary corrections.
  • File extension: The final file resulting from the conversion process will have a .xlsx or .xls extension, which is the native extension for Excel sheets.
  • Rows and columns: The converted spreadsheet will consist of various rows and columns, which correspond to the cells in the original table.
  • Text styles: The style of text in the original table will be maintained in the resulting spreadsheet. This means that if the original file had distinct fonts, sizes and colors, the converted Excel document will also reflect those styles.

If you need to save a spreadsheet as a PDF, you can refer to the article How To Save An Excel As A PDF for guidance.

Programs To Convert A PDF Table Into A Spreadsheet

Editing tables in PDFs can be challenging, which is why it may be necessary to convert them to Excel files to edit the data in a spreadsheet format. While online tools are a popular option, there are also programs available to perform this action on various computer devices.

Converting PDF Tables to Excel on a Computer

Regardless of whether you’re using a Windows or Mac computer, or a Linux device, there are various programs available. The accessibility of these programs may vary depending on the type of device.


For Windows users, Adobe Acrobat Reader includes an in-built converter that allows users to save a PDF file as a spreadsheet.


Google Sheets is the recommended and quickest way to convert a PDF to Excel on a Mac computer. A Google Drive spreadsheet can convert any file within seconds.


One solution to convert a PDF table to Excel on Linux is to use PDFedit. Users can install this program by typing "$ sudo apt-get update" and "$ sudo apt-get install pdfedit" in a terminal. The file can then be imported into LibreOffice or OpenOffice and saved in various formats, including ods, xls, etc.

Converting PDF Tables to Excel On A Smartphone Or Tablet

As the popularity of Android and iOS devices continues to grow, it’s become increasingly important to know how to do this task on smartphones. This section will discuss this topic.


Users can search for a tool in the Google Play Store that allows them to convert PDFs on their Android device. Several applications are available, and users should choose one with good reviews.

iOS (iPhone or iPad)

Users can convert PDFs on an iOS device by downloading an application from the Apple App Store that allows them to perform this task. Most of these applications are free to use.

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