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How To Convert JPG To Excel

We all know that JPG is handy for sharing and posting online because it is compact and user-friendly. But the thing is, sometimes we come across situations where we need to grab that text data from a JPG and transfer it to an XML file. Converting an image to XML can be tricky, mainly because Excel doesn't have a built-in solution. Don't worry; there are a bunch of tools available.

There are situations where you might need to transform JPG into Excel. For example, you might find yourself receiving images containing valuable information that needs to be extracted and organized. Manually inputting data from these images into an XML sheet can be time-consuming. So if you learn how to carry out this task, you will unlock a more efficient and accurate way of handling data, saving you time and effort.

In this guide, we will explore various methods and techniques for converting image files into XML format. By the end of this tutorial, you will have a range of options at your disposal, enabling you to choose the method that best suits your needs and preferences according to your OS.

How To Convert JPG To Excel

Converting images to XML sheets is easy when you have the right tool, which allows you to carry out the task online without downloading or installing any app on your device. And one such option is FormatPDF, which has tools that allow you to convert your image to Excel within moments. You must first transform your image into a PDF, and then into an XML sheet.

The steps to carry out the task are as follows:

  1. Go to https://www.formatpdf.com/en/jpg-to-pdf/
  2. Tap the "Select JPG file" button and choose the file you need to transform. Or else, directly drop it onto the space which reads "Or Drag And Drop The JPG Here."
  3. You will see your image on the left side of your screen, and a "Convert to PDF" button is on the right. Click on it.
  4. Once your file is ready, click the "Download PDF" option.

  1. It's time to transform the new PDF into an XML sheet. So, go to https://www.formatpdf.com/en/pdf-to-excel/
  2. Click the "Select PDF file" button and choose the newly-downloaded file.
  3. Finally, tap on "Convert to Excel" and wait for the process to complete!

What You Need To Know About Converting JPG To Excel

If you want to transform an image into an XML sheet effectively, there are a few important things to consider. These are as follows:

  • Image quality plays a crucial role. Therefore, make sure the image is clear and high-resolution, as a blurry or low-quality image can impact the accuracy of the conversion. In fact, it's best to work with sharp and well-defined images for optimal results.
  • Of course, you should consider the complexity of the image. The conversion process may be more challenging if your image contains different graphics, tables, or text formats.
  • When converting an image to an XML sheet, it's important to consider how the data will be structured. Determine whether you need the image to be converted into a single cell or if you require the data to be organized into multiple cells or columns. Proper formatting can greatly enhance the usability of the converted XML sheet.
  • Finally, consider using specialized software or online converters designed for image-to-XML conversions. These tools often have advanced features, such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, which can accurately extract text from the image and transform it into editable XML data.

Which Programs Allow You To Convert JPG To Excel

Once you know how to convert an image to Excel online, it's a good idea to know a few alternatives to carry out the task. For instance, you need to know how to convert JPG to Excel from computers (such as Windows, Mac, or Linux) or smartphones or tablets (like Android or iOS).

Convert JPG To Excel On A PC

Usually, it's an easy task to convert an image to an XML sheet on a computer compared to a smartphone or tablet. The key is to check your operating system and the specific steps to follow for each case. That way, you will have a good experience no matter which PC device you use.


If you want to convert JPG to Excel on Windows, we have got you covered. You will just need a reliable image-to-text conversion tool to get started. Download one of the many available programs, open the image file, and select the XML format as your output. Hit the convert button, and that's it!


The best way to convert JPG to Excel on Mac is through the online method mentioned above. Alternatively, you can use the same method as on Windows to carry out the task. Just remember to download the tool from a reliable source. You only need to import your JPG, choose XML as the output format, and hit that convert button.


Converting a JPG image to an Excel sheet is quite simple for all Linux users. First, you need to install a reliable converter tool compatible with Linux devices. Then, open your file, select Excel as the output format, and tap the convert button. That's it! The tool will automatically convert your file to an Excel sheet.

Convert JPG To Excel On A Smartphone Or Tablet

You might come across various situations where you don't have access to a computer but need to convert an image to an XML sheet. In such a case, you may need to complete the task from your smartphone or tablet.


If you use an Android device and want to convert JPG to Excel, many options are available. All you need is to search for "JPG to Excel" in the Google Play Store, and you will see a list of apps designed for such a purpose. However, remember to install one with good ratings and reviews.

iPhone (iOS) Or iPad

When it comes to converting JPG to XML on iPhone and iPad, you have got options. You can use the Apple App Store's third-party apps like Apowersoft Scanner or Microsoft Lens. Once you download your preferred app, the process is super easy. Just open the app, import your JPG file, select Excel as the output format, and that's it!

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