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How To Convert DOCX to PDF

Docx and PDF file formats are both highly used in the digital world, so it’s not surprising that you may wish to work in both formats. However, PDF is a universal file type, meaning you can easily share it with all systems and not have to worry about compatibility. If you’ve asked the question “How can I convert Docx to PDF”? then we’re pleased to say we can help!

There are many reasons why someone may wish to change their document. Perhaps you’d like to share your file and you’d like to use a universal format that you know can be opened no matter the system. Alternatively, you may wish to optimize storage space. Typically, PDFs use less storage, so they’re an ideal choice when archiving. Whatever your reason, you’d like to change the format.

A converter tool will help you to achieve your task without the fuss. Our converter is based in the cloud, so you don’t need to download any software. Plus, it’s completely free to use. Seriously, we won’t charge a hidden fee like other ‘free’ tools on the market. We will share our step-by-step process to use it below. However, we’ll also share some alternative options – it’s best to be fully informed, after all. If you’re ready to get started, let’s begin!

How To Convert Docx To PDF Using FormatPDF Step-By-Step

You can transform Docx files in a snap by using our online tool. The process couldn’t be easier, and we’ve even included below a step-by-step guide. Read on to get started Convert your file by following the step-by-step instructions.

  1. Go to https://www.formatpdf.com/en/word-to-pdf/
  2. Select your file by clicking “Select Word file” and locate your document. Alternatively, drag and drop it into the red area that reads, “Or drag and drop the Word here”.
  3. The tool will upload your document in a matter of seconds. Your file will open on your screen. While it’s open you can change the file name if you wish.
  4. Once happy, click “Convert to PDF” and the tool will get to work with converting to the new format. Don’t forget to download your new file!

What Do You Need To Know About Converting DOCX To PDF

Before you get started, you may find it useful to read up on useful information about the process to keep in mind:

  • Once you’ve changed your document into a new format, you can go forward and make more changes. For a number of editing options, you can use FormatPDF’s online tools including compress your file, crop or edit.
  • PDF is one of the most versatile file formats around. They’re accepted by most operating systems, so you know your recipient will in most cases be able to open the file. Plus, the content on the document cannot be edited easily, so you know your information is displayed as you intended.
  • PDFs are a useful format for security reasons. You can password-protect your document to prevent against unauthorized access or editing. This is useful if you have a document with sensitive or confidential information.

Alternatives For Converting Word To PDF

When it comes to converting Docx, our online tool is an ideal solution. It’s simple to use, fast and you don’t need to pay a fee to use it. However, you may still wish to explore other options. We’ve analyzed different options available on the market and grouped them by operating system and device used.

Options To Convert Word To PDF On Your PC

Whatever operating system you use - Windows, Linux or Mac - there are plenty of alternative methods to changing the format of your Word doc. Let’s look at a few alternatives.


Adobe Acrobat is a popular choice when it comes to performing a variety of tasks, though you will need to pay a fee to complete your task.

To use it, simply open the program in your browser and head to the “Convert to PDF” page. Drag and drop your file into the box. If you haven’t paid for a subscription yet, you will be prompted to sign up before you can access your new document.


Similar to Windows users, Mac users can convert their file by following the same method using Adobe Acrobat. It’s the same process as Windows users - open Adobe Acrobat and drag and drop the file you want to change into the drag-and-drop box. When asked to do so, sign up to a subscription. You will be able to access your file after you have done so.


Linux users can use the program LibreOffice to transform their file. Once you’ve downloaded and opened the program, you can use it to export your document to a new format. Open your document in LibreOffice, then click “File” > “Export as” > “Export as PDF” to complete the process.

Options To Convert Word To PDF On Your Smartphone

It’s easy to convert using a smartphone. Before you go any further, you will need to download an app to complete your request. Follow the instructions below to find an app in the app store for iPhone and Android users.


iPhone users will need to download a third-party app from iPhone’s App Store. Head to the App Store and search “convert Word to PDF” or similar. Once you have found an app you’re happy with, download it. Open your file and click a button to convert it to the new format.


The method for Android users is similar to iPhone, except you will need to head to the Google Play Store instead. In the Google Play Store search “convert Word to PDF” or similar. Once you’ve found an app you’re happy with, download it to your device. Open it and upload the document you wish to convert. There should be a button that will enable you to transform your document.

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