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How To Compress A PDF’s File Size On Mobile

How To Compress A PDF’s File Size On Mobile

Do you want to deal with big PDFs that take up too much storage space on your mobile device? Do you struggle to send PDFs via email because of their large size? If so, the solution to your problem is here! That's because it's possible to compress a PDF’s file size on mobile (Android or iOS). In this article, we'll check out some of the best ways to do so.

There are many situations where compressing a PDF on a mobile device can be useful. For instance, if you need to email a large document, compressing it can help you avoid file size limitations and ensure it’s delivered successfully. Also, compressing the PDF can make it send faster and reduce the risk of failure if you need to upload it to a website.

Whether you need to send a file via email, store it in the cloud, or upload it to a website, knowing how to compress PDFs on mobile is always handy. Read on to find out how to do it!

How To Compress A PDF’s File Size On Mobile

The Compress PDF tool by FormatPDF is the perfect tool for reducing the size of your files, making it easier for you to manage and share them on the go. With this tool, you can easily reduce your PDFs’ size without losing quality. The tool uses advanced compression techniques to remove unnecessary data, making the file smaller without affecting its content.

To use it, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to https://www.formatpdf.com/en/compress-pdf/
  2. Click on "Select PDF file" and upload the file you want to compress on mobile. Alternatively, you can drag the file that you want to compress onto the space that says "Or drag and drop the PDF here."
  3. Once uploaded, you’ll find three options:
    1. Maximum compression
    2. Recommended compression
      Low compression
  4. Choose any of the options and click on the "Compress PDF" button.
  5. Finally, tap on the "Download PDF" button.

One of the best things about this tool is that it’s easy to use, even for tech beginners. Additionally, the tool is 100% safe and secure, ensuring that your files are always protected.

compress pdf mobile

What You Need To Know About Compressing A PDF On Mobile

There are various things to remember while compressing a file, especially on a mobile. Here's what you need to know about carrying out this task on your Android device or iPhone:

  • Compressing a file can significantly reduce its size, making it easier to store, share, and upload. You can send a smaller file via email or publish it to a website without worrying about size limitations.
  • Some compression methods may result in a loss of quality, so it's important to choose the right level of compression to ensure the file's quality remains high.
  • Depending on your needs, you can choose from various levels of compression, ranging from minimum to extreme.
  • PDF is a “fixed” format, meaning the text and graphics in the file are embedded and cannot be easily edited. To edit a PDF’s tool, you’ll need to use a specialized tool.
  • When compressing files on a mobile device, choosing a reputable app that protects your files and keeps them secure, like FormatPDF’s, is important.

Which Programs Allow You To Compress A PDF On Mobile

Apart from the online tool we've mentioned above, other programs are available that can help you carry out this function. These apps will reduce the size of your PDF on a mobile phone, both Android and iOS, without reducing its quality. So let's learn about a few of them now!

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a well-known PDF editing software for Android and iOS. If you have Acrobat on your mobile device, you can easily reduce a PDF’s size by following these simple steps:

  1. Open the PDF file you want to compress using Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Tap the "File" menu and select "Save As”.
  3. Choose "Reduced Size PDF" from the list of options.
  4. Adjust the compression settings according to your needs, ranging from minimum to extreme.
  5. Once you’ve chosen the appropriate compression setting, tap "Save." Adobe Acrobat will create a new, smaller version of your file.

Depending on the size and content of your PDF, compressing it may result in a slight loss of quality. Fortunately, you can choose the right compression level to minimize this loss and ensure the file's content remains unchanged

Google Drive Or Apple Pages

While many third-party apps and cloud-based tools can compress PDFs, it’s also possible to do so using popular mobile office suite apps like Google Drive and Apple Pages.

Using Google Drive

  1. Open the Google Drive app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Select the PDF that you want to compress.
  3. Tap the "Share" button and select "Save as PDF" from the options.
  4. A new, smaller file will be created and automatically saved to your Google Drive.

Using Apple Pages

  1. Open the Pages app on your iOS device.
  2. Select the file that you want to compress.
  3. Tap the "Share" button and select "Export" from the options.
  4. Choose "PDF" as the file format and select "Smallest file size" from the options. The newly exported PDF will have a smaller file size than the original.
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