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How To Combine Multiple PDF Files Into One

How To Combine Multiple PDF Files Into One

You may quickly transmit these PDF documents at once rather than send them separately for different tasks. To save time, you can combine multiple PDF files into one and submit them all at once. This is so that emails can be sent and received much more efficiently since merging files only requires one attachment rather than many. Moreover, the process of merging PDF online is relatively simple if you know the precise technique.

There are numerous circumstances where it is necessary to combine multiple PDF files into a single document. To send these reports to a colleague, you might need to incorporate many of them. The invoices might need to be combined and sent as a single package. Or you might need to assemble many PDF files you've printed from different web pages. Whatever the reason, everything may be made simple with a competent PDF merging tool.

This post will outline different techniques to combine multiple PDF files into a single document. In addition, we'll provide some of the top tools that work with practically every platform, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. Let's get the data.

How To Combine Multiple PDF Files Into One

Using an online application is the best option for anyone looking for a technique to combine many PDF files into one. Even though there are other online solutions on the market, the one powered by FormatPDF is the best. You can combine PDF files using it without installing any other software on your device.

Here's how to combine multiple PDF files into one with this software:

  1. Go to formatpdf.com/en/merge-pdf/.
  2. Click and drag all necessary PDF files into the rectangle marked "Or Drag And Drop PDFs Here" (on a Mac, use cmd + click; on a Windows PC, use ctrl + click). Alternatively, you can select and upload the PDF files from the file browser by using the red "Select PDF files" button.
  3. Arrange all the PDF files you've chosen in the proper order you want them to appear in your final PDF file, then tap the "Merge PDF" button.
  4. The resulting PDF file automatically gets downloaded after a brief delay. But, if for some reason it doesn't get downloaded automatically, you can manually download it by clicking the "Download PDF" icon that displays on your screen.

Combine Multiple PDF Files Into One

After combining your PDF files into 1, you can try also the tool that allows you to split the PDF again.

What Do You Need To Know About Combine Multiple PDF Files Into One

Given that you already know how to combine multiple PDF files into one, it's time to learn some of the considerations you should make when performing this activity.

The following are some factors you should think about:

  • Make sure to put your files in a particular folder if you intend to combine multiple PDF files into one. This is since keeping your files in a specific folder can make it much simpler to find them and ensure that the sections of the generated PDF files are in the desired sequence.
  • To make it simple to distinguish your final (resulting) PDF file from the other ones, don't forget to give it a name. Moreover, you may provide your new merged PDF with a name like "final PDF" so that anyone can know that it's the resulting PDF file.
  • Maintaining the arrangement of the PDF file will prevent you from having to reorder it afterward.
  • All of the files that you want to merge together will be present in the final file. For instance, if you combine three PDF files, the information from all three files will be included in the final PDF.

Which Programs Allow You To Combine Multiple PDF Files Into One

There are numerous techniques available for merging PDF files. The capacity to transfer several PDF files in one can be just one of the issues that can be resolved by combining PDF files into one. We'll discover how to connect PDF files across several platforms (such as computers and smartphones).

Combine Multiple PDF Files Into One From The PC

Although any computer operating system (such as Windows, Mac, or Linux) can use an online tool, you might not want to provide your metadata to a website you're unfamiliar with (although "Merge PDF" is an exception). There are other solutions, so don't worry. We'll discuss each of these in turn.

Windows 10 And Prior Versions Of Windows

You should be aware that several options are available if you wish to combine multiple PDF files into one on a computer running Windows 10 or an earlier version of Windows. In truth, Google Play Store contains thousands of installable Windows solutions that can assist you in combining different PDF files.


In contrast to Windows, the Mac operating system comes with powerful native PDF utilities. It comes with the most powerful and most helpful Preview application, which has a feature that allows you to combine multiple PDF files into a single PDF file. A program called Finder is also included in new Mac versions (starting with Catalina). From a menu in its Gallery view, you can make new PDF files or combine existing ones.


Linux users can combine multiple PDF files into one by using various free, open-source, command-line, and GUI programmes. However, system administrators—especially those who work on servers without GUI apps—need to be able to merge files via the command line. These tools include well-known ones such as Convert ImageMagick Tool, PDFtk, PDFunite, and Ghostscript. However, PDFtk is the industry leader.

Combine Multiple PDF Files Into One From The Smartphone Or Tablet

Although several web browser extensions allow you to combine multiple PDF files into one for free online, it's crucial to have alternatives on your mobile devices (for both Android and iOS).


Although the Android operating system doesn't offer a way to combine multiple PDF files into one, numerous apps in the Google Play Store can accomplish just that. You've got the option of using paid applications like the well-known Adobe Acrobat Reader or free substitutes. The paid ones are always preferable, though.

iPhone (iOS) Or iPad

Because it differs from the processes for other operating systems, combining PDF files into one from an iPad or iPhone (iOS) could initially seem a little complicated. The process isn't particularly challenging, though. All you've to do is download and set up a PDF merger app from the App Store.

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