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How To Combine JPEGs Into One PDF

Are you tired of dealing with multiple JPEG files scattered across your device? If so, you are in the right place. That's because we have the perfect solution for you! In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through combining your JPEG files into one convenient PDF. However, before moving ahead, it's important for you to understand why you might need to carry out the task.

For instance, if you are a student, you may want to merge multiple image-based lecture slides or reference materials into one comprehensive document for easy studying. Similarly, professionals often need to consolidate charts, graphs, or diagrams into a single file for presentations or reports. Moreover, combining JPEGs into PDFs is ideal for creating cohesive photo albums or portfolios. So, whether it's for academic, business, or personal purposes, merging JPEGs into a single document simplifies file management.

In this article, we'll explore various methods and techniques that enable you to merge JPEG files into PDF format. You will discover online and offline tools catering to different preferences and requirements. Moreover, we'll offer you various tips to complete the task more effectively. So, let's go!

How To Combine JPEGs Into One PDF Step-By-Step

In this section, we'll walk you through effortlessly combining JPEGs into a file. You will be amazed at how simple and quick the process saves you valuable time. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection. The tool we're talking about is "JPG to PDF" by FormatPDF. So, let's dive right in and see how to combine JPEGs into one PDF.

The steps to combine images into a PDF are as follows:

  1. Go to https://www.formatpdf.com/en/jpg-to-pdf/
  2. Now, it's time to upload your files. Simply click on the option that says "Select JPG File(s)" or effortlessly drag and drop them into the vibrant red box labeled "Or Drag And Drop The JPG File(s) Here."
  3. Once the images are uploaded, you will notice a thumbnail of those images, accompanied by an option on the right side that reads, "Unite all the images in a single PDF." Click on it to select the same.
  4. Under the button, there's another button with the text "Convert to PDF," which helps you to convert your images to a file.
  5. After that, download the resulting file by clicking the "Download PDF" option.

What You Need To Know About Combining JPEGs Into One PDF

Now, let's offer some important considerations to remember while combining JPEGs into a single file. These tips and considerations will ensure you have a smooth and hassle-free experience while carrying out the task without any difficulty:

  • It's always smart to keep copies of the original files handy, just in case you need to make any changes down the road. This way, you will have the flexibility to modify or update the images if needed.
  • While converting your files, it's important to note that the size of your resulting file may vary. So, if you face any size-related challenges, remember that various options exist to compress and optimize your file effortlessly.
  • Of course, you should always review the document to ensure everything looks right. In fact, it's important to check if the images are displayed correctly, the formatting is intact, and the quality is up to the mark.
  • Remember that it's possible to convert your document back to JPEG files. In fact, there are different online tools that allow you to make all sorts of changes if needed.

Which Programs Allow You To Combine JPEGs Into One PDF

You might be wondering which devices and operating systems are compatible with the tool we've introduced for combining JPEGs into PDFs. Luckily, it works on all operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux computers, or an Android or iOS mobile or tablet. In the following sections, we'll show you other ways to do the task on different devices.

Combine JPEGs Into One PDF On A PC

If you want to use an online tool on a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, you only need a web browser and an internet connection. In fact, you don't have to install any app or software. We'll now walk you through the other options based on your specific operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, or Linux. Let's get started!


If you are wondering how to combine JPEGs into one PDF on your Windows system, don't worry! Firstly, install a reliable printer tool like PDFCreator or Adobe Acrobat. Open the JPEG files in your preferred image viewer, select "Print," and choose the printer as the destination. That's it! Your images will be merged into a file.


You are in luck if you are a Mac user and want to combine JPEGs into one file. That's because Mac has an in-built program called "Preview." All you need is to open the required JPEGs in the app. Then, go to "File" and choose "Export as PDF." Now, you have successfully merged your JPEGs into a single document.


Even though it looks like combining JPEGs into one file is tough, that's not true! Ensure you have ImageMagick installed (if not, just grab it from the package manager). Open your terminal and navigate to the folder containing the JPEGs. Then, run the command "convert *.jpg output.pdf" to combine them into a single file.

Combine JPEGs Into One PDF On A Smartphone Or Tablet

Mobile phones and tablets offer crucial mobility, so it's important to know how to carry out different tasks on them. This section will show you how to combine JPEGs into one file on different mobile operating systems.


You can effortlessly merge your JPEG files into a single PDF on an Android device. Install a converter app from the Google Play Store, such as "Adobe Scan" or "CamScanner". Launch the app, choose "Create PDF" or a similar option, then select your JPEGs from the gallery. Finally, hit the merge button, and there you go!

iPhone (iOS) Or iPad

For iOS (iPhone and iPad) users, you have the Apple App Store, where you can find many apps designed to carry out different tasks. Install an app that combines JPEGs into one file, like "Adobe Scan" or "Scanner Pro." Open it, select "Create PDF" or a similar option, and pick your JPEGs from the gallery. Tap the merge button, and you’re done!

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