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How To Add A Watermark To A JPG

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably hoping to find an easy, fast way to add a watermark to a JPG file. If this is the case, then you’re in luck; in just three easy steps we can help you add a watermark to your image.

Do you want to protect your photos and digital art from theft and unauthorized use? Prove your ownership at a glance by adding your logo. Whether you’re a professional photographer or hoping to get noticed, you need to protect your artwork and images to keep them your own. Digital replication, copyright infringement and theft are common problems in today’s world. You can prevent this from happening by marking your work to prove ownership. In addition, it’s a great way to make your business or name more visible and thereby raise brand awareness.

This post will explain in an easy-to-follow method how you can add a watermark to a JPG. We will outline a step-by-step three-stage process to complete the task, before moving on to share our tips on what you need to know before starting the process. Finally, we’ll round off with alternative methods you can explore. Let’s get started!

How To Add A Watermark To A JPG Step-By-Step

To start the process with FormatPDF, first you need to convert your JPG to PDF. Once you’ve converted your file, you can add a watermark to your PDF. Finally, you can convert your file back to JPG. You can complete all three steps easily using our online tools, without having to navigate to other programs or software.

Follow the instructions to complete step 1:

  1. Click on https://www.formatpdf.com/en/jpg-to-pdf/
  2. Upload your image file by clicking the "Select JPG file" button. Alternatively, drag and drop your image into "Or drag and drop the JPG here”.
  3. The image will upload in a matter of seconds. Once happy, click “Convert to PDF” to transform into a document.
  4. Don’t forget to "Download" to receive your new document.

Follow the instructions to complete step 2:

  1. Click on https://www.formatpdf.com/en/add-watermark-to-pdf/
  2. Upload your PDF by clicking the "Select PDF file" button. Alternatively, drag and drop your document into "Or drag and drop the PDF here”.
  3. The document will upload in a matter of seconds.
  4. Choose the watermark you want to add in PNG or JPG format.
  5. Click on "Add watermark" to add it to the document.
  6. Once you’ve added your image, select "Download" to receive your file.

Follow the instructions to complete step 3:

  1. Click on https://www.formatpdf.com/en/pdf-to-jpg/
  2. Upload your document to the online tool by clicking on the "Select PDF file" button. Alternatively, drag and drop your document into "Or drag and drop the PDF here”.
  3. The document will upload in a few seconds. Once happy, click “Convert to JPG” to transform it back into an image.
  4. Once the process is finished, click "Download" to receive your new image.

What You Need To Know About Adding A Watermark To A JPG

You may want to consider the following points before you get started with changing your file. Read on for a few points to bear in mind:

  • Watermarks are a good way of giving credit to the artist that created the photograph or artwork. Often, it’s seen as the photographer’s equivalent to an artist’s signature.
  • It’s important to think about where you will position your watermark. If it’s placed in the corner, it can be cropped out using image editing software.
  • Before designing your watermark, consider whether you’d like to use text or make a logo. It’s common to use your name or a scan of your signature; others use an image.

Alternatives To Add A Watermark To A JPG

Although FormatPDF can help you to transform your file, you may wish to explore alternative options. Below we’ve outlined some of the best alternatives to change your file using different devices including PC and smartphone, and on different operating systems such as Mac, iOS, Windows, Linux and Android.

Options To Add A Watermark To A JPG On Your PC

Depending on what operating system you’re using, you will find different options for users of Window, Mac and Linux. We will now look at each operating system in turn.


Windows users can use the photo editor Canva to complete their task:

  1. Open your image in Canva and upload your watermark file to the editor.
  2. Move it around to the correct position and resize it to get the right size.
  3. You can change the opacity to make it semi-transparent or fully opaque.
  4. Finally, download your new image and save it as a JPG.


Mac users can use the image editing program Adobe Photoshop to add a watermark. However, there is a fee associated with Photoshop. If you’re happy to proceed, add a watermark to a photo by:

  1. First, open your image in Photoshop.
  2. Next, select “Windows” > “Library” and locate your watermark layer.
  3. Add it as a new layer to your PSD format photo.
  4. Once you’re happy with the size and placement, make sure you save your file.
  5. You’ll need to export it if you’d like to transform it back to JPG.


The Ksnip app is available in most Linux repositories. This simple tool can help you complete your task:

  1. Open the image in Ksnip.
  2. Click “Edit > Add Watermark” or press Shift+W on your keyboard to insert your logo.
  3. You can reposition or resize it by clicking “Save” to save your design.

Options To Add A Watermark To A JPG On Your Smartphone

It’s easy to add a watermark to images using both Android and iPhone devices. It’s worth mentioning that you can use FormatPDF on any device, including a mobile. However, there are also third-party apps available to help with your task.


iPhone users can find a third-party app via Apple’s App Store. Search “add watermark to JPG” or similar to find an app you like. Make sure you look at the features to confirm it will help you complete your task.


Android users can head to the Google Play Store to find an app. Use the search bar and search “add watermark to JPG” or similar. Look through the list of apps and their features before downloading one you like.

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