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8 Best Programs To Compress PDFs For Free

You may think that you need a program to reduce the size of a PDF file. But the truth is, with the online PDF tools that have appeared in recent years, you don't need to look for any program to compress PDF. You can do it entirely online, and in this article we show you how.

There are many PDF compression programs that you can use for free. Imagine that the PDF file generated for you is very heavy and you need to compress the PDF to send it by email, WhatsApp or simply to save it on your own computer. The good news is that there are programs that allow you to compress PDF for free.

The PDF format, called Portable Document Format, is a file type that has an infinite number of options. But, sometimes, the file received or the one we want to send has a very high weight. As with other formats, PDF can also be compressed and thus reduced in size.

It is important to note that the fact that its size is reduced does not mean that its quality will change. There are several platforms and programs that allow you to perform this action without changing its quality. That is to say, with PDF compression programs you reduce the space occupied by the file, but you do not necessarily have to give up its original quality.

In this article we wanted to help you find the best program to compress PDF for free. This will save you a lot of time, because when you find yourself in this situation, you will know exactly where to go to compress the file and send it to the recipient or save it on your computer.

Our List Of The Best Programs To Compress A PDF For Free

On the web you will find several options to compress a file in PDF format. In the middle of all these options we have listed the programs that have given us the best results so that you can apply them.

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We know that after testing them, you will have a preference for one or the other, as some can be done directly online and for others you will require software. In any case, it is a matter of choosing the option that suits your needs at the time. Take a look at the list below to decide on one or the other.

FormatPDF.com, The Platform For Compressing PDF Files Online

FormatPDF.com is an online platform, and therefore one of the easiest to use if you are looking for an alternative to any program to compress a PDF. This means that you only need an internet connection and a browser, there is no software to install. So, if you are somewhere other than home and you need to compress a PDF urgently, or you just don't feel like installing something extra, then this is the ideal option for you.

It is very easy to use. You have to go to the FormatPDF website and click on the section that says "Compress PDF". From there, at the top, you will see a box that says "Select PDF". You can either click to open a section and select the folder where the file to be compressed is located or directly drag it to the rectangle with dashed lines.

Use The Tool Now: Compress PDF Online

After that, a new screen will open where you will have three options in the right column: extreme, recommended and low compression. Choose one of these three options to compress the file. Finally, click on "Download PDF" to download the file to your computer. If you choose the "recommended" option and the file is still heavy, you can always try the "low" option again.

The good news is that this option will work regardless of the type of operating system you have installed and you can even use it on your iOS or Android mobile.

TalkHelper PDF Converter, The Free Converter For Windows

If compressing a PDF file is something that happens to you frequently, TalkHelper PDF will be useful for you. It is a free software with several functions very easy to use because it is very intuitive. It will allow you to reduce the size of the PDF file either a single file or several files at once as it has the option to reduce in batches. With just a few clicks you will achieve an excellent result.

After downloading the program, it will be as easy as dragging the files and clicking "Convert". The program takes into consideration speed and accuracy when compressing files. The good thing is that it ensures that the quality of the content will be maintained at all times, even if the file to be compressed is very small.

Sejda PDF Compressor, PDF Compressor for Linux, Windows and Mac

Sejda PDF Compressor is a tool that works on Linux, Windows and Mac, so it will be useful at any time. It is considered one of the best software on the market because of its reliability and because you have the option of using the online version or downloading it.

It has the option to batch compress PDF files. One of the plus points is that if you decide to work with the online tool, you can be sure that your content will be protected at all times. That's because it guarantees encrypted connections for both file uploads and downloads. In addition, after use they are permanently deleted from the server.

It has different options that you can configure such as quality, resolution, if you want it to be a low compression, speed, etc. The best thing to do is to try different combinations until you find the right one.

Orpalis PDF Reducer, The Multilingual Interface For PDF Reduction

With Orpalis PDF Reducer you will have the option to choose the language you want to work with. It is a program mainly focused on PDF compression and can process both a single PDF file and batch PDF files.

It has an interesting option which is to reduce several PDFs simultaneously. For example, you could be adding files while it is already managing the compression of others. Before doing this work, analyze the content and choose the best processing in each case to maintain quality.

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The reduction generated is without loss of data or quality, so it makes no difference whether it is a text-only PDF or one that also includes images. It has a free trial version where you must choose the version of the program you want because you can use it in the cloud, on your computer or directly from the server.

Cisdem PDF Compressor, Exclusive For The Mac System

Cisdem PDF Compressor

Cisdem PDF Compressor has been created for Mac only. If you have this operating system you will love being able to work with this tool to compress all types of PDF files. One of its great advantages is that no matter what type of file it is, Cisdem PDF guarantees that the quality of the file will be maintained regardless of the compression level.

It is a very easy to use and intuitive tool, so if you have no idea how it works, don't worry because you will quickly learn how to use it. The process of compressing PDF files is very simple in three steps. You will be able to see the file size in real time and how the final PDF will look like.

As in the previous cases, you have the possibility to reduce PDF in batches and to drag and drop the file(s) to save time. If you wish, you can adjust the resolution and quality of the resulting file.

Nice PDF Compressor, The Software That Gives You Better Quality

This is the slogan that Nice PDF Compressor uses to tell you that it is the software you need to compress your PDF files. It has a free and a paid version, so it will depend on the use you make of it to choose one or the other option. In addition, if required, they have an online option where you do not need to download any software to make use of it.

It has the classic options like the other PDF file types which are batch compression of PDF files. In order to maintain the same quality during reduction, it makes use of special algorithms called Flate and RunLength. Thanks to this, you will reduce the size of the PDF to a minimum, without losing any quality at any time.

In order for you to know the latest advances and news in the world of PDF files, it has a section where they tell you about the changes or updates that arise in this format.

Neuxpower PDF Compressor, Reduce PDF Files To The Max

NeuxPower PDF Compressor Software

One of the best features of Neuxpower PDF Compressor is that you can compress files and reduce them to the smallest size. You have the possibility to output PDF files with sizes of 100, 200 and 300 kb. If you wish, you can use the online tool or, alternatively, download the application.

It gives you the possibility to apply custom settings such as the level of compression you wish to have. For all this, Neuxpower uses Adobe's official technology which gives you the certainty that proper compression is being done.

If you have several files to compress, you can save time by selecting and dragging those files directly into the program. It is estimated that a final reduction of 95% of the original size is possible.

Adobe Acrobat, The Ultimate Program For PDF Files

Adobe Acrobat also has the ability to compress PDF files. It can be done online or by using the software itself. If you choose to do this with the software, the function it uses is called "PDF Optimizer".

This PDF Optimizer option has several features available. If your file contains images, it is advisable to select the type of compression in JPG or similar in the image section so that the PDF file will automatically have a much lower weight.

Another way to do this is to open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat and then at the top, look for the "Reduce File Size" option. A new box will open where you can choose the options that are compatible with what you want. Click "OK" and decide where you want to save the resulting file. The best thing to do here is to save it under a different name so that you don't get confused.

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