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The 6 Best PDF Editors For Mac

PDFs are popular, but it can be hard to find a good PDF editor for different operating systems. There are a lot of different choices, and each one has its pros and cons. When picking a PDF editor, you should think about your budget, the features you need, and the operating system you use. For example, if you need to change the text in a PDF on a Mac, you will need a tool to do that.

With a good PDF editor, you can change text, draw, put objects, add notes, and make forms. It should also be simple to use and have a layout that is easy to understand.

In this article, we'll show you some of the best online and offline PDF editors for Mac. We will also talk about what features they have and other things. So, we have you covered whether you are a student, a businessperson, or someone who often needs to work with PDFs.

Best Online PDF Editors For Mac

Here are some cool online tools for Mac that also work great on other operating systems. These tools are game changers because they make it easy to edit PDFs on any computer. So, let's dive in and look at some of these great options that work on all devices, especially Macs.

1. FormatPDF: The Finest Online PDF Editor For Mac OS

FormatPDF is the best online tool for Mac users who want to change PDFs. It is the best choice for professionals and regular users because it is easy to use and has powerful features.

One of the best things about FormatPDF is that it works perfectly with Mac operating systems.

It ensures that your experience is smooth and easy, no matter what version of macOS you use. No need to worry about compatibility problems or system requirements; just open your web browser and start editing PDFs easily.

The way FormatPDF lets you edit files is amazing. You can change the text and pictures in your document. You can also add or remove pages.

Also, the features for working together make it a great choice for group projects. You can send the PDFs you have changed to other people so they can look at them and add their own comments right to the document.

When working with sensitive papers, security is the most important thing, and FormatPDF doesn't let you down in this area. It uses strong encryption to protect your data and makes sure that all the PDFs you change are safe at all times.

Also, FormatPDF gets rid of the need to install or update software, which can be expensive. As an online tool that doesn't need to be downloaded, it's easy to use and cheap. It also saves space on your Mac's hard drive, giving you more resources to use on other jobs.

The best thing about FormatPDF is that it is so easy to use. It doesn't just work well on Macs; it also works well on other working systems. So, whether you are using Windows or Linux, you can go to FormatPDF and start editing PDFs without any problems!

2. Acrobat Reader DC: An All-in-one Program

Adobe is the company that invented the PDF file format. It has a number of tools for handling files, including Acrobat Reader DC.

Acrobat Reader DC is a free tool for changing PDFs that comes with a good set of tools. Users can choose to update to Acrobat Pro DC, which gives them access to more advanced features for a fuller PDF editing experience.

Acrobat Reader DC is made to help users be more productive and efficient when working with PDFs. Users can easily view PDFs, make any changes that are needed, and work together successfully through comments, which streamlines the whole process of working with documents.

Users can do more than just look at material with this tool; they can also change it. PDFs make it easy to add or change text and picture files, giving users more control over how the document is put together. Users can also change the styles, add watermarks, and add notes to their files to make them look better and add more information.

Acrobat Reader DC can do more than just show PDFs. It makes PDFs interactive, so you can fill out forms and even turn PDFs into interesting multimedia slideshows.

Best Offline PDF Editors For Mac

Now that you have seen some of the online tools you can use to edit PDFs on a Mac, it's time to switch gears. In this part, we'll show you a number of Mac apps and programs that can be used offline to edit PDFs. Let's get started!

1. Preview: The In-built Mac Program

The Preview app for Mac has built-in support for reading and editing files, making it a flexible tool for managing PDFs. Even though it has limited writing features, it works well for filling out forms, making notes, and signing PDFs made with other programs.

Preview is the default reader for many file types on macOS, like BMP and JPEG, but not PDFs. This app's main features revolve around making it easy to view PDFs and edit documents. Users can easily open and save PDFs, which makes them easy to find and organize.

Also, the tool makes it easy to handle pages inside PDFs by giving you the option to add, delete, or move pages for better content organization.

Security is very important, so Preview lets users password-protect their PDFs, keeping critical information private and giving them more control over it.

Preview doesn't have as many editing tools as other programs, but it works well as a PDF viewer and basic editor for macOS. Its simple but useful features make it a valuable tool for easily and quickly working with PDFs and other file types.

2. Skim: Software For Editing PDF Files

Skim is a free program that makes the Mac's Preview program even better. "Skim" was originally made as a tool for reading and making notes on scientific papers. Its main features make this goal easy to achieve, making it a great choice for researchers and academics.

The app has a number of tools that make viewing PDFs and taking notes easier. Users can read PDF files in full-screen mode, which lets you focus on the text without being distracted.

Skim has a feature that lets users highlight important text in PDF papers. This makes it a useful tool for studying, researching, and analyzing data. The program also has tools for magnification and smart cropping, which make document reading and navigation easier and more accurate.

The app can also automatically download PDFs from remote locations. This makes it easier to use online resources and gives users access to a wider range of material.

But Skim could have a problem with its user design, which some people might not find as easy to use. Despite this, it is a good choice for academic reasons and PDF editing needs because it is useful and focuses on scientific papers.

3. UPDF: Read, Edit, Convert, and More

UPDF emerges as a versatile all-in-one PDF editor, empowering users with a comprehensive set of features for efficient document management. It allows users to seamlessly read, edit, convert, compress, OCR, and share PDF files directly on their Mac devices.

A notable advantage of UPDF is its cross-device functionality, enabling users to access their documents on any device with a single account. The seamless synchronization is facilitated through UPDFCloud, ensuring accessibility and convenience on the go.

UPDF promotes PDF editing and annotation with a touch of creativity, offering a range of cool stickers that add a fun element to the process. You can edit text, add images and links, and even convert scanned PDFs or images into editable files, streamlining productivity and versatility.

The tool further extends its capabilities to facilitate file sharing, allowing users to convert PDFs to various formats like Word, Excel, HTML, and PowerPoint. Adding annotations is easy, with support for sticky notes, highlights, text comments, drawings, shapes, stickers, and more.

4. FineReader Pro: The Best in Business Paid Program

FineReader Pro stands as a premium, paid PDF editing solution, offering potential customers the option of a free trial for evaluation. The product is available through the Apple Store and is sold with a license, granting users ongoing access to its impressive collection of features.

Ideal for users frequently dealing with PDF files, FineReader Pro boasts a cutting-edge Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability, enabling efficient text extraction and recognition from scanned documents.

An outstanding aspect of FineReader Pro is its support for over 180 languages, catering to a diverse global user base. This multilingual prowess ensures seamless text recognition and editing across various documents.

The application boasts an intuitive, Mac-like interface thoughtfully designed to enhance user productivity. The user-friendly design streamlines the editing process, making it accessible even to those new to PDF editing.

FineReader Pro enables users to effectively edit PDFs and conveniently save documents in any desired format, adding to its versatility and adaptability to diverse workflow requirements.

Moreover, the tool allows users to create searchable PDFs, an invaluable feature for efficient document archiving and recovery. By transforming scanned documents into searchable formats, FineReader Pro empowers users with enhanced document management and accessibility.

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