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12 Best Programs To Convert PDF To Word For Free

When you work with documents in digital format on a daily basis, being able to find the best program to convert PDF to Word can make the difference between being productive and not being productive. But have you ever thought that maybe what you are looking for is not a program to convert PDF to Word, but an online alternative like ours?

How many times have you needed to convert a PDF file to Word format? Surely more than once, right? The PDF format is very popular around the world, but it can be difficult to work with to edit text or add information.

The typical program to convert PDF to Word gives you the possibility to perform several actions, for free, only available for .doc or . docx files, and in this article you will see a list of programs that allow you to do this conversion for free.

Not only the best, but simply a good program to convert from PDF to Word must meet certain characteristics so that the change from one format to another does not modify the content. If the file contains images, it will be important that the converter has an OCR function so that it can scan them; also, if you have to convert several PDF files at the same time, it is important that it allows you to do it in batches to optimize your time.

The PDF format (Portable Document Format) emerged in 1993. Since then, it has been gaining ground in terms of use. And no wonder, because all the features and advantages they have make them unique for distributing documents. However, it is not a "living" document. To edit it, additional steps must be taken and sometimes extra information cannot be added.

It is in these details where converting PDF to Word becomes a necessity, as Microsoft's word processor is perfect for editing content. In this article you will see which is the best program to do the PDF to Word conversion you need, as well as alternatives that you may want to know about to perform this action.

Keys To Choosing The Best PDF To Word Conversion Software

Choosing a program to convert PDF to Word sometimes requires what is known as trial and error. You may have been recommended a program but when you tried it, the results were not what you expected. Much of whether or not you think it is the best program will depend on the type of file you need to convert, its content and the options that the software allows you to configure.

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Also, the choice of one or the other downloadable software on your computer will depend on whether you want it to be a program only for transforming files, or you want it to allow you to perform other actions such as splitting the PDF, protecting the file, compressing it and much more.

After several tests that we have made from the editorial team of the FormatPDF blog, here is a list of what we consider the best programs to perform this action.

Best Software To Convert PDF To Word

Below you will see the best programs that will help you do this format conversion from PDF to Word for free. Some focus only on this task, while others offer you different tools so that you can make all the modifications you want in the same place.

FormatPDF.com, The Online Tool For Converting PDF Files

If you are looking for something easy to use and effective to convert PDF to Word, FormatPDF.com is the best choice you will find. It is an online platform that has the same functions as any other software you install on your computer. The biggest advantage of all is that the whole procedure is done online, there is no need to install anything and therefore, it makes the conversion much faster.

On the other hand, since it is online, all you need is an internet connection and a device such as a cell phone or computer, so you can access it from anywhere. If you need to convert a PDF file and you don't have your computer with you, it will be as easy as doing it on a computer you can borrow or using a cell phone or tablet.

Adobe Acrobat, Specialized PDF Software

One of the best known programs worldwide in relation to PDF file management is Adobe Acrobat. In it you can perform many actions such as modifying a PDF, adding text, signing, creating a form and of course converting from one format to another.

To convert a PDF to Word in Adobe Acrobat, the program must first be installed on the computer or device. You can then convert the file to Word or another format. Although this action can be performed in Adobe's paid version, they have a 7-day trial mode so that you can use all of its features, including the ability to convert from PDF to another format.

It has versions available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

Nemo PDF to Word, Open Source PDF To Word Converter

For those looking for an open source converter, one of the most widely used programs is Nemo PDF. It will help you convert all the files you want from PDF to Word format quickly and easily.

It is very easy to use and if you have several files to transform you will be able to do it perfectly because it is very easy. The program's interface is very simple so you will immediately realize how to use it.

Another of its features is that it allows you to keep the layout of the original content of the PDF file.

If what you want is a program that concentrates only on format conversion and that works for all devices, this is an excellent option.

UniPDF, Convert To Word Format Free Of Charge

If you have Windows, UniPDF is an excellent option for this. This is a very popular free open source converter software for this type of operating system. It is very easy to use and in addition to converting PDF files to Word it converts them to other specific formats such as RTF, JPG, TXT, among others.

Once you download the program, it will be as simple as clicking on "Add" and from there choose the PDF file or files you want to convert. Yes, UniPDF has the option to convert several PDFs in batch, something that will bring you several benefits and essentially save you time. After selecting the files, click "Convert" and in a few seconds the file format will be changed.

PDFLite, Open-Source PDF Converter And Editor

Continuing with the open source programs available to convert PDF to Word for free, we find PDFlite. On the one hand, it has a viewer function that helps to view PDF files before printing or sending them. It is a fairly light and fast reader to use.

On the other hand, it has the function of being a converter. You will convert a PDF file to Word format quickly and easily. You can also convert from PDF to other formats such as JPG or similar. All this while maintaining the same design of the original document.

Since it is an open source program, it can be used as long as you want without any registration or similar. In addition, developers can upload their improvements so that the community can benefit from them.

SmartSoft Free the Word Converter, Another Open-Source Program

In case you want a program that specifically performs the conversion action and nothing else, SmartSoft 's open source software is an excellent solution. It will convert PDF files to Word format.

Like any other Open Source program, there is no registration required to use it and it is completely free of charge. It will make an exact copy of the original file so that the content is not modified beyond being generated in another format.

It does not have any additional tools and you can convert files individually and not in batches.

PDFMate, Free Open Source Converter For Different Formats

A free and easy to use softwarethat converts PDF files to other formats, including Word format, is PDFMate. It is a very intuitive program and if you wish, you can batch convert files, which will save you a lot of time.

The final files will be exactly the same as the originals. Another interesting feature is that a password can be added to the file to protect it. And if you do not want to convert all the content, but just a part of it, you can do so by selecting which pages you want to convert to PDF.

TalkHelper PDF Converter, PDF Converter To Various Formats

Specially designed for Windows, TalkHelper is an open source program that aims to convert PDF files into other formats. It has an OCR function which ensures that the conversion will be excellent and nothing will be lost in the transition from one format to another. The OCR technology recognizes 46 different languages so you can easily convert any PDF image into Word format.

In addition to converting from one format to another, it has specific features such as splitting, merging or extracting pages from PDF files. That way you will have a final file just the way you want it.

Nitro PRO, The Alternative For Managing PDF Files

Very similar to Adobe Acrobat, Nitro Pro is positioned as an alternative to get the most out of every PDF document. From creating a file from scratch, to editing the document in order to make the modifications you deem convenient. It also has the function to create forms, merge files and of course convert PDF to Word or another format.

It names itself as the most popular free PDF converter. To take advantage of all its functions you will have to download the program to your computer or device. It promises to maintain 100% document aesthetics by using the OCR system.

It has a 14-day free trial.

Foxit PhantomPDF Editor, An Alternative PDF Program

Another editor for PDF files that allows you to take advantage of all its tools to have a better workflow is Foxit PhantomPDF Editor. Compatible for both computers and mobiles, it has a free trial so you can use all its utilities before buying it.

Among these functions, it has the ability to export formats from PDF files to Word or other types of files such as Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, HTML, among others. An interesting feature is that you can choose whether you want to convert the whole document or just a part of it by selecting a specific area.

Kofax Power PDF Standard, Editor For PDF Files

Following the previous line, Kofax Power is a software that aims to help you edit and manage PDF files. You will be able to create new files, edit the ones you already have and make different modifications.

It is a program designed to be used at home or for small offices. Among its available tools is the ability to convert from one format to another. Thus, you will be able to move from PDF to Word quickly and easily, and even to other formats if you need it in the future, such as PowerPoint or similar.

One of its best features is that it will be very easy to learn how to use it since it has an interface very similar to that of Microsoft Office products. This makes it 100% intuitive. During 2021, it has won several TrustRadius awards for user reviews.

Doxillion, software to convert PDF documents

If you are not interested in having other functions such as editing the document and want to focus only on converting from PDF to Word, this is the perfect software for you.

Doxillion is based on the conversion of all types of files available for both Windows and Mac. It is very fast and you have the possibility to convert files in batches, so if you need to convert several files, you will save a lot of time with its use.

It is a multiformat converter since, in addition to converting PDF to Word, it allows you to make use of other extensions such as WPS, RTF, HTML, EPUB or MOBI as well as all Microsoft Office file formats.

You have the possibility of configuring the type of compression and encoding of the files in case you need to make them smaller to add in an e-mail or similar.

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