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FormatPDF.com is a PDF converter and editor born in 2021 in the city of Madrid (Spain), within a startup team made up of technology experts who have years of experience in the sector behind them. We want to offer the best PDF tools, and we aspire to be the benchmark for editing and converting documents.

At FormatPDF we offer real solutions to people's everyday problems with the PDF format (Portable Document Format). We have created the document editing, conversion and compression tools with ease of use in mind, 100% online operation (all actions are carried out in the cloud) and user privacy.

In addition, FormatPDF experts bring you the best tips, guides and explanatory articles about the PDF format on the blog. Check out the latest published resources to find out for yourself.

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Why Us?

We Are Real Humans Icon

We Are Real Humans

FormatPDF.com has been developed by a Spanish human team, not by a bot or a team of programmers from another country. We know the real problems of the PDF, and we offer the solution that we would like to find for each one of them.

The Tools You Need Icon

The Tools You Need

After researching the market, we have spent time developing all those tools that we believe a PDF user may need at some point. No more, no less: we don't like straw, stuffing for stuffing. We value your time.

100% Online Icon

100% Online

Install a "program"? What are we, Neanderthals? Installing programs on your computer is now obsolete, so we only offer 100% online tools that work completely in the cloud without you having to download anything.

Open 24/7 Icon

Open 24/7

It may seem obvious, but it is worth reminding you that you can always count on us. Either at two in the morning finishing a class assignment, or at 3 in the afternoon to submit a form to a public body.

FormatPDF.com vs Other Alternatives

Comparing ourselves with others is not something we like, but we do want to offer you a comparative table of the advantages offered by our online tools compared to other competitors. Love is important, so we are not going to mention any small alternative in particular: the best thing is that you sit down, have a soda, put the channel 24 hours in the background and let's go! Here we go with the table:

Specs Any Other Alternative FormatPDF.com
Works without installation Cross Tick
Does not take up space on your computer, mobile or tablet Cross Tick
It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and any operating system you can think of Cross Tick
Forces you to register to perform any action Cross Tick
Comes with detailed instructions for use Cross Tick
Conversions happen in the cloud, not on your device Cross Tick
Compatible with the vast majority of formats on the market: .doc, .docx, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .xls, .xlsx, .epub, .ppt, .pptx, .odt, .tiff and .djvu, among others much others Cross Tick
You can use it from your mobile or tablet through any web browser Cross Tick
It speaks to you face to face, in a language that you can understand without being a computer expert Cross Tick
Made by real experts from Spain Cross Tick
It just works Tick Tick

Our Authors

The FormatPDF's blog is an essential part of our work. We want to offer the best content in English and Spanish about the PDF format so that you can find the solution to your problem, whatever it may be.

Technological experts sign the blog articles with many years of experience behind them:

Peter Lavelle Image Peter Lavelle

Peter is a tech-head with a keen interest in all things related to (of course) PDFs, web design, digital marketing, artifical intelligence, Google, Microsoft, Tesla and more. When he's not reading up on the latest tech news or trying new apps, he's drinking too much coffee or exploring Madrid where he's based!

Check out Peter's LinkedIn profile for more details.

Husain Parvez Image Husain Parvez

Husain has been around the internet ever since the dial-up days and loves writing about everything across the technosphere. He loves taking tech apart and seeing what makes them tick, without necessarily putting it all back together.

You can read some of his amazing articles published on websites like ScreenRant, Distdroid, or vpnMentor.

Now, Husain is also part of the English-speaking editorial team of FormatPDF.com.

Jesse Piercy Image Jesse Piercy

Jesse works as a freelance translator and copywriter. She has a degree in Media & Culture and is passionate about anything to do with language and writing. With a love for research and learning, she has written about all sorts of topics including Technology, Gastronomy, Travel, Nutrition and more. She currently collaborates with FormatPDF as a copywriter.

Becky Jackson Image Becky Jackson

Becky is a freelance tech writer with over 8 years' experience writing for print and online. She is often found heavily caffeinated and accompanied by a laptop occupying local coffee shops, bars, co-working spaces and, frankly, anywhere she can get a strong cup of coffee. She enjoys collaborating on different projects ranging from tech to travel and everything in between!

You can learn more about Becky on her LinkedIn or Instagram.

César Pérez Image [Spanish] César Pérez

He has worked in different media in Spain, both digital and on paper (Marca, Veo TV, elBoletín, AmecicaEconómica, CubaEconómica...). He has a degree in Journalism, a degree in Audiovisual Communication, and an Image Technician.

César has played the role of editor for different topics related to technology, sports, politics, economy, and more. He is currently part of the editorial team of the FormatPDF blog, being a content specialist in tutorial format.

You can learn about César's experience on his LinkedIn.

Jakub Motyka Image [Spanish] Jakub Motyka

He has worked in the main technology media in Spain (TuExperto, El Androide Libre, and ComputerHoy), accumulating behind him more than six years of experience in the tech sector. He has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and news about programs, applications, office automation, and working with documents.

Jakub is part of the editorial team of the FormatPDF blog, he is a specialist in thematic content in which he tells you the origin, history, and meaning of many terms related to PDF that you may not have known.

You can learn more about Jakub on his LinkedIn and his Twitter.

Erika Elizalde Image [Spanish] Erika Elizalde

She has worked for local and foreign media (The New York Times-About.com/eHow.com/Vivemichigan.com, etc) and for countless clients and private communication agencies. She is an audiovisual producer, and screenwriter and has a degree in Audiovisual Communication.

Erika has created all kinds of content on various topics and formats, both written and audiovisual. She currently collaborates as a copywriter at FormatPDF.com.

You can learn more about Erika on her Twitter.

Find out more visiting formatpdf.com/en/blog/.

We are here to help you

When we say that we are here to help you, we do not do it simply to repeat the cliché phrase of any service: we really are here to help you in any way we can, for this we have enabled a contact page through which you can write to us for send us your question, suggestion or complaint.

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